Brandon Marshall is in “no imminent danger”


When ESPN reported that Dolphins receiver Brandon Marshall is in intensive care after being stabbed, plenty of folks were reminded of the late Sean Taylor.  His death after being shot by intruders into his home was preceded by a similar report of hospitalization in intensive care with sketchy details.

In Marshall’s case, the news is much better.  Jay Glazer of FOX reports that Marshall is in “no imminent danger” after the stabbing, which occurred overnight.

Glazer also reports that the powers-that-be are convinced that Marshall’s wife did the stabbing.  Initially, doctors were under the impression that she threw something at Marshall, like a vase or a lamp, that it broke on impact, and that a piece of it impaled him.  On closer inspection, doctors concluded that he indeed had been stabbed.

Per Glazer, neither Marshall nor his wife are saying anything about the situation.

It’s not the first time Marshall has received an injury under a cloud of confusion.  During his time in Denver, he severed an artery, tendons, and nerves in his arm after crashing through a television.  He initially claimed that he had slipped on a McDonald’s bag.  Later, he admitted that he had been wrestling with a family member.

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  1. Once a domestic abuser, now on the other end of it. Tick tock Miami, it’s only a matter of time.

  2. vietnambob2473 says:

    So glad we traded this headache.

    At least you got her as a throw-in on the deal.

  3. This guy cant stay out of trouble to save his life.To bad he is very talented, another case of an athlete that just does not get it.

  4. I didn’t even know Brandon was married. I think this is awful, but then again, the police were called to Brandon’s home at least 10 times when he lived in Denver for “domestic disturbances,” so this might be the Battered Wife Syndrome.

  5. “So glad we traded this headache.”

    Go eff yourself. The guy is in the hospital after domestic abuse and the first thing you come up with is that you’re glad he’s not on your team? What an ass.

  6. Even though he acts like an idiot during the offseason i hate to see reports of players getting hospitalized. Hes a great player but he needs to learn to stay out of trouble especially now since he has no insurance. But thank God hell be ok. Im an EMT and stabbings are no joke.

  7. Those two crazy-in-love kids!

    Nothing says “I love you” like a knife through the intestines.

  8. i have to wonder if the owners at some point will want to make a few concessions and end the lockout just so they can start supervising their players a little more closely. if you come back from this absurd standoff and a third of your team is either in prison, or in intensive care, or on drugs or in an ugly scandal. or worse, in a graveyard.. it’s a hollow victory.
    (of course all that stuff happens in non-lockout times too)

  9. Hope you recover quickly Brandon –

    It’s sad that this stuff has become your ‘norm’.

    1) Get yourself a Life coach or mentor
    2) Treat your wife right/stop messing around on her. You know that’s exactly what happened.
    3) Stop being a Carrier of Travesty – you infect and hurt everyone around you.
    4) Close your mouth sooner than later

    @gbfanforever – what rock did you just crawl out from under???

  10. Seems like a lot of players, especially wide receivers, have a talent we never knew the full extent of—making greedy owners look distinguished and well behaved by comparison.

  11. He is in no imminent danger…….until his wife is released from jail.

    I know this might sound bigoted or like “I don’t get what it’s like” to be an athlete or have a bad upbringing but I feel almost half as sorry for the Dolphins. They are in a bad position because it’s hard enough to get players to find new friends (Ray Lewis did it, Pacman not as much) but how do you keep someone from their wife?

    I hope Brandon Marshall can get on the field and Goodell stay out of it. What a contrast between Marshall and Bess on the team.

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