Lions: We’re not concerned with Da’Quan Bowers’ health or Jimmy Smith’s character


In a pair of eyebrow raising statements considering they were made the week before the draft, Lions G.M. Martin Mayhew indicated that he’s not overly concerned with Clemson defensive end Da’Quan Bowers’ health or Colorado cornerback Jimmy Smith’s “character” concerns.

“There is some concern about Bowers’ medical condition,” Mayhew said via the Detroit News. “Our doctors have evaluated him and we don’t share that concern.”

Mayhew admitted Bowers’ knee isn’t in “pristine” physical condition right now, but doesn’t believe it should be a long-term concern.  Mayhew also said he was convinced Smith’s off-field troubles were overblown.

“There is a threshold you can fall beyond where we would not consider a player,” Mayhew said. “A failed drug test is a cause for concern, but it doesn’t knock you out of the running to be drafted. . . .  I definitely feel better about Jimmy now than before I met him.”

The comments are especially noteworthy because Bowers and Smith figure to be available at No. 13 overall and fill position of needs for the Lions.  Both players been mentioned as potential Lions targets and make intriguing risk/reward values.

Greg Cosell of NFL Films said he thought Smith was a better player than Patrick Peterson based on pure NFL cornerback skills.  Bowers has top-five talent if not for the injury concerns.

The fact Mayhew spoke so positively of Smith and Bowers, of course, makes us think the Lions are less likely to take them.  Unless Mayhew is trying to pull a jedi mind trick because he knows the rest of the league will think that.

Man, we’re ready for this draft to start.

24 responses to “Lions: We’re not concerned with Da’Quan Bowers’ health or Jimmy Smith’s character

  1. Mayhew is the man.

    As a Lions fan I trust whatever him and the Schwartz think would fit our team right.

    Smith’s character concerns shouldnt be an issue once he get’s in the locker room with guys like Suh and KVB. They’ll put him on the straight and narrow. If not, he might get Delhomme’d one day in practice.

    As far as Bowers, as long as the docs checked him out and give him the ok then I’m fine with it. Putting him on D-Line might give us arguably the best D-line in the league.

  2. Translation:

    We’re concerned with Da’Quan Bowers’ health and Jimmy Smith’s character

  3. madtolive5 says: Apr 22, 2011 10:07 AM

    Make of a horrible franchise “We’re not concerned with(blanks ) character.

    Always comes back to bite you….
    Yeah Pittsburgh is a horrible football team with that alleged raper on their team. I mean when was the last time they made the playoffs let alone the Super Bowl……

    Think before you type.

  4. As a Vikes fan, I think adding Bowers to their D line may give them a force up front for years to come, maybe too tough for my purple.

  5. If memory serves me correctly didn’t Megatron admit to puffing cheeba when he had his NFL interview at the combine?

    Maybe the Lions should have stayed away from him…

  6. Sweet!!!! Nice to hear.

    Character issues….LOL What college or high school kid hasn’t had nights where they drank too much or a night where they smoked some pot? Give me a break. Pot should be legal anyways.

    Jimmy Smith, if not for the supposed character issues, would be a top 10 talent. I personally have said for a while I think he’s better than Prince Amukamara.

  7. Any temas saying they arent concerned with Jimmy Smiths character are just hoping someone else drafts him.
    Because it’s not jsut his character thats a concern, it’s also that he hasn’t lived up to his measurables.
    So, a player who doesnt make the waves his measurables say he should, and who has charcter concerns??? In what world is that a good use of a first round pick????

  8. It doesn’t matter who the Lions draft at number 13 I trust Martin Mayhew, Jim schwartz and Tom Lewand to make the right choice regardless of what side of the ball or postion it may be (gasp geez I hope I’m right lol)

    personally I think Jimmy Smith is one of the best players in this draft and would be an excellent pick (if Bowers isn’t there) I remember watching the draft back in high school and in that particular draft Warren Sapp was the story (similar to Jimmy Smith) and he turned out to be a key piece to a championship defense and a potential Hall of Famer

    Trust in Mayhew! GO LIONS!!!!

  9. Jimmy Smith failed two drug tests when he was a freshman. That was five years ago.

    Every college player drinks.

    The bottom line is if Jimmy Smith played in Nebraska you would never have heard about these issues. The school and media would have swept in under the rug because the state of Nebraska loves football.

    The Peoples Republic of Boulder on the other hand would rather support a hippie frisbee team than a football team.

    This is way overblown and a smart team is going to get a top ten player to fall in there lap.

  10. Or Matt Stafford’s shoulder, or Mike Williams weight, or Charles Rogers drug issues……..

  11. Commenters at PFT have been concerned about JimmySmith for quite a while now.

    Wait … are we talking about the same JimmySmith?

  12. re: hobartbaker;

    While Staffords health is somewhat of a concern, he had no history of injuries while at Georgia, both Mike Williams and Charles Rogers were drafted under the Millen regime.

    Mayhew and the current front office for Detroit are nothing like Matt Millen and his group of stooges that produced the first 0-16 team in NFL history.

    Mayhews last two drafts have produced very good NFL talent with the likes of Best, Delmas and Pettigrew just to name a few. Couple that with F.A. signings like VanDanbosch, Logan, and Burleson, I think Mayhew deserves the benefit of the doubt.

    He’s got this long suffering fanbase something to be hopefull for and I for one applaud him.

  13. Typical comment from a horrible franchise. For them, it doesn’t matter who they take, they might become mediocre in a few years.

  14. “Lions: We’re not concerned with Da’Quan Bowers’ health or Jimmy Smith’s character”

    Probably because they don’t plan on drafting those guys anyway.

  15. @ colinito

    Agree with you….I don’t know why so many people gave you a thumbs down. I also sincerely doubt that Bowers makes it to the teens. There is some risk with the guy because he didn’t really do all that well until last year.

  16. So, when a young white athlete has problems with drgus and alcohol (Michael Phelps) then he is just a young kid who does what is typical of youth. When a black athlete does the same, he has character problems and should be blackballed. Only in white trashy america.

  17. Holy crap., sorry guys, only meant to capture Debs post. Guess my mouse went crazy

  18. Hey Deb. Just caught this post–haven’t been around much lately. Hope all is well with ya.

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