Another sign that the 49ers covet Patrick Peterson


As the NFL draft approaches, we’ve seen several pieces of evidence to indicate that the San Francisco 49ers want to select LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson with their first-round pick, No. 7 overall. Now there’s one more.

Adam Caplan and Alex Marvez of report that the 49ers conducted a private workout with Peterson.

Evan Silva has the 49ers taking Peterson at No. 7 in the PFT mock draft, and we noted this week that Peterson appears to be the top player on the 49ers’ draft board.

The only question is whether Peterson will still be available when the seventh pick comes up. Some observers consider Peterson the best player in the entire draft at any position, and Peterson had pre-draft visits with most of the teams picking ahead of the 49ers. So it’s entirely possible that the 49ers won’t get a chance to take Peterson.

But if they do get that chance, all indications are that they won’t pass him up.

18 responses to “Another sign that the 49ers covet Patrick Peterson

  1. We need to know who is the 49ers 2nd favorite player in the draft. Because they won’t get a chance to draft Peterson.

  2. No way on earth this guy is there by the 7th pick………he goes in the top 3..this draft is full of question marks…He isn’t one of them…..

  3. As a Niner fan I’d personally love to get Von Miller but I know that won’t happen without moving up, so Peterson would good fit.

  4. He will be there or a team will trade with browns to get him. No way is he gone in top three!

  5. If Carolina takes Newton I could easily see PP falling out of the top 3. Denver would take Dareus, Buffalo would probably take Miller.

    If this happens Cincy could then end up taking PP, Green, or Gabbert. If they take Gabbert then Arizona would be the next one. They would likely pick between PP and Quinn in that scenario. I would venture to guess that as long as AJ Green is still on the board then whoever the Cards don’t pick between Peterson and Quinn will go to the 49ers.

    Either way I think of the best 3 options for the 49ers(Peterson, Quinn, Prince) at least one of them will be there.

  6. It all depends on Carolina. if they take Darius, Peterson could easily go to Denver at two because he fits better than the other top-notch D players like Miller and Fairly.

  7. Absolute fluff piece.

    Visits to teams have no correlation AT ALL to the team that drafts them – in fact most players end up playing for a team they DIDN’T visit.

    Also I don’t think your self-proclaimed ‘educated guess’ (I would delete the educated from that) qualifies as any indication where Peterson might reside on the 49ers draft board.

    Inane post, and you need to be called on it.

  8. Something tells me what in going on in the NFL team camps have no real connection to what is constantly being printed by these folks.

    This draft season is starting to feel like a bad game of musical chairs with these athletes and the media.

  9. I wonder if he is as stupid as Joe Haden and whether he thinks the fans are on the players’ side too?

  10. Peterson won’t go in the top 5. Teams have to draft for need this year with the uncertainty of FA.

    Top 5 will be:
    1. Newton
    2. Dareus
    3. Miller
    4. Green
    5. Gabbert

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