Next step for Mark Sanchez: consistency

Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez has experienced his share of growing pains, but you can’t help but appreciate that he’s generally played his best when it’s mattered most.

So many times in 2010, the Jets offense was dead all day long until Sanchez woke up in the fourth quarter.  Following an inconsistent regular season, Sanchez helped the team win two road playoff games.   For the second straight year.  (Although we’d argue Sanchez may have played better in the playoffs as a rookie.  His first half against the Colts this year was ugly.)

Jets G.M. Mike Tannenbaum explained on PFT Live Friday that Sanchez’s competitiveness is unique, and has even exceeded the team’s high expectations.  The next step for Sanchez is to find a way to bottle that fourth quarter and playoff magic for 16 straight weeks.

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  1. Sanchez gets criticized a lot but he’s 4-2 in the playoffs (all road wins) and has two straight AFC Championship game appearances in his first two years. Outside of Roethlesberger there aren’t many QBs that you can say that about.

  2. You could say almost the same thing about Flacco, but the difference would be that his stats in the regular season are much better than anything Sanchez has or likely will ever put up.

  3. Who cares. The Jets crumble when they play good teams. Thats all I need to know about them. That and they have a pedophile for a QB.

  4. Mark Sanchez had better hope he never plays for anyone but Rex Ryan. If the Jets’ defense wasn’t what it is, we’d be hearing by now about what a bust this clown is.

  5. The bigger issue is the longer the lockout continues, the bigger problem it creates for a team like the Jets who pushed all the chips to the center of the table last season and didn’t cash in.

    Now they are faced with 40% of their starting roster as free agents. The bridge and tunnel faithful will continue to believe that “Tone” and et al will be back but the longer the lock out continues the bigger the free agent frenzy once settled.

    Next step for Mark Sanchez is the prom in a couple of weeks.

  6. lowest qb rating in the afc and his comp % is atrocious too. It is a good thing for him they never play a first place schedule. he is also the reason they never play a first place schedule

  7. “You could say almost the same thing about Flacco”

    Flacco has played 3 seasons with one AFC championship appearance (compared to Sanchez who is 2 for 2) and a defense that is just as good as the Jets. I’m not criticizing Flacco, he’s a good young QB but so is Sanchez.

  8. Keep smoking crack. Sanchez is primed to lead the Jets to the title within the next 4 years. Big game player and he survived the dangerous sophmore year with better stats when most QB’s take a step backwards.

    He is the right QB for a defensive / run first oriented team. The rest of you losers can suck on that and face reality, Jets aren’t going away. He also has 3 wins vs. Brady and Belicheck suck on that.

  9. The Jets have won many games the last two years on defense as yet have not placed winning on Sanchez. You would have to say jury is still out on Sanchez worth to lead NY to championships. Flacco has been experiencing the same situation, now Baltimore seems to be bocking on contract for Joe.

  10. RexCanCoach is the typical idiot Jet fan. The Jets pushed all their chips to the center last year, spent $ on all those free agents and FAILED. With the amount of free agents they have and a QB with a garbage completion %…where are you getting that they will win anything in the next 4 years. They peaked already numb nuts. You think they are going to get to the AFC championship every year. Doubt it. In fact, it was a fluke they made it back to back.
    So suck on that douche.

  11. And promin1 is the typical dork who claims back-to-back AFC Championship appearances somehow constitutes failure. Not sure where this nimrod was during those telecasts, but we certainly know where his team wasn’t.

  12. @promin1
    Hey sanchez has a career playoff comp %of 92.2 so suck on that. He’s proven he’s a winner in big games. Check out his playoff stats , the stats that really matter and then try and talk crap about him. The jets didn’t spend alot of money at all on fa’s last year at all you don’t know what your talking about and the jets young core of 5 players are all signed for years to come so If you think they peaked already your crazy. They have revis,Sanchez,mangold,ferguson, all signed long term and they will resign harris long term next year and at least one or two of their fa’s back this year defiantly. So i wouldn’t count on the jets sucking anytime soon

  13. He’s not very good player and never will be. But I have to admit, he does tend to elevate his game from mediocre to above average in the playoffs. Plus he does have the kind of temperament that can handle the NYC media. In this respect, he’s outstanding.

  14. Sanchez has not been great in the regular season. The Jets defense and running game has carried him. This is normal for a young QB (especially with only one year of college ball) to experience these headaches.

    However, His numbers and his play in the playoffs has been GREAT. This kid has real promise. The Jets defense folded in the playoffs two years in a row. Sanchez was the main reason they were in any game in the playoffs the past 2 seasons.

    Watch the second half of the Steelers AFC CC game. He tore that great defense to shreds. If the Jets defense showed up in the first half you might be talking about how the jets blew it in the suber bowl this year.

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