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Rex Ryan’s two seasons in New York have been pretty similar.  Uneven regular season was followed by excellent play in the postseason, coming up just short of a Super Bowl.

So is this a juggernaut roster that underachieves before the playoffs or a solid squad that maxes out its potential at the right time?  We lean towards the latter, which is one reason why they need to draft well and replenish the defense with young talent.

DL: Mike Devito is an underrated should-be star, but Shaun Ellis is headed for free agency and there isn’t much young talent here to get excited about. Sione Pioha is serviceable at nose tackle, but Ryan would like another run-plugger in the middle that could eat up snaps.

OLB: Rex Ryan’s scheme has covered up a relative lack of talent on his defense the last two years.  This group threatens to get old all at once.

Calvin Pace is coming off a down year and Bryan Thomas is ordinary on the other side.  Where are the guys on the Jets front seven that other teams have to gameplan for?  They need pass rush help.

CB: Kyle Wilson struggled last year and Antonio Cromartie may be difficult to keep in free agency.  Ryan relies on his cornerbacks so much that he’s going to want to improve his depth with Cromartie’s situation uncertain.

WR: Their need here depends partly on how confident they are in re-signing Braylon Edwards.  Santonio Holmes looks likely to leave and Brad Smith is also a free agent.  Old reliable Jerricho Cotchery will be back, but a speed receiver in the middle rounds could make sense.

Overview: The Jets rely so much on trades and free agency that their roster looks especially barren at the moment.   No matter who they get after the lockout, this team still needs an infusion of homegrown young talent on defense.

Expect Ryan to focus on his side of the ball, although the lack of a second round pick limits options.

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  1. The Jets will sign either holmes of edwards. I still think that they will definatly resign holmes. As a jets fan i know we desperatly need someone who can rush the passer and the front 7 is getting old. But like stated in the article the jets have shown the last few years that they will be very active in free agency or in trades and they are not cheap. They will spend the money to get good players so im not to worried right now. At this point its impossible to gauge any team with the lockout. But if they get the deal done before the season free agency is going to be crazy for every team.. Cant wait!

  2. I wouldn’t say Calvin Pace is coming off a down year. He had 6 sacks in 2010, after 6.5, 7.0, and 8.0 in the 3 years previous. I’d say he had a pretty average year. The Jets threw a lot of money at him in the hopes he’d become a monster. The reality is that he’s been a pretty average player for them, and that is arguably an improvement based on his play in Arizona his first 5 seasons.

  3. Hell…..haven’t they won the last two superbowls?……..They could draft Sam the Butcher, and Bob the Plumber….Rex “manziere” Ryan, coud draft a hobo and make em a champion………Right?……Idiots?

  4. No 2nd is a big problem, along with the potential loss of key wideouts and/or some defensive players. As it stands right now, the Patriots will have made 6 selections next week before the Jets make their 2nd. Ouch.
    They manuevered and positioned themselves to win it all last season. Didn’t happen.
    In a related item, it must suck to be 430 lbs. overweight and have an embarrassing and disgusting fetish that the whole world knows about, don’t ya think?

  5. @ rc33


    14-2? The Pats had NO answer for the Jets and haven’t won a playoff game in FOUR years. Talk about frauds. The Jets embarassed your boys and shut up the fanbase. The Patriots suck, 18-1 was their peak. It’s over.

  6. Jets team needs? How about not being a WC team and needing three road wins just to get to the Super Bowl every year.

  7. Yes, the Patriots did not have an answer to the Jets in the playoffs and the Jets are one a couple of teams they fear – if not he only team they truly fear.

    That said, the Jets have yapped their way to the upper echelon of the NFL – yapping seems to have given the psycological means to overcome any curses etc.

    Now is the time to shut up and just win.

    They got so worn out in every category beating the Patriots that they had nothing in the next game. It was as if the Pats game was their SB and the AFC Championship was the Pro Bowl.

    Just shut up and win- you are capable of winning the whole thing. Win and then yap.

  8. Still see all the haters are still around. Reminder: The Jets have beaten The AFC, North, South, East and West champions the last two years in the playoffs. ON THE ROAD! That is hard to do. People calling them out about the coach being fat or that they trash talk is ignorant. Gotta get past the Patriots and win the division and get a home playoff game.

    The players love and respect the coach. Other teams respect him also.

  9. Besides the Raiders it’s hard to think of another team that’s in a worse draft position than the Jets – picking almost last in every round and no 2nd. It would be the better move for them to try and trade down to fill more holes, but one of the side effects of Rex Ryan’s annual guarantees is that it makes it difficult for Tannenbaum to do what’s really best. How can you talk about winning now and then trade out of your spot and pass up the best player available?

    I would agree that the Jets are going to draft heavy on defense. The Jets have only drafted 3 defensive players total the last 3 years, a ridiculously low number, especially considering that one of those players was Vernon Gholston.

  10. I guess after 42 years, the mentality of the Jets fans are best summed up by 3yrsnfl.

    Made it to the AFC Championship game 2 years in a row only to lose. That’s a successful season to the NY Jets fanbase.

  11. A coach that keeps his mouth shut and then WHEN they reach the SB will have something to say.

    They actually need a QB because Sanchez isn’t the answer. The Jets would be a good place to find out if Newton, Mallet et al are a bust.

  12. Calvin Pace’s job is safe; he’s not quite in the elite category as far as his ability to get to the quarterback, but he’s peerless at delivering clean, devastating hits once he gets there. Shaun Ellis has gotten plenty of credit for getting after Tom Brady in the AFC Championship game, but the Jets’ coaches singled out the hit Pace laid on Brady as the one that made the difference. That hit made the cover of Sports Illustrated, and Ryan’s mentioned it a number of times. Ryan likes having Pace on the field.

    As a close observer of the team, I think the Jets’ telegraphed interest in linebackers is a little bit of a smokescreen. They’ll pick one if it ends up being the best player available at thirty, but they can easily go into next season with what they have at OLB. Not so on the defensive line. They’re praying a lineman like Wilkerson or Heyward makes it to thirty.

  13. @ampats

    Yes and eliminating your pats and embarassing you guys in the playoffs was succesful to the jets fanbase too. I guess we should be ashamed or not proud that they made it to the champ game two seasons in a row right.

  14. @ampats

    Exactly what I am talking about. People hating on the Jets and their fans instead of commenting on the “team needs”. Do you feel better about yourself now? Go get some help. Talk it out. You’ll feel better after.

  15. it will be nice one day as a jets fan to look back on a recent superbowl. but in the meantime i’m pretty happy with the direction of things. 2 years of significant success and i guess i’m a little happier (ok a lot) that it so far exceeded ampats’ team.

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