Mike Munchak: Vince Young is gone, nothing will change that

When the Tennessee Titans announced shortly after the season that Vince Young would not be back, it was widely viewed as Jeff Fisher winning a power struggle with his quarterback. So with Fisher no longer the Titans’ coach, some have wondered whether Young could return.

But Mike Munchak, Fisher’s successor as the Titans’ head coach, has reiterated that Young is gone, and that’s not going to change.

“That was a decision made months ago and nothing that is going to happen personnel-wise, or how the draft goes, is going to change that,” Munchak said, per Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean. “It wasn’t just a Jeff Fisher decision — I think people kind of have that feeling because it happened back then we could change our decision.”

Titans running back Chris Johnson said last week that he thinks Young could be back, and Titans linebacker Stephen Tulloch wrote on Twitter that he doesn’t understand how the Titans could let Young go.

Munchak, however, doesn’t sound like he particularly cares if the decision to jettison Young is popular in the locker room.

“It was a company decision, so obviously we aren’t going to change that decision,” Munchak said. “We are standing by that decision. What’s been done is best for everybody.”

39 responses to “Mike Munchak: Vince Young is gone, nothing will change that

  1. This franchise was headed downhill the moment they draft Young. Not just because he was awful, but because of the type of decision making it would take to make that pick.

  2. YES!!!

    Best news I have heard all day… #10 is a joke.. 2nd string QB at best.. Just wait he will be headed down two or three team path and gone in 3 years…

    You have to act like a leader in this league.. Ant VY is no leader..

  3. Just shows the franchise is not interested in winning. Rusty Smith? Please. Kerry Collins? Even worse.

    Young is going to be successful in his next spot. You don’t have a winning percentage like that and be a backup QB. Before one of you spouts off his record against winning teams realize that percentage puts him in the top 10 among active QB’s as well. Not to mention ROY, two pro bowls, etc. 98.5 passer rating last year too.

    People keep saying he’ll have to sit the bench wherever he lands. Well from the ROY award it appears he was able to come in and start his rookie year with success. Guess we’ll see.

    One year left on the contract, the only QB of any worth on the roster and you cut him. Great team management. Stupidity all the way around.

  4. If VY does not end up back in a Titan jersey, look for him to be wearing the Silver and Black because Al Davis was drooling over the prospect of him playing for the Raiders as far back as 2006. Al may not get you coming into the league, but if he likes you, he will get you before you leave.

  5. You gotta have love for that kind of coaching honesty!!!

    Weirdly enough … I would not be surprised that VY goes to Cincy once free agency starts.

    Reason #1 is that the Bengals like “problem children” (no offense Cincy fans).

    #2 Cincy wants to run the football again because it complements their defense. VY can still run with ex-Longhorn teammate Cedric Benson.

    #3 Carson is staying at home.

    #4 The routes that Shipley and Gresham run complement VY’s throwing motion.

  6. I would not be surprised that VY goes to Cincy once free agency starts.

    The Bengals like “problem children” (no offense Cincy fans) and want to run the football again because it complements their defense (VY can run with ex-Longhorn teammate Cedric Benson).

    Plus, Carson is staying at home and the routes that Shipley and Gresham run complement VY’s throwing motion.

  7. Vince Young is someone who could be great, but unfortunatly won’t be. He has great pyschical QB skills, but not the mental skills., at least not right now. Maybe he matures and turns into a great QB. I would love to see it, but I have my doubts of that ever happening.

  8. Typical Bud Adams yes man comment. Vince may be immature but he’s has been the best thing going in the Titans dysfunctional locker room since Bud couldn’t get along with Houston.

    Whether Munchak likes it or not, he needs VY or he’ll be a one and done coach. Adams will be giving him the finger when a losing season happens with no QB or a rookie QB.

  9. Here’s a prime example of what Warren Moon was talking about last week.

    Regardless of some of the issues he has had, its all about Ws and Ls. A white QB with a winning % like Vince Young’s would be adored by his home team AND would not be waived.

    Yet, here we are.

  10. LOL at the VY apologists.. “all he does is win”. Yeah right, he sits more games out than he wins. Best decision in a decade was to move on from VY. Britt is next.

  11. If Vince Young had any leadership ability and was not crazy/immature he could have had a decent career. He went “psycho” more than once.

  12. brownsfn says:
    Apr 21, 2011 7:41 PM
    He’s a mental midget…
    Or maybe you are, for buying that whole Wonderlic story without following up on the reports that refuted it. But retractions don’t get web hits, so maybe it’s not your fault.

    At any rate, you people who are so anti-Vince completely ignore that Jeff Fisher undermined the guy at every possible turn. Had Peyton Manning gone into a situation where a bad coach kept undermining him and criticizing him, and you can bet he wouldn’t be arguably the league’s top QB.

  13. Wow, coach, way to make the troops feel as if they’re just punching the clock at Walmart.

  14. snowpea84 says: Apr 21, 2011 7:15 PM

    This franchise was headed downhill the moment they draft Young. Not just because he was awful, but because of the type of decision making it would take to make that pick.

    Yeah right all he did was win more than half of his games and go to 2 pro bowls while he was there, how you guys talk about him you would think he was Jamarcus Russell, this kid isnt a head case Jeff fissher just didnt like him from the get go and no matter what Vince did it wasn’t good enough in his eyes the Titans are going no where fast and there is no way they are keeping Chris Johnson once his contract is up…Good luck Rusty you’re going to need it…

  15. @gmcb81
    Lets not bring up the Pro Bowls… The only way he got into both was due to 6 or 7 QBs dropping out…

    Hell my 13 year old son was offered a pro bowl.. those are a joke…

    Do you realize half the NFL ends up getting a pro bowl nod after most of the true pro bowlers drop out…

    Like others have said 2 to 3 years and he will be working behind his restaurants grill

  16. Difference between Cam Newton and VY is that Cam appears to have actully gone to class while in college. Listen to him talk. Articulate and thoughtful at times. VY had the famous SI quote “Ain’t nobody never told me nothin”. In interviews it is obvious that VY knows nothing of the English language, which indicates that it would have been impossible for him to stay eligible without lots of friendly profs. No wonder he can’t master a play book.

  17. If the Bills truly want cam newton, and can’t have him, how much different would it it be to sign vince young? He has the same type of game plus he has 5 years of experience. Say what you want about vince, the guy wins games.

  18. The only way Young will be successful in his next spot is if he stops believing all the long-time enablers around him who only tell him how great he is. It’s stunting his growth. And he does need to grow up.

    It’s not about his Wonderlic score or his throwing motion. He can and did win quite a few games despite those things But his emotional immaturity was mind-boggling, from his rookie year right through his meltdown last year. That has to change.

  19. I can’t believe some of these comments knocking VY. He has a winning record at Tenessee of all places. That’s probably more wins than YOUR team. If the coach hadn’t undermined him at every turn, he might have matured a little faster. Some team is going improve when they sign him. Tennessee’s loss!

  20. swervinmervin says: Apr 21, 2011 8:54 PM

    Here’s a prime example of what Warren Moon was talking about last week.

    Regardless of some of the issues he has had, its all about Ws and Ls. A white QB with a winning % like Vince Young’s would be adored by his home team AND would not be waived.

    Yet, here we are.
    It’s not about him being black, it’s about him being a psychopath and unwilling to work hard and earn his tens of millions of dollars. Nobody says anything bad about Josh Freeman because Freeman is a professional and thus a great player. If you want a good comparison to a white QB, please see Ryan Mallett’s future team. He will be the white, nonathletic Vince Young, only with far less talent.

  21. Refute what with regard to VY’s Wonderlic?

    He most assuredly scored a 6 on his first attempt. Any spin that happened was from VY’s own camp, frightened to death at the possibility of their guy losing millions of Draft Day dollars but make no mistake, he scored a 6.
    Oddly, he was allowed to take it a second time and scored a 15.

  22. VY in Minnesota would finally accomplish what should’ve happened in Austin: a Young-Peterson backfield. AP was definitely the one who got away.

  23. You don’t work for Bud Adams for 20 years and not understand how to ‘tow the line.’ Nice way to start your head coaching career, Mike. You’re a complete TOOL of yet another geriatric owner. To think that I, once upon a time, respected and admired you…Pffft.

    See Ya!

  24. “Vince wins games”

    What color is the sky in your world? You guys really are delusional. Are the rest of us watching different games than the ones you’ve seen? The only games Vince wins are against bad teams and ones that they would have won by bigger margins had he not been playing. The loser has won 30 games over 5 seasons. If that’s your idea of a winner then have fun “waiting until next year”.

    “98.5 passer rating last year”

    But a 75 passer rating throughout his career. (Nice job trying to sneak his rating in from a few games in one year where he only had about 17 attempts/game.) Half the guys on this board could have a 76 just by showing up – which is more than Vince has done.

    It was pretty well-known even at UT that he would not be a good QB in the pros. A friend of mine was on the scout team and it was known that Young was only smart enough to be able to handle one read. If his one read wasn’t there after the snap, his job was to make something happen with his feet. Making only one read in the NFL will get you ostracized at PFT and eventually cut.

    It would have been cut a lot sooner had Bud Adams stayed out of the football decisions.

  25. It’s a shame, really. Vince could have been good, and he showed flashes of it on the field. But his head was never in the right place, and mentally he’s just not right to be an NFL starting QB.

  26. There has been local sportwriters who have play large role in giving out mis-information on VY. David Climer been one of them this came from his live chats yesterday.
    BUD should have release him last February like said he would.VY need to get out this Town and State away from these Haters. Hope they get Kolb!!!!!
    David Climer live chat today: Comment From Guest Guest : ] what caused the kolb love feast? what has he accomplished? couldn’t even beat the titans.David Climer: He’s very well thought of in NFL circles. Plus, there aren’t that many great QBs in the league so middle-of-the-road guys stand out when teams are shopping.Comment From always learning always learning : ] So what happens if the lockout goes to July or August who are the titans bringing in to QB. David Climer: They’ll try to make a trade but the price is going to be high for Kolb. It could be another Kerry Collins season. (And I know you don’t want to hear that.) Comment From always learning always learning : kolb won 2 games loss 4 games in 2010, kerry won 3 games since 2008. VY is better than both. David Climer: Opinions are like noses … and other things. Comment From always learning always learning : ] so they have better record then VY?
    David Climer: I understand the infatuation with VInce Young by some, but he’s damaged goods with this organization. A change of venue might work out fine for him but unless he starts really working on his craft, he’s never going to achieve what he says he wants to achieve.We are giving him more of the book this year, more of the scheme,” Heimerdinger said. “There are things he can expand. He is better now on the intermediate and short throws. He’s ready to make more plays downfield. He’s in his fifth year, but really, this is only the second year we can put a full year together working together. He’s working hard and studying hard. And he still has that ability at quarterback to take off. That’s still a plus.”So much for David comment on VY working on his craft . 2009- 82.6 2010-98.6 about 16pt more in QB rating in 2010.30/17 record. So here we are ready to pay middle of the road QB big buck. OMG!!!!

  27. Vince Young, Adrian Peterson, Percy Harvin, Sidney Rice….all can take it to the house on any play. As a Viking fan, I would love to see what that four could do with a new coordinator that has been on record saying he plans his offense around the players talents.

  28. Between reported suicide alerts, his inability to handle any adversity and finally, tossing his shoulder pads into the stands (in effect, quitting on his team), I think I’ve seen enough of this guy to know I wouldn’t trust him as my QB. It’s an easy call, really.
    He’s got the maturity (and the smarts) of a 12 year-old.
    Talk all you want about his athleticism and W/L record, when you least need it to happen, he’ll bring out that 5-cent head of his, and screw things up.

  29. thefiesty1 says:
    Apr 21, 2011 11:36 PM
    I can’t believe some of these comments knocking VY. He has a winning record at Tenessee of all places.

    Considering the Titans had their best season in the last five years the one year that Young was riding the bench, I don’t think you’re helping your cause here.

    And this is coming from someone who would be fine having Young as the starter in TN…..if he didn’t act like a spoiled child so much of the time.

    Wore me out. I’m glad they’ve decided to move on.

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