Larry Fitzgerald is ready to help his teammates financially


With the lockout nearly six weeks old, there have been tales of players taking out high-interest loans in order to stay afloat.

If any of those players play for the Cardinals, they don’t need to go to those extremes.  Receiver Larry Fitzgerald is ready to help.

“For my young guys [like] Stephen Williams, Max Hall, Isaiah Williams, all the guys that are on my team they know if they need anything all they gotta to do is pick up the phone and I’m going to be there for them and support them any way I can,” Fitzgerald told KTAR radio in Phoenix, via

So do other veteran players need to help their less financially fortunate teammates?

“I don’t know if I would say ‘need’ to help, but I mean if you find it in your heart to help guys that may be behind the eight ball, the financial wherewithal, you should [help],” Fitzgerald said.  “I definitely would.  That’s just who I am though.”

Previously, Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware said he wouldn’t take his $60,000 lockout fund payment, opting instead to make the money available for other players who actually need it.

More players with more than enough money need to consider such gestures, in the hopes of ensuring that the players won’t have to agree to a new deal simply because they need to.  For true long-term labor peace, a deal should be done because both sides want to do it — and because the deal is a fair one to both sides.

30 responses to “Larry Fitzgerald is ready to help his teammates financially

  1. And this is why Larry Fitzgerald is the truth. NFL (and the world) needs more guys like him. #1luv

  2. Awesome..this is the real defintion of a union brother – teammate.

    Putting his money where his mouth is and not spouting about slavery or gestapo, or other nonsense.

    Respect meter for Larry Fitzgerald – max’d out

  3. What about a charity rock (or rap) concert to benefit all the destitute players? They could call it Idiot-Aid.

  4. Finally. A feel-good story surrounding the NFL. He’s the highest paid Cardinal ($7 million in 2011, deservedly), the face of the franchise, and now a visible leader.

    This story needs to get viral.
    (Contract info from

  5. God forbid that these guys actually have to face reality like the rest of us. I mean what construction/landscaping/warehouse company is going to hire a top athlete in his mid 20s as a laborer? Thank goodness Larry is there so they can avoid the food banks.

  6. you should [help],” Fitzgerald said. “I definitely would. That’s just who I am though.”

    Kudos to you Mr.Fitzgerald

    If there were more men like that playing, and running this league maybe the NFL wouldn’t be in this mess

  7. Real talk tho, even the poorest players in the NFL make six figures a year. If they lived within their means, they could live very comfortably. Then again, there’s no cure for stupid.

  8. Most likely more players have….. they just haven’t made such a public announcement. Everything the players do, contrary to what is thought by PFT is not for public consumption. Good for Ware, Fitzgerald and all the players who are helping out the young guys.

  9. Dude… you’re about to be ransacked by churches, charities, etc, etc. Invest in about 20 good guard dogs.

  10. fitzgerald is a good dude (not just cuz he will lend money to his teamates). he is a role model. i wish there were more guys like him for young kids to look up to

  11. What a great post. It’s always nice to hear stories about players making good choices and helping out their colleagues, and it really is Fitzgerald’s style.

    It’s also refreshing to see that you have the ability to effectively write (or even copy and paste, if that’s the case) a piece that isn’t negative or gossipy.

  12. You can only help these guys that don’t know how to budget their finances so much. They are all making enough $$ to ride this out if they didn’t blow it on bling, cars and bail. A buck to the homeless vet on the corner is one thing, but these guys deserve nothing from other players that have their act together.

  13. “Previously, Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware said he wouldn’t take his $60,000 lockout fund payment, opting instead to make the money available for other players who actually need it.”


    Wait a second…..these guys get paid in 17 weekly installments during the season every year. Don’t they budget for the off season anyhow?

    Lockout or not……..they’re not getting a check.

  14. He doesn’t have nearly enough money to support all the knuckleheads on his team for even 1 month. And if loans go bad, things can get real ugly, real fast.

    Larry Fitzgerald is going to regret making that statement.

  15. This sounds nice and his heart is in the right place but this is a very stupid thing to do. VERY STUPID. There are two types that will need money and neither is a good idea to give it to them.

    Type 1: The player who just made a lot of money and has made poor choices with it. Give him a loan and you will never see that money again.

    Type 2: The player who doesn’t make a lot of money and plays for the league minimum. This player could very well get cut in the next training camp and will be in more trouble than he is now financially.

    Lets not lose track of the fact that everyone in the league made enough money last year that should last them through this lockout. They wouldn’t be getting checks from their owners for awhile already. Sorry but if you didn’t anticipate this and manager your $300K properly I can’t give you a loan in good faith. At very lease Larry should have this set up through his agent so he has legal recourse.

    Lending money to friends and family can really have a negative effect on a relationship. Is it charitable? Very much so but don’t expect to get all you money back, consider it a donation and these kind of donations aren’t refundable. I know everyone will give me the thumbs down but the last thing you want to do is to loan money to people who knew this might happen and still didn’t get their finances in order.

  16. I thought players only got paid during the regular
    Season on every Monday?
    So why would this even be an issue now?
    Am I wrong? Someone have the real NFL pay schedule?

  17. Hey sugar daddy, share the wealth . it’s the new socialist way . . don’t forget to kick up to your union boss

  18. Its a very nice gesture by Fitzgerald and it speaks volumes about the kind of man he is. HOWEVER, money is the single most dividing factor in the world. Nothing can tear up a relationship (family, friend, lovers or in this case co-workers/teammates) faster than money. He needs to tread lightly.

    I do like DeMarcus Ware’s gesture. Any player making more than 5 million a year needs to follow his example but of course most of them wont. Its called greed.

  19. Larry Fitzgerald is a class act.

    Even so, I’m sure he reserves the right to say “no” if a player he doesn’t know comes over shaking from a meth binge asking to borrow money.

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