Jerod Mayo: Patriots holding each other accountable during lockout

If the lockout extends into September or later, and the NFL completely cancels training camps and the preseason, the best teams when the regular season finally starts may be the teams whose players have taken it upon themselves to stay in shape.

Patriots linebacker Jerod Mayo says New England will be one of those teams.

“You have to keep everyone accountable,” Mayo told ESPN’s Mike Reiss. “I know Vince [Wilfork] is calling guys, and I know Tom [Brady] is e-mailing guys and calling guys. Everybody is holding each other accountable. Right now, it’s what team can beat the lockout. It’s kind of ‘you against the lockout.'”

Mayo said he’s also getting in a lot of film study, even if he can’t study film with his coaches.

“I got as many DVDs and stuff that I could get before the lockout happened, so I’m still watching film, still doing my thing, and preparing like we’re going to have a full season,” Mayo said.

But even if there is a full season, there’s not going to be a full offseason. That may be an advantage to teams like the Patriots, whose players are putting themselves through a full offseason.