Tebow sees the silver lining in the lockout


Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, in a lengthy radio interview with 790 the Zone in Atlanta, addressed the impact of the lockout on preparations for his second NFL season — and possibly his first as a full-time starter.

And Tebow finds something positive in an otherwise negative situation.

“Well I look at it two ways,” Tebow said, via SportsRadioInterviews.com.  “I would love to be there going through OTAs with the coaches, with everyone; but also I look at in positive ways.  I know there’s a lot of great players, but I also know there’s a lot of players out there that are loving this right now and they’re not going to work everyday extremely hungry, and they’re resting on their laurels a little bit and saying, ‘Hey, this is a vacation for me.’  I love that because everyday I’m looking to get better.  So I believe that’s an opportunity for me to get an edge on a lot of players and I’m going to take that.  Whether that’s true or not, that’s in my head and that’s all that matters.”

Still, Tebow would benefit from being able to apply that work ethic under the watchful eye of the coaching staff, especially since there’s a new head coach.

But we like his attitude.  Whether he ever becomes a great NFL player remains to be seen, but if it never happens it won’t be due to a lack of effort or desire.

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  1. Ugh, So much racism. When Vince Young says he’s going to work hard to be the best and eliminate his flaws nobody believes him, but if Tebow says it it must be true. Lolls. Jk.

  2. If Orton read this he would be warned. But Kyle is still asleep because he had a late night.

  3. Gotta love Tebow, That Brady 6 attitude. Don’t sleep on Tebow he’s going to out work everyone and he be in the league for a long time. Probably coach a long time afterwards too. (in College)

  4. While i’m not the biggest Tebow fan, i do admit that i respect his character…

    Tebow is someone the youth of America should look up to because he does everything right. He may say all the right things but he also follows though on his word.

  5. This is why we Broncos fans have hope for the future, perhaps as soon as this season if John Fox is able to integrate his plan swiftly. Of course, this is pulling the cart before the horse (no pun intended) slightly, but the moment this lockout ends, and I still believe no games will be missed, Tebow will be the first Bronco to enter the team facility at Dove Creek GUARANTEED! I still love what Kyle Orton has done for us previously, but Orton is filet mignon and Tebow is prime rib. I’m in the mood for heavy-hitting steak!

  6. “Gotta love Tebow, That Brady 6 attitude. Don’t sleep on Tebow he’s going to out work everyone and he be in the league for a long time. Probably coach a long time afterwards too. (in College)”

    And when he’s dead, people will bring their crippled children to his grave on pilgrimage to cure them. And women who can’t have babies will sleep in his jersey.

  7. Nobody has ever questioned his effort or attitude. The question is, does he have the skill set to be a productive NFL quarterback. You’re not going to outwork a lot of NFL guys or they wouldn’t be NFL guys, for the most part. He has to out perform them, and he only has one…Orton. Goodluck to him though, he is one of the guys the jury is still out on…..

  8. Wowwww really, racism?? 2011 & you can still pull that card in the sporting world??

    Vince Young to Teebow is comparing apples to oranges. Not because of skin color, but because of character. Get real dimwit.

    I’m sure some players do take their abilities for granted. We are gonna see who wants it this year, if it ever happens.

  9. He’s right… He’ll look good for a few weeks before opponents get back into game shape.

  10. I can’t believe Carolina did not try for this guy. He is such a great person. Carolina sucks.

    End of Line.

  11. Tebow-

    “I’m just so blessed to be in this situation which is really a blessing in disguise. I’ve been blessed with my blessed work ethic and blessed with my God-given talents . Denver is truely blessed and I am blessed to have His blessing to bless the city of Denver and this blessed football team.”

  12. Of course Timmy only sees the good in everything. Why didn’t he just say “it’s God’s will. He’s in the wrong profession. How does he reconcile this with his true “calling”.

  13. Tebow is a wu$$. The goober coach that reached and drafted him in the 1st round instead of round 7 where he shoulda been drafted got FIRED. Ha Ha. Tim Tebow will NEVER win a championship as a starting QB in the NFL. He is the NFLs biggest charity case. He played well in college against school boys. He can’t run with the big dawgs. That’s why coach Fox will keep him chained to the porch. Cuz he can’t run with the big dawgs. In Reggie Bushs’ first season he took the saints further than the franchise had ever been. To a championship game against the Bears. Two years later he took them even further. To a SB victory over God Manning and the Colts. Yet Bush still gets blasted for being overrated. Tebow ain’t done dick yet his worshipers think he’s the second coming. Ha ha. What a world. Geaux Saints!

  14. “But we like his attitude. Whether he ever becomes a great NFL player remains to be seen, but if it never happens it won’t be due to a lack of effort or desire.”

    Can you imagine how good a team would be if they had 53 guys with THIS attitude? Wow.

  15. @salmen76,

    If you really believe that Reggie Bush took the Saints anywhere, then you clearly haven’t watched a Saints game since he got drafted. Bush only has 1 year where his total yards from scrimmage is over 1,000. Really nothing to write home about. Nice little football player, but I’d say overrated compared to most in that ’06 first round (13 Pro Bowlers, including the guy drafted ahead of Reggie). The Saints are who they are and have gotten where they’ve gotten because of Drew Brees.

    And truthfully, Reggie Bush has absolutely nothing to do with Tim Tebow’s work ethic. If you’re going to make points, try to make relevant ones.

  16. I know a ton of people rag on Tim Tebow all day long, but if I had a choice of who I’d rather my kids watch, follow or see as a role model…

    It would be the Tim Tebow type of player, not the Ochocinco or the L.T. type. Tebow finds a positive in any life situation, good or bad.

    Hate on him all you want, behind that toothy smile is a real man. A leader, not a follower what so ever.

  17. @Salmen76

    You are aware that he is overrated for being the 2nd pick and not producing what a top quality back should be. And plus, Brees led that team through the playoffs.

  18. @myeaglescantwin

    It was a joke.

    You correct with your name though. Andy Reid picks QB’s who excelt against inferior competition and don’t have what it takes to play form under center (where a good defense keeps you).

  19. Who cares about Tebow? He’s just some religious fool drafted in order to appeal to the Christian fanbase. Wonder why his jersey was one of the highest sellers? Exactly.

  20. Yes, Tim is a great leader, has a great work ethic, is tough as nails, never gives up, and seems to be a great guy. And from the female perspective, he’s easy on the eyes. But he doesn’t have the arm. How do you get around that?

  21. He doesn’t have the arm in who’s opinion?

    Have you ever watched him play or are you just parroting what others say?

    You don’t put up the PASSING numbers he did in college without being able to throw the ball.

    He also made some very good throws in his games at the end of the year.

    People have a tendency to forget he was ROOKIE last year and as such struggled at times.

    They also forget the Broncos average points scored went UP with Tebow as a starter.

    Yes he has some technique issues to work on which is what he’s doing RIGHT NOW.

  22. I hope he fails, only because he’s a Bronco. If he were to get traded I would would be rooting for him as it’s hard to hate on a guy of that character. At least he’s more likable than Elway.

  23. @bigfella87

    Izzat you, “DuhMarcus” Russell? Dontcha got better things to do?

    Oh, that’s right. You just stole the Biggest Loser award away from Ryan Leaf.

  24. @brocfanor …

    I’m not in the habit of parroting other people, sport. I’m a Fla. native and an SEC fan, so I watched his entire college career. Watched him win his National Championship and his Heisman. Watch my Crimson Tide wipe the field with him. That windmill windup wasn’t too useful against a Tide defense good enough to play in the NFL–and half the starters on that defense are starting in the NFL.

    Tebow earned my respect in that SEC Championship by the way he kept coming back and coming back despite the beating he took. I wasn’t being sarcastic. He’s got everything you could want in a starting QB. And he’s worked as hard as anyone could ask trying to correct that throwing motion. But when he’s pressured, he reverts back to form, and that’s what kills him. He can be successful some of the time, but NFL defenses are too fast for him to be successful enough of the time.

    I know his college numbers. But until they start winning Super Bowls, you’re never going to get me to say a run-first spread-offense QB will be an NFL success–even without Tebow’s mechanics issues. The last thing I want to be said about my QB is that he’s broken Herschel Walker’s record for rushing TDs.

    I respect Tebow. This is one time I wouldn’t mind being proved wrong.

  25. I’m about as agnostic as you get – but i’m willing to put aside all the psuedo-religious nonsense and just see a young man trying his hardest to excel at his chosen profession.

    How many off the negative commenters on here have derided a player on their own teams roster (or even another teams roster) for being lazy and unmotivated.

    Also, anyone who says he doesn’t have the arm for the NFL should take a long look at the success Chad ‘Noodle Arm’ Pennington has inbetween injuries – NFLs most accurate QB ever.

    Anyhow, good luck Tim.

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