Michi Marshall admits to stabbing, claims self-defense

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For an NFL media corps starved to cover something other than the lockout or the draft, the stabbing of Brandon Marshall has become the equivalent of a steer wading into a piranha pond.  (I call left rear thigh.)

Amid a flurry of reports popping up almost by the minute on Twitter, Andrew Carter of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel writes that, according to the police report, Marshall’s wife, Michi, has admitted to stabbing her husband with a kitchen knife.

She claims that the act was committed in self-defense.

Marshall contends, per the report, that he slipped a fell on a vase, a twist on Jay Glazer’s report that the authorities originally believed that Mrs. Marshall threw a vase or a lamp at Marshall, that it shattered, and that he was stuck by a piece of it.

It all means that both Brandon and Michi Marshall are in hot water.  Brandon could be charged with lying to the police, and possibly with whatever he did or threatened to do that prompted Michi to stab him in self-defense.  And Michi faces serious criminal consequences if her self-defense theory holds less water than a tuna net.

55 responses to “Michi Marshall admits to stabbing, claims self-defense

  1. “Stabbing Brandon Marshall” sounds like a familiar movie title. Coming (maybe not so) soon to an NFL town near you!

  2. The Longest Yard III…real life prison football with Michael Vick, Brandon Marshall, Plaxico Burress, Burt Reynolds and Adam Sandler.

  3. Damn….He slipped again?….Thats sounds believable..again..Does he live in a hockey rink?

  4. Maybe he lied to protect her?

    Not the first time someone lied to protect their assaulter, won’t be the last time either.

    This is the last thing Brandon needed to make news for. Hopefully he can quiet his critics this season (if there is one).

    Sad story. There are more stories about young, talented athletes creating problems for themselves than ever now. Kids, WAKE UP! You are paid to play a game. You are not king of the world despite what you hear. People tell you that because they want to EXPLOIT you! Get it through your head, the people who loved you before it became clear you’d be making millions are the only ones who actually love you now most likely.

    Sad. Get better Brandon.

  5. You can take the boy out of the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of the boy.

  6. “And Michi faces serious criminal consequences if her self-defense theory holds less water than a tuna net.”

    A non-dolphin-safe tuna net, I assume.

  7. Crazy women should be dealt with very seriously.
    Brandon better run, and run like Forrest Gump. Michi just might call up her posse which include Lebrons mom, and Aquib talibs mom. If that happens, ooooooo Brandon’s in TROUBLE!

  8. They need to part ways, before one of them ends up killing the other. I hope the judge issues an order of protection for both their well beings and no kids are involved.

  9. regardless of how all this took place i think it is safe to say these 2 need to go their seperate ways before one of them ends up dead

  10. Regardless of whether it’s true or not, of course she said it was in “self defense”. The “He made me mad so I stabbed him” defense doesn’t sound quite so innocent. Marshall needs to stay away from “psycho” women, and if the rumors are true, he needs to stop hitting them.

  11. Hey Brandon, stop putting your hands on women, they may be the weaker gender, but knives and guns tend to close the gap. Sounds to me he needs the Roethlisberger 10 step program on “Treatin Da Ladies Right”. Stay Classy!

  12. Party in the city where the heat is on all night on the beach til the break of dawn…Welcome to Miami, bienvienido a miami.

    As a resident who frequently watches local news, I can tell ya that this town has the market CORNERED on the domestic-stabbings-percipitated-by-the stabbing-victim-who-then-lies-to-police-to-cover-it-up market. Annnnd murders and rapes too, to boot.

    Bmarsh, welcome to channel 7 news. Hopefully you have a bigger impact there than you did on my fantasy team this year, jackalope.

  13. Of course it was self defense. A woman would never be the aggressor.
    Just shows you can give people money, but you can’t them self respect.

  14. Tiger’s wife made out okay after not thumping her man with a golf club, so Michi might be wading in dollars after not having a vase thrown at her. Another slow news day in NFL land.

  15. She probably was defending herself. Marshall has beat up on woman in the past which by the way is so gutless so why would this time be any different. It just amazes me that someone that has a life like he has can have so much anger towards his own wife.

  16. So she cops to stabbing him with a knife, and he’s sticking with the “I slipped on a McDonald’s wrapper, er a vase, and fell on it, impaling the shards of glass into myself” story?

    Dude, for a talented athlete, you sure have made the art of walking a dangerous prepostition for yourself.

  17. Stay classy Mr. and Mrs. Marshall because you are partners with the NFL!

  18. He has a history of female battering. This is serious. If anyone had someone 100 pounds bigger coming at them, they would find whatever they could and use it. The fact that he is her husband may be why she didn’t finish him off.

  19. Duh! Of course she claimed self defense. Can’t live with ’em, can’t “live” without ’em. I wonder who got caught screwing who (her or him?).

  20. Seems a lot like the Chris Henry story except no one wound up dead. Marshall may be able to get away from her but he can’t get away from himself. He better go see Dr. Phil.

  21. Dont believe, in Fla, its a crime to lie to a police officer. Unless the suspect/witness/other, is under oath. It is, however, a crime to falsly report a crime. But both could be arrested for Domestic Battery on each other. Its gonna be hard for Ms Marshall to plead, self defense, when she has to visibal signs of being battered. BUT,,police are not liable in Fla for effecting false arrest in Domestic Battery cases. Error on the side of caution as it were.

  22. Coming soon..CFL-Convict football league “Vick rolls out.. avoids the sack from Lawrence Taylor.. launchs a hail mary! Brandon Marshall and Kenny Britt leap up..ohh the ball is tipped right into the hands of Plaxico Buress. Touchdown!!!!!”

  23. thefiesty1, you are indeed a moron… what is this, the fourth incident of domestic violence for this useless piece of detritus? Will he have to kill someone before idiots like thefiesty1 and the Dolphins believe he has a problem? Oh wait, for all intents he already DID kill his teammate, and THAT wasn’t enough for the likes of thefiesty1 and The Fish… Woman hating wife-beaters and their supporters like thefiesty1 and the Dolphins need to have someone 100 pounds heavier than them go after THEM every day of their lives… losers, scum, indefensible slime. Yes, I’m prejudging, but when it’s your fourth strike, that’s the way it is.

  24. Its obvious she slipped on a McDonalds bag with knife in hand………Give her a break!!!

  25. Cutler quits in the NFC title game, Marshall is in deep S#$T with the law once again and Scheffler hasn’t done a damn thing in Detroit. McDaniels is a moron when it comes to personnel but maybe not as big a moron as we all thought.

  26. It does not matter. It is not like Miami is going to have an offense with Brian Daboll running the show. Not that Cleveland will be either.

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