Colt McCoy organizes workout with Browns’ receivers

Browns quarterback Colt McCoy is the latest player to convince his teammates to get together and work for free while the owners are locking them out.

Tony Grossi of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that Browns receivers Joshua Cribbs, Mohamed Massaquoi, Brian Robiskie, Carlton Mitchell and Jordan Norwood all joined the McCoy-organized workouts in Austin, Texas. At least one other Browns skill position player, running back Peyton Hillis, is expected to participate as well.

NFL teams aren’t allowed to have anything to do with organized workouts or have any kind of contact with players during the lockout, but the management side has to be pleased that players are continuing to work. In fact, plenty of league observers think the players are harming their own cause in the ongoing labor dispute by working out in the offseason and essentially assuring the owners that they can expect the players to be ready to go just as soon as the owners feel like ending the lockout.

It’s no surprise that Browns General Manager Tom Heckert said he’s happy to hear that McCoy is organizing the workouts.

“I think it’s great,” Heckert said. “If they do it, great. If they don’t do it, I don’t think it’s a big deal. They’ll be ready when it’s time to go.”

McCoy is seeing to that.

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  1. He’s always been a precocious leader, and he definitely knows how to run practices. He did it for several years in the summers at Texas, when coaches weren’t allowed to monitor things.

    They may just be passing skeletons, but it’ll be good for helping the timing once the season happens–if it happens.

  2. The good news?
    None of the Browns should come down with a staph infection, away from their locker room.

    The bad news?
    The Browns recievers are Joshua Cribbs, Mohamed Massaquoi, Brian Robiskie, Carlton Mitchell and Jordan Norwood.

  3. I bet J.Russell would have did something like this, if he would been sign b4 the lock out!!!

  4. Colt McCoy continuing to show his leadership skills.

    And as far as these players harming their position in the labor dispute I say: BS!

    This is how real professional athletes take responsibility for their careers.

    Go Browns!!!

  5. Browns quarterback Colt McCoy is the latest player to convince his teammates to get together and work for free while the owners are locking them out.

    Players don’t get paid in the offseason anyway. And they aren’t exactly working either. They are working out and many of them workout during the offseason(I’d say most of them) anyway and they don’t get paid normally during the offseason.

  6. Might as well invite AJ Green while you’re at it! He’s only a week away from being a Brown anyways. Glad to see the leadership coming from Colt. With SO much talk about quarterbacks with questionable ethics lately…it’s nice to see they aren’t all ghetto!

  7. Fantastic! He’s protecting his future with the Browns and having his teammates following his leadership will get them in the playoffs soon. AJ Green would do very well (like rookie of the year) with Colt throwing to a premier receiver.

  8. McCoy was a steal in last years draft. I can’t wait to see what the Guru and Heckert put together this year.

  9. Here we go Brownies Here We Go….the only thing missing from the workouts is the guy in the brown suit to get the ball after these guys drop them..( only a real browns fan will know the guys name!)

  10. I’m a Steeler fan, and I have nothing but respect for Colt. I think the Browns finally landed a solid QB. I really wish him the best of luck. I love Peyton Hillis as well. That dude is a BEAST. I’d love to see the Browns be contenders again, and bring back the rivalry with the Steelers.

  11. @superlael216
    As much as I would love to have Jones or Green, I would rather see them draft Peterson. Just think Haden & Peterson would instantly become the best secondary in the NFL.

  12. Colt has the determination to be the best he can be at his position. He also has more initiative than half the players in this league…..Oh yeah, he doesn’t think that the world owes him anything either. I would gladly pay to see someone like Colt give 110% than see an overpaid selfish superstar put on a half a$$ effort just so he can collect a paycheck, just to go out and get arrested for drunk driving or something else stupid. Good job Colt.

    Disgruntled fan

  13. Blue collar football is back in Cleveland. With that in mind, I have to give respect to Mangini. He dismissed a lot of troubled players who weren’t contributing to the success of the team.

  14. @mesoornery …

    I’m another Steelers fan who’d like to see a Browns resurgence and a return to our old rivalry. But the end of their 2011 schedule is crazy. Baltimore on Sun, 12/4, Pittsburgh that Thurs, then Az, Baltimore, Pittsburgh in succession. So they’re playing both the Ravens and Steelers twice in less than a month. Who in the league office did they tick off?

  15. Just in case anyone forgot. The rivalry between Cleveland and Pittsburgh doesn’t need a resurgence. It will always be there. Granted they won both games last year,but two years ago on the cold banks of lake Erie, we knocked the steelers out of playoff contention. As I remember there were a lot of steeler fans at the game, this made the walk to w.6th very entertaining.

  16. Colt is definitely saying “CHEEEEEEESE” in that picture. But seriously though. Good for him. Although I’m a die hard Steeler fan and love beating EVERYONE in our division, part of me wants to see them do good. Just not against us.

  17. @440doginthe407 …

    You’re right, the rivalry doesn’t need a resurgence (I’ll assume since you’re using my terminology, you’re directing your smartass to me). BTW, after you beat us in ’09, how was your playoff run?

    Grow up.

  18. friendlylittletrees says: Apr 21, 2011 3:57 PM

    No amount of work can help our terrible WRs…

    He should be holding open tryouts for anyone that can CATCH.
    Wow! It’s pretty bad when a Steeler fan has more faith in the Browns than a Browns fan! You have a proud franchise, don’t look past that. Some of the best players to ever play the game have played for the Browns,… Jim Brown, Otto Graham…Remember, the Saints where horrible forever, until they got a franchise QB.

  19. @440doginthe407

    With all do respect, the Steelers’ wheels were coming off at that time. Since 2004, the Browns have been a “W” mark on the calendar for them.

  20. @Deb

    Calm down and let a fan of a team you don’t like say his peace. Telling someone to grow up makes you look bad, not him. He wasn’t being childish.

  21. @rickmirer …

    I respect what you’re saying based on this exchange. But I told him to grow up because he’s been dogging me on multiple threads making really nasty, unprovoked comments. I came onto this thread to say positive things about Colt and the Browns … just as I go onto Ravens and Bengals threads and make positive comments about those teams and their players. You can be respectful to your rivals. Guys like 440doginthe407 don’t get that and getting constantly slammed by them gets old after a while. But I appreciate the respectful way you responded.

  22. Just to set things straight. I made a comment about Ben that deb didn’t like. Deb had a great response as to the ins and outs of the alleged accusations,still nothing wrong with that. She then added thanks for your two cents junior. And Now she wants me to grow up. I’m generally not a smartass unless provoked.

    @mrso0rnery your absolutely right in saying the wheels were coming off the settlers at time the browns beat them and right again in saying we’ve been s W for the steelers since.

  23. @440doginthe407 …

    As a rule, I’m not a smart ass unless provoked either. But I’ve been a PFT/CFT regular for a while and have taken so many hits that I sometimes jump before the snap 🙂 If I did that with you, I apologize. The Ben stuff is a struggle for me because of the subject matter, not because of any particular fondness for Ben. A lot of what he says and does when he’s not holding a football, makes me want to beat my head against a wall.

  24. @ deb

    Cheers deb. I can respect that. Can’t wait for the 2011-12 SEASON TO HOPEFULLY START

  25. @440doginthe407 …

    Me, too! Hope they don’t harp on all this during the draft. Will be nice to be able to just focus on football for a couple of days!

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