More “Camp Colts” planned for Ohio in May, June


Browns quarterback Colt McCoy persuaded 11 teammates to come to Texas for a three-day workout session.  Among the attendees were receivers Josh Cribbs, Mohamed Massaquoi, and Brian Robiskie, running back Peyton Hillis, and tight end Evan Moore.

Cribbs tells Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer that they’ll be doing it in May and in June, in Ohio.

“It was extremely beneficial and we’re looking forward to doing it again,” Cribbs said.  “It’s all tentative right now depending on the lockout, but we’re hoping to do it at Kent State that weekend [May 19-21].  We’re asking guys to cancel engagements that are not that important and make football our No. 1 priority.”

Cribbs played college football at Kent State, and his alma mater is willing to accommodate Cribbs’ current teammates.  “If Josh wants to do it here, we’ll do everything we can to get it done,” Kent State director of football operations Casey Wolf told Cabot. “We’re more than happy to help out Josh with everything he does for us.”

If the lockout continues into June, Cribbs plans to get his teammates together at Kent State once again, for sessions that would simulate Organized Team Activities.

Browns players are faced with the challenge of learning the West Coast offense without the benefit of contact with the team’s new head coach, Pat Shurmur.  “I would’ve loved to have had a playbook but we didn’t have one,” Cribbs said of the Texas session, possibly with his fingers crossed behind his back. “The routes of the West Coast offense are pretty simple.  They’re routes we’ve already been running and the playcalling is very simple and it won’t take a lot to get it down pat.”

Another benefit from getting together and working out?  Cribbs said he entered the three-day session 10 pounds overweight.

After feasting on an Easter basket tomorrow, that number could move to 15.

14 responses to “More “Camp Colts” planned for Ohio in May, June

  1. This kid is the real deal…second season and he’s already a leader..what a steal in the 3rd round…

  2. That’s what the players need. – a leader with his head
    on straight. All those ridiculous players whining about the lockout need to join the club and get their heads out of the butts.

    Colt is a leader and at least some of the Browns are following. When the rest of the players in the league wake up things will move forward and a settlement will follow. Good for Colt and GO BROWNS! They will be ready to play when the rest of the idiot players are complaining that camp is too hard when they finally show up after this mess is settled.

    Apparently, Colt is the only player that actually cares whether the games happen.

  3. They better get McCoy some weapons on offense or it is going to look more like Shurmur’s dawg and pony show on the lakefront.

  4. Man, if the Browns keep working hard during the lockout they could win more than five games this season! Wouldn’t that be nifty.

  5. you can thank mangini for instilling this attitude in his players…dont try to disagree because holmgren told the players himself that they dont need to work as hard as mangini had them

  6. I will take 5 wins as long as 2 are against the the stillers (not a typo) and 2 against the ravens (Baltimore still sucks and modell still swallows).

  7. When I saw this title, I thought to myself…”Why in the world would Peyton Manning want to practice in Ohio”. Then I remembered that he plays in Indiana…and it all started to make sense. But then to find out this article is not about the Colts…but about Colt…I’m wanting my 10 seconds of life back that the columnist owes me for reading this story.

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