Andre Reed possibly drops a hint about the Bills’ plans in round two

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Next Friday, retired players will announce their former teams’ second-round picks.  It’s a move that could get some more butts into the seats on Day Two of the draft, given the strong possibility that the lockout-induced reduced interest in the NFL could make Radio City Music Hall look more like Raymond James Music Hall.

For the Bills, who hold the second pick in round two, receiver Andre Reed will do the honors.

Our friends at WGR radio in Buffalo (the very first station on which yours truly ever appeared, so blame them) noticed something that may — or may not — have been a strong hint from the Bills about the team’s plans.

Reed posted this message on his Twitter page, to Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder:  “@cponder7 Lookin forward to calling your name Draft Day!!!!!!!!!  Bills brash like ur style.”

Then Reed deleted it.

Then he posted this: “@cponder7 Lookin forward to the possibility of calling your name Draft Day!!!!!!!!!Bills brash like ur style………”

For any other team, it wouldn’t mean all that much.  But the Bills are like the pre-Holmgren Browns, with plenty of former players having access to what the team is doing and thinking.  Of all former Bills, Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly seems to be the most connected; one phone call from Kelly to his favorite target would have been enough to let Reed in on the “possibility” (or perhaps something stronger) that Ponder will be the pick at No. 34.

Ponder has visited the Bills, Bengals, Titans, and Redskins, and he has had private workouts with the Vikings, Broncos, Eagles, Dolphins, Titans, and Patriots.

23 responses to “Andre Reed possibly drops a hint about the Bills’ plans in round two

  1. Bills brash?….Does he mean Brass or can’t he type a 5 letter word,(twice) or does he mean he’s brash….I’m confused…

  2. It’s funny that he had a chance to correct brash in the 2nd tweet, but he wrote it again. Leading me to believe that he won the 3rd Annual Emmit Smith Invitational Spelling Bee.

    Brass Mr. Reed, Brass.

  3. Two things here. One, why does a 45 yr old retired guy have twitter, and two, how has he gone all these years confusing brash with brass? Good grief!

  4. An injury prone, fairly athletic, average arm QB from a warm weather school, drafted after the first round, groomed for 3 years while the franchise passes on better QBs in those 3 years hoping for development…Bills fans have seen this movie before with Trent Edwards. Being a Bills fan i like a bad nightmare starting over again every 3 years.

  5. I do find it interesting that Reed made that statement but quite frankly I don’t think it means much. I have read other articles (I forget where, it might have been Peter King) saying that the Bills have been more secretive than most other teams about their plans, so it strikes me as unlikely that they went bragging to Reed that they would take Ponder.

    In addition, just yesterday PFT ran the story that Ponder is unlikely to make it out of the first round, so the Bills have to be willing and able to jump up high enough into the first round to get him before someone else does.

    Plus, as an ACC fan, I never really thought Ponder was all that good, so if Reed tipped off the Bills’ plans and another team goes and gets him instead, I’m okay with that.

  6. Any QB the Bills take I’ll like because of Gailey’s ability to get the maximum out of a QB.

  7. I thought there was suppose to be a run on QB’s and they all would be gone in the first round. I heard that on some supposely credible foootball blog site. If I remember where, I will post and call that Mickey Mouse report on anything site out………………….:)

  8. It is all a ploy…

    If you all remember last years draft when Tim Tebow spent some time with Jim Kelly, where is Tebow now…

    A mile high, not in Buffalo

    Reed is doing some dirty work for the Bills Brass…

    Keeping eyes away from their real choice—-> Kapernick

  9. EJ- If they get Kaepernick, Bills fans should be pumped. I think that dude’s going to be the best QB in this class.

  10. Considering that Andre Reed doesn’t know the difference between “brash” and “brass”, I would hardly consider him an expert on what the Bills are going to do. There’s no guarantee that Ponder would be there at pick 34 anyway.

  11. Sounds about right. Ponder will become POUNDED with the lowly Bills. I pity whoever they draft.

  12. OR… it could be part of a GRANDER, more DEVIOUS dis-information campaign by the Bills for some OTHER team to jump ahead of them and take Ponder so the guy they REALLY want falls to them… [insert Montgomery Burns voice here] excellent Smithers!

  13. @ hawks12 and thefiesty1

    The Bills O-Line was not considered to be the teams major downfall last year. Granted, Cornell Green was attrocious, but he was promptly benched (injured*) after a few games and the gaping hole on the right side of the line was plugged. Bell, Levitre, Hangartner and Wood performed well in my opinion. Bell was coming off an injury last year and should be 100% healthy this year. The video of Woods 2009 injury was played 700,000 times on YouTube; so you should be aware of his recovery and how well he played last year.

    Fitzpatrick got a lot of solid play out of those guys last year. When you make comments about the O-line it proves you don’t know what you’re talking about. The Steelers wish their line was as good as Buffalo’s and they went to the superbowl.

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