Marshall’s contract gives the Dolphins options

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Last year, after receiver Brandon Marshall arrived in Miami via trade from the Broncos, his contract widely was reported as being worth $50 million over five years, with $24 million of it guaranteed.

It sounded too good to be true because, well, it was too good to be true.  The contract actually was a one-year, $9.5 million deal with, as a practical matter, an option on the rest of the deal.

If the Dolphins choose to cut the cord, they’ll owe Marshall only $3 million in guaranteed salary, subject to an offset.  (As we wrote it up last year, the Dolphins had until April 2, 2011 to make a decision; the contract most likely specified that the Dolphins have until the 30th day of the new league year to make a decision — and the new league year has yet to begin.)

If they choose to keep Marshall, he’s owed a $3 million option bonus and guaranteed base salaries of $6.5 million in 2011 and $6 million in 2012.

So, basically, $15.5 million is riding on the team’s decision as to whether it makes sense to bring him back.  Based on what they learn after investigating the altercation that resulted in Marshall being stabbed in the stomach by his wife, the Dolphins could decide not to take the risk.

In making up their minds, the Dolphins also should consider an excellent time line of the many trouble spots in Marshall’s career, prepared by Mike Klis of the Denver Post.

Of course, parting with Marshall would result in the wasting of the second-round picks in 2010 and 2011 that were shipped to Denver for his rights.  Given that the Dolphins have wasted plenty of second-rounders in recent years (A.J. Feeley, Daunte Culpepper, John Beck, Pat White), they may decide that saving money makes more sense than saving face.

35 responses to “Marshall’s contract gives the Dolphins options

  1. Not going to happen, if the season starts late Brandon will be 100% and this will be forgotten. Once again talent and productivity covers up a magnitude of sins in the real world and especially the NFL. His wife will plead out and life will be back to the violent normal in the Marshall household.

  2. “Given that the Dolphins have wasted plenty of second-rounders in recent years (A.J. Feeley, Daunte Culpepper, John Beck, Pat White), they may decide that saving money makes more sense than saving face.”

    In english, what exactly is your point? Is you point that the Dolphins have foolishly wasted many 2nd round picks in the past, and may/should continue this trend by dumping Marshall? I think Ireland will be hanged in effigy if he does such a thing.

  3. It’s not exactly like Miami has never seen someone stabbed before. That’s like their 3rd or 4th most popular sport.

  4. Dolphins won’t release Marshall. It is a lot of money, but the fact they gave up two first round picks means they won’t be releasing him. He is to big of a talent to just release because of a situation where he was stabbed by his wife and 100% the VICTIM.

  5. People who abuse their spouses, don’t really end up in a good spot in the long run. I feel that he’ll be in jail before the season begins. There should be some type of conduct clause built into his contract that will allow the Dolphins to cut the cord for less.

  6. Irving Fryar was turning into a turd when he cut his hand when he pulled a knife out of his wife’s hand. So the Patriots dump him, and he goes on to find Jesus, straighten out, and go to the Pro Bowl four times.

    Someone tell Jesus he was a little late for my taste.

  7. More than 1/2 the people in this country are women. Not real hard to find a stable on.

    When you meet Psycho Chick (and you will), RUN. We all have met her at least once. It’s life changing to say the least. You do NOT marry her (shudders at the thought).

    RUN FORREST RUN. Even then…

  8. When I heard about the stabbing I thought well that puts a damper on the Dolphins chances this season if Marshall isn’t recovered…then I remembered that the Dolphins sucked with him anyways.

  9. Plus, if they cut him there’s a great chance he’ll end up in NY green and the phins will have to face him twice a year.

  10. Agree duanethomas but after reading the laundry list of police encounters one can only conclude that this guy is simply a time bomb waiting to go off. Dolphins need to cut bait and let him loose. It is just a matter of time until Marshall falls again and it may be at a critical time for the team. Can’t trade him then dump him.

  11. “Hey Brandon, what’s up man. Good to see you. How was your offseason?”

    “Oh it was good dog. I worked out a lot, went to Starbuck’s a lot, got stabbed by my wife, went to Hawaii, oh and I got a new Benz. It was good man. You know, mostly just chillin.”

  12. @duanethomas;
    I agree ,talent and productivity can (to an extent) cover sins. However, Marshall hasnt shown much of either…It could very well happen!

  13. talent and productivity don’t cover up squat.

    if a player is all about himself or has personal life issues that are always effecting his behavior it detracts from the team.

    it doesn’t matter how good he is, just take a look at T.O. every place he’s gone he’s been trouble for.

    don’t give me this talent and productivity crap covers up for that stuff.

  14. Bitch must be outta her mind cuttin’ him like that.
    That’s her gravy train. ‘sides, there is always alimony. Sheeeeeeeet!

  15. 2007 – Marshall arrested for domestic violence against his girlfriend.
    2009 – Marshall arrested for domestic violence against his fiance.
    2011 – Marshall arrested for domestic violence against his wife.

    Progress! What comes after wife?

  16. ndgarretjax – if you spent 30 seconds looking it up on Google you’d know that the Fins gave up a 2nd rounder to the Vikes for Culpepper.

    The Fins can’t get rid of Marshall. He is their only bonafide star on offense. Even with Chad “the Village Idiot” Henne throwing the ball and Dan “Where’d I Leave my Brain This Time” Henning calling the offense, BM still managed over 1000 yards. I won’t count it out because Ireland and Sparano are mental midgets, but even they have to recognize the only top notch skill player on their offense is BM.

  17. dolfan28 says: Apr 23, 2011 3:30 PM

    Big mistake if they let him go. Even if he draws double teams every week, it allows Hartline and Bess to get open.


    So open that Hartline scored 1
    touchdown all season

  18. I did not know of Marshall’s involvement in Darrent Williams death. I am now physically sick. He should be serving 25 years also. Get some help d-bag! And show some remorse, P.O.S.

  19. “Progress! What comes after wife?”


    His cell mate Bubba ?


    Outside of the fact you are clueless and have no respect for women, if you look at the history Marshall has the one who should have run screaming into the night was her. Marshall is a scumbag and chronic abuser.

  20. Don’t think the Phins will rid themselves of this talent. Hard to cut losses when it’s this short into the investment and he’s still a stud as a WR

  21. The Fins decision on Marshall is going to say a lot about the direction of the organization. We are going to find out if character matters, and if they are willing to admit to their mistakes and move on.

  22. who really cares…its the Dolphins…the perenial .500 team. Somehow still living off there success from the early 70’s!

  23. ndgarretjax says:
    Apr 23, 2011 4:03 PM
    Daunte Culpepper was drafted by the Dolphins? Since when?


    They didn’t draft him but they gave up a 2nd round pick to acquire him, which if I’m not mistaken, was the gist of this part of the article.

  24. Marshall don’t need no hands to catch the ball just put a big patch of velcro in his afro and throw the ball as this head. Obviously there’s nothing there to hurt.

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