Retired players will announce second-round draft picks

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As usual, Commissioner Roger Goodell will announce the first-round picks in next week’s NFL draft. But the league announced today that it’s doing something different on the second day of the draft: Bringing in retired players to announce the picks.

Thirty-two retired players, one from every team, will announce their former teams’ second-round draft picks next Friday night.

It sounds to us like a good idea, but also perhaps a sign that the NFL, concerned that the lockout has turned fans off, is trying to inject a little more star power into this year’s proceedings to get more fans to tune in on TV and show up at Radio City Music Hall.

It’s also interesting that the list of former players getting involved in the draft includes some who were active union members and vocal supporters of the players’ side in the lockout. Barry Sanders, who participated in the union’s pre-Super Bowl press conference this year, isn’t letting his involvement with the NFLPA* keep him from announcing the Lions’ second-round draft pick.

The full list of former players taking part is below.

* Arizona Cardinals, Aeneas Williams (CB)
* Atlanta Falcons, Jessie Tuggle (LB)
* Baltimore Ravens, Peter Boulware (LB)
* Buffalo Bills, Andre Reed (WR)
* Carolina Panthers, Brad Hoover (FB)
* Chicago Bears, Richard Dent (DE)
* Cincinnati Bengals, Anthony Muñoz (OT)
* Cleveland Browns, Paul Warfield (WR)
* Dallas Cowboys , Charles Haley (DE)
* Denver Broncos, Shannon Sharpe (TE)
* Detroit Lions, Barry Sanders (RB)
* Green Bay Packers, Jim Taylor (FB)
* Houston Texans, Aaron Glenn (CB)
* Indianapolis Colts, Jeff Herrod (LB)
* Jacksonville Jaguars, Donovin Darius (S)
* Kansas City Chiefs, Willie Lanier (LB)
* Miami Dolphins, Sam Madison (CB)
* Minnesota Vikings, Chris Doleman (DE)
* New England Patriots, Andre Tippett (LB)
* New Orleans Saints, Willie Roaf (OT)
* New York Giants, Joe Morris (RB)
* New York Jets, Marty Lyons (DT)
* Oakland Raiders, Willie Brown (DB)
* Philadelphia Eagles, Troy Vincent (DB)
* Pittsburgh Steelers, Franco Harris (RB)
* St. Louis Rams, Marshall Faulk (RB)
* San Diego Chargers, Natrone Means (RB)
* San Francisco 49ers, Dwight Clark (WR)
* Seattle Seahawks, Cortez Kennedy (DT)
* Tampa Bay Buccaneers, John Lynch (S)
* Tennessee Titans, Jevon Kearse (DE)
* Washington Redskins, Doug Williams (QB)

The Panthers, Dolphins and Jets don’t have second-round picks, so Hoover, Madison and Lyons will announce their teams’ third-round picks.

37 responses to “Retired players will announce second-round draft picks

  1. Update for the NY Giants *** Joe Morris is no longer available & Amani Toomer will take his place, LOL.

  2. I wonder if Carolina asked Rae Curruth to announce their draft pick? It would have brought entertainment value announcing it live via satellite from his prison cell.

  3. Not to complain because I love Brad Hoover, but he wasn’t a dominant player like most the other teams get…where’s mike Minter, Mike Rucker, Muhsin Muhammad or somebody that was a deciding factor for the Panthers’ ’03 super bowl squad? I do like Hoover so I won’t complain too much, but c’mon man…

  4. nice to see the NFL find someone from the Giants who doesn’t have a criminal record

  5. Some great players in the list. I hope the 3 without a pick still show up ic case a trade is made.

  6. Not only is this a great idea, it’s long overdue. Why just the second round? Since the NFL is staging the draft into a 3 day spectacular now.., why not have these retired athletes announce both the 2nd & 3rd round selections on day 2 of Draftapalooza?

  7. Charles Haley???

    The dude was a great player. But anybody who has ever read any books about the Cowboys’ 1990 dynasty knows that this guy has a habit of whipping out his “unit” in public.

    I just hope they have a seven second delay for the draft.

    Also, I hope Goodell is paying these guys. With all of the talk of taking care of the retirees, this might be a step in the right direction.

  8. It’s the proverbial passing of the torch.

    “From fat, money grubbing, drug palsyed, hands we throw, the torch. But it yours to hold high, while you loot, pillage, rape and burn.”.

  9. I just hope one of these retired players don’t make a comment or some statement about getting a labor agreement. This is a good thing for NFL and it’s fans, lets us just enjoy the draft with no mention of retired players on the podium making statements. Please…

  10. Minnesota Vikings, Chris Doleman (DE)

    Doleman is the best they could do? He was a good player, but Tfarkenton, Eller, – heck, even Cris Carter or Robert Smith – would be a bigger deal.

  11. (obwsc says:
    no Lawrence Taylor at this year’s draft?)

    There may be childeren at the draft, and Taylor has to stay at least 100 yards away.

  12. Great, and then most of them can go back to the 1 bedroom apartment and depression they live in. As much as I am for the owners in this labor fight, both sides NEED to find a way to take care of the retired guys.

  13. i got an idea….maybe they should bring Billy Sims aboard and let him announce every played thats drafted out of OU

  14. Stop the presses….. There is a black QB on the list… Are we all going to start talking about his accuracy (which was dead on by the way) or anything else racially motivated?

    I am sure I can speak for 100 percent of Skins fans out there and say Doug, we wish you were part of this org somehow.


  15. After thinking about the list of great Panther players who are retired but not dead……I awoke to the sound of crickets chirping.

  16. @Jetswin

    Who else would they’ve gotten? David Carr or Jonathon Wells? lol those are the only 2 originals I can think of.

  17. I’d tweak the list just a hair:

    Dallas – Darren Woodson
    Denver – Terrell Davis
    Houston – David Carr
    Jacksonville – Jimmy Smith
    Miami – Mark Duper
    Philly – Harold Carmichael (how many other teams did Vincent play for)

  18. I thought all players from all eras were unified like a union. Wait. They decertified. There is no union.

  19. There are a lot of great players on that list and I think it is a fitting gesture by the league and these former players. Did they happen mention who would translate Shannon Sharpe’s announcement for the Broncos?

  20. I’m kind of happy Roaf is announcing for the Saints. Maybe this means the Saints will finally honor the man as they should. When he left there were bad feelings all around. Sorry Chief fans. Happy he’s doing it for the Saints.

  21. Impressive list, but the second rounders would rather shake Goddell’s hand in the first instead of an icon.

  22. I see Franco Harris is on the list. He gets so many free meals his kitchen is probably collecting dust.

  23. Didnt Doug Williams get his chance to play during the last stoppage? Come on scabs!!

  24. Troy Vincent? WOW! Wasn’t he in line to get the job the De Smith “digs”?

  25. another smart move by the league. why doesnt the union* make smart moves… oh wait, never mind.

  26. Well, atleast the Charger fans can’t laugh at Brad Hoover representing the Panthers. Natrone Means? Really?

  27. jetswin says:

    Aaron Glen was not even drafted or had his best years with the Texans

    zone44blitz says:


    Who else would they’ve gotten? David Carr or Jonathon Wells? lol those are the only 2 originals I can think of.

    Tony Boselli, since he was the Texans’ first pick in the expansion draft? Or maybe Dom Capers, since he was the first head coach?

    It would be hard finding a retired “star” for the Texans since they are such a new franchise.

  28. Andre Tippett…nice. And he already works for the Pats so there isn’t even a hint of “us vs. them”.

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