Bryant McKinnie credits Venus Williams for getting him into shape

Getty Images

Bryant McKinnie, the Vikings’ enormous offensive tackle, has slimmed down to 355 pounds and plans to get to 340 by the summer. And who does he credit for his newly svelte physique?

Venus Williams.

Yes, McKinnie says he and the five-time Wimbledon singles champion have been working out together, and that Williams is pushing him to get into better shape.

“One thing I learned with Venus, you have to be ready to work for a long lesson,” McKinnie told the Pioneer Press. “She tires you out.”

McKinnie said he’s developed a passion for tennis playing with Williams, but that he’s mostly just hoping the lockout ends in time for training camp.

“I’m assuming that something should be worked out at least by July,” McKinnie said. “People would go crazy if they don’t have football.”

Even if they have tennis to fall back on.