Mike Brown finally may be building an indoor practice facility

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For years, Bengals owner Mike Brown has resisted the notion of building an indoor practice facility.  The issue nearly caused coach Marvin Lewis to resist the opportunity to stay with the team.

Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer reports that Brown could be breaking down and breaking out the wallet for an indoor venue.  Reedy writes that the team is “continuing preliminary assessments” toward that end, and that the team would fully fund the project.

“Marvin has a desire to have a practice facility,” Brown said when Lewis agreed to a new two-year contract in January, when he was a coaching free agent.  “I have a desire, but probably not as keen. That doesn’t mean I don’t have a desire to do it.”

He should have a desire to do it.  An indoor practice facility is one of those things that can help a team improve, allowing practice to continue during thunderstorms or heavy snow.  It also could be a factor in the decision-making processes of free agents.

We can’t imagine many players spurning the Bengals because they don’t have an indoor practice facility, but the absence of an indoor practice facility is a tangible item to which a free agent could point when deciding to point his search for a new team in a different direction because he senses that the Bengals perhaps don’t “get it.”

And that could be one of the reasons why the Bengals so often have to rely on signing talented players with off-field concerns, whose options are playing for an NFL team with no indoor practice facility — or playing for a CFL team that has one.

39 responses to “Mike Brown finally may be building an indoor practice facility

  1. According to Brown, much of the cost for this project will be defrayed by the Bengals reverting to the use of leather helmets.

  2. What players want to play for the Bengals or the Raiders?

    The answer would be those who were over-drafted by Cincy or overpaid by Oakland.

    I feel bad (sort of) for their fans. Any paying customer deserves better.

  3. With any luck he will build it and the construction workers will bury him in the concrete foundation.

  4. They don’t have an indoor practice facility?

    I thought all Junior Colleges had one by now.

  5. Neither Mike Brown or any living member of his family have ever earned anything in their worthless lives. They exist for the sole purpose of sucking money out of taxpayers and fans.

  6. I don’t know how Bengal fans stay Bengal fans.

    Honestly. I would have given up by now.

  7. @ttommytom – What are you talking about.. Don’t even put Oakland in the same breath as Bengals… Maybe the Lions, but not the Raiders..

    Oakland is rich n Historey and the Bengals is just a name.. They have 1 SB appearance to their name. When the Raiders have 5 SB appearance and 3 rings…

    Mike couldn’t hold Al Davis wheel chair.. And Al Davis is a Hall Of Famer, Mike Brown is not and he don’t take care of his players or facilty @ that matter… Even thou we dont need anything indoor in Sunny Cali, but if we needed one we would of had one back in the 60’s..

  8. There are high school teams in Ohio that have had indoor practice facilities for 15 years. If you want an indication of how disconnected Mike Brown is from the sport and the importance of the sport in the state of Ohio, this is just one tiny example.

  9. It’s gotta suck being the Bengals in December with that cold weather..

    But hey if they don’t anything to play for.. No need to practice.. Just stay at home until Sunday..

  10. What a cheap ass. Are you kidding me? An NFL team with no indoor practice facility? That man does not deserve to own an NFL franchise!

  11. To the guy who said it must be tough being a Bengals fan. You’re damn right. But one day Mikey will retire and this team can return to at least the typical peak and valley stretches that occurred when Paul was behind the big desk. Indoor facility is good news.

  12. p4hbiz:
    they have 2 SB appearances and got beat by the Niners both times. Even so, you make a good point about the Raiders history but, come on, the Raiders are now a laughing stock just like the Bengals.

    Between their draft picks, stupid free agent signings, abilities they look for in players (ie; speed over catching the ball), recylcing coaches (Al Davis, really!?) and their owner, the Raiders are a joke. Not to mention the fans… stabbing a Charger fan at the game on TV!

    Raiders should be dismantled.

  13. Not only will the Bengals finally have an indoor facility to use, but it will be equipped with plumbing, running water, and rolls of toilet paper instead of old newspapers.

  14. “Oakland is rich n Historey and the Bengals is just a name.. They have 1 SB appearance to their name. When the Raiders have 5 SB appearance and 3 rings…”

    Bengals have 2 SB appearances. Still pretty meager, but its still twice what you indicated.

  15. I think the apt comparison for Mike Brown and Bidwell in Arizona – cheap, looking to save a buck at the expense of the team. The Lions are a comparison too except that Ford Sr. has no trouble ponying up $$$ for whatever the team needs, it’s just been his awful choices for who he’s had running the operation. I seen all I needed to see on Hard Knocks when Brown made the players pay to have a flatscreen in their room during training camp. And I’d venture that most big-time college programs have better facilities than the Bengals do. It’s a shame.

  16. Ticket sales must really be off for them to be leaking this story.

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for this to happen.

  17. That CFL dig was cheap for journalist and media persona. I think that Brown has been giving in a little more each year since Marvin has been there. It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks, but I believe that Brown is trying. He put a paper tiger on the field last year after having a division title. He has been getting decent free agents and opening his wallet. He was owner in football for 10-15 years, but I don’t know if that’s exactly true anymore. He gives fair contracts and expects them to be fulfilled. In his eyes, a contract is a contract and he upholds his end. The players and coaches, on the other hand, may or may not. This is a fault of Brown’s, but it has a bit of integrity attached to it.

    Brown already knew he was going to do this, but his ego won’t allow the appearance of accepting his faults or bowing.

  18. What? He’s willing to actual spend a $. Too little, too late. Those players deserve a better owner and the fans should run him out of town.

  19. “Neither Mike Brown or any living member of his family have ever earned anything in their worthless lives. They exist for the sole purpose of sucking money out of taxpayers and fans”

    Wasn’t his father one of the best coaches in the history of the game?

  20. They’ll have to pry that practice facility money from Mike’s cold dead fingers.

    Ain’t happening.

  21. Typical Raider fan living in the past. Hey, your team sucks NOW and has for the past ten years or so. Your owner is senile and has destroyed the team with terrible coaching hires and even worse draft choices. When will Raider fans finally realize Davis is the problem instead of living off the past?

  22. @TurdSandwich (or other Bengals fan) …

    Serious question: What’s the plan of succession when Mike goes? Does he have heirs that will run the team, or will it be sold to new owners?

  23. Let’s take a look at this. Marvin Lewis signs a 2 yr extension. IF Mike Brown does build a new indoor facility, it will take about 2 yrs to build. Bengals don’t improve in 2 yrs; so Lewis will be getting a new fscility built for anoher coach….

  24. Unfortunately, as an NFL owner, he just plain doesn’t have the money. I think he’ll ask all the fine citizens of Cincinnati to collect all the empty bottles they can find for recycling and fund the building that way.

  25. Team president/daughter Katie “Pumpkin” Brown Blackburn, whose hubby Troy runs team business & marketing, has been the Bengals’ salary cap manager and #1 contract negotiator for years now.

    Younger brother Paul II is another ‘scout’/negotiator being ‘groomed’ to take Mike’s brother Pete’s ‘place’ as a personnel ‘management’ ‘contributor’.

    Pumpkie will also be publicly teaching her 2 youngish daughters how they will one day too be following in her footsteps as owner.

  26. I heard the next move is gonna be springing for a digital tv converter box for the locker room.


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