Brandon Marshall has defensive wounds on both hands


In addition to being stabbed in the abdominal region during a domestic dispute late Friday night, Dolphins receiver Brandon Marshall also suffered injuries to his hands.

Albert Breer of NFL Network reports that Marshall had defensive wounds on both his hands.

Obviously, hand injuries could be very serious to a receiver, but all indications are that Marshall will make a complete recovery long before NFL players are back to work.

That Marshall suffered defensive wounds might make things tougher for his wife, Michi, who has been arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Michi Marshall reportedly admitted to the stabbing but claimed self defense.

For their part, the Dolphins aren’t saying much.

“We are aware of the report, and our thoughts are with Brandon at this time,” Dolphins spokeman Harvey Greene said in a statement. “We will look into the matter, but because we are not allowed to have any contact with any of our players, we will refrain from making any further comment.”

The NFL says the Dolphins’ team doctor can see Marshall and consult with his other doctors, and that “The team can send well wishes or other types of appropriate expressions of support.”

62 responses to “Brandon Marshall has defensive wounds on both hands

  1. The dude has a history of going after women, but the aggressor is not usually the one with defensive wounds and a stab wound. If true, this likely debunks her self-defense statement. Both of them sound crazy and/or stupid.

  2. Let this be a lesson to all of us to refrain from getting involved with women who won’t hesitate to stab you repeatedly!

  3. I was wrong. This isn’t the same woman he had all the other incidents with, that was his old girlfriend. Michi has set the tone for their relationship going foward. Brandon will be of no trouble any more, he married the right/crazy one. Brandon may hit women, but it won’t be Michi. She has displayed a high level of skill with the knife, that would make Bill “The Bucther” Cutting proud. (Gangs of New York)….LoL

  4. If he was attacking her, and she picked up a knife, I’d expect to see ‘defensive’ wounds on his hands.

  5. defensive wounds probably won’t matter, it was probably self defense , but in the act of defending herself from the aggressor, the aggressor got cut.

    stupid ass brandon probably tried to take the knife out of her hands

    this guy has a history of violence with multiple women, it’s time to admit he’s just a punk

  6. Guess WR now becomes a need for an offense already struggling with two OLD running backs and in inconsistent QB!
    I had so much hope when The Trifecta arrived but it looks like they are no different than the others. What the hell has happened to this team?

  7. What a sad joke of a human being is this man!! How many domestic disputes can one guy have?

  8. Roses are red
    Violets are Dolphin blue.
    Marshall fake falls and slips a 2nd time
    The police report yet again is not true.

  9. WOW….this was a real shocker….I mean who would have ever thought something like this would ever happen to such an accomplished quality individule as Brandon????

    yes, that was complete sarcasim….

    Miami is in for a long nasty commitment here….Josh Mc Danials wasn’t so stupid afterall was he??!!

    You sleep with snakes prepair to be bitten!!!!

  10. Defensive wounds could go either way, if she was truly defending herself with a knife he could have defended himself against the knife, or she could be a crazy sadistic psycho bitch and he again was defending himself from the knife.

  11. Probably from trying to cover his “JUNK”….I’m sure she was trying to pull a Loraina Bobbit on him….guess she had to settle for elsewhere???!!!

  12. God-del will be putting a lot of overtime in when he has to start to address all these players off the field issues.

  13. damn typical diva dumbass move of marrying a crazy bich! Hell his career might be shot now! He needs his hands!

  14. “The team can send well wishes or other types of appropriate expressions of support.”

    Can they send “regards?”

  15. “You call that a knife? This is a knife!”

    “That’s a spoon..”

    “Oh. Well, I see you’ve played knifey spooney before.”

  16. He will be recovered long before the next NFL game is played because that will be in 18-30 months.

  17. You dont get stabbed in the gut if you see it coming!!! He probably spent the night with another chick then came home late… Pow

  18. dolfans, the silver lining might be …. “and with the first pick in the 2012 NFL draft, the Miami Dolphins select Quarterback Andrew Luck”

  19. It was only a matter of time before someone finally got him. First it was the McDonald’s bag that assaulted him, this time it was his wife. Somehow, I think these two incidents were related.

    I know one thing for sure… Marshall better avoiding ever taking his wife to McDonald’s.

  20. Roger Goodell will probably suspend him just because of the comments you all are making. Even it is ( and probably is) 100% nit his fault. Nice if all you “fans” to jump conclusions the way everyone on this site does. Any heterosexual man has been with a few off the walk females in their life. But of course since this guy play WR in the NFL it is of course his fault. Just imagine if women played in the NFL. You think you hear some crazy off the field stuff now……. I bet the jets bring her in as a consultant on how to slow Marshall down since they can’t themselves

  21. After some time to reflect, Brandon has come to the conclusion that that omelettes his wife makes are just as good as the ones that his mother made after all.

  22. My stomach felt upset after reading how Marshall was involved in Darrent Williams death. Cut the POS. He hasn’t learned a thing, ever.

    I had to scroll down three times to finish reading his arrest record. He will not change.

  23. The man has cut hands from trying to shield himself from a stabbing and all you people can do is make jokes? I hope everyone shows you more compassion if you are ever in the same situation.

  24. shieldsisland37 says: The man has cut hands from trying to shield himself from a stabbing and all you people can do is make jokes? I hope everyone shows you more compassion if you are ever in the same situation.

    Lighten up OPRAH – you are who you hang out with!!!

  25. Don’t you always get defensive wounds when you slip and fall on a broken vase?

    It’s becoming all too clear that this lockout is going to thin the herd before it’s over. These bozos can’t stay out of trouble for one unsupervised month??????

  26. The next person on planet earth to utter the phrase “stay classy” should drink bleach.

    Is that “classy” enough for you chuckleheads?

  27. Superior talent. Below average intellect. No surprise here. Looks like McDaniels was right about Cutler and now, it appears he was right about Marshall too.

    Cutler can still be a great, great quarterback if he can reign himself in just bit.

    Marshall however, is a lost cause. Defensive wounds or not, he obviously did something to provoke the attack. What that was we will most likely never know the truth.

    What a shame. We all saw just how good Marshall could be.

  28. Mr. Marshall,

    Do some research on Chris Carter’s career. You will find a wonderful example of someone getting his act together and saving what could have turned out to be a train wreck of a career.

    You have way too much talent to stay on the road you are on. You are not only depriving us of seeing you improve but most importantly yourself as well.

    Time to get clue dude !!!

  29. At least it won’t affect his ability to drop the ball anymore than he already does

  30. You know although I’m sure Brandon has problems, it always amazes me how when it comes to females no one ever sees them as the aggressor. Why is it not possible that she also has issues and attacked him? I mean a stabbing? Really?

    And to the person who said “a knife closes the gap”, you sir…are an idiot. And it’s not as if she’s gonna say “No, I just stabbed him because I was angry”

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