Wes Welker enjoying time off: “Let’s do a lockout every year”


Patriots receiver Wes Welker says he’s thoroughly enjoying an offseason schedule that’s his and his alone, so much so that he’s in no rush to see the lockout come to an end.

Let’s do a lockout every year,” Welker said today.

Welker says he’s working out on his own at home, and he’d be content to keep working out on his own for a few more months. I suspect Welker’s view of the lockout is one that’s shared by a lot of players: They don’t want it to cause them to miss any regular-season games, but if it lasts lasts long enough to cancel minicamps and training camps, they could live with that.

“I think once people start losing paychecks, it’ll probably be a little bit different. But I’m not too concerned right now,” Welker said. “Hopefully at some point we get a deal done. I just know as players — I can speak for myself — I just want to play ball. Hopefully come fall, that’s what we’re doing.”

Come fall, that’s what every player will want to be doing. In the spring and the summer, plenty of players are happy to have an extended offseason.

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  1. Maybe you should use this time to build up your speed Wes. I can barley use you on Madden!!

  2. Yeah i mean God forbid they have to work more than 17 weeks a year,i mean thats just not fair!!Wes Welker although quite talented(in belichicks system)is an utter tool.Then again the more i hear from the players who run their mouth to the media the more and more of them seem like idiots.

  3. WES WELKER IS AWESOME I WISH THE SKINS COULD FIND A WAY TO GET HIM! Him teamed up with Moss and Armstrong n Cooley would be awesome! Hell trade sleepy fred davis and fat al and the rights to los rogers to the pats for Welker and a 2nd rounder

  4. I think Wes probably has a bit of Scorched Earth Policy sarcasm here people. I doubt he’s being entirely sincere with this.

  5. If a black guy said what Welker said he would be torched, be called a “slacker” by white ESPN personalities like Mark Schlereth, Skip Bayless, and Colin Cowherd, and have his “work ethic” and “dedication to the game” questioned!!!

    I love how the white slot receiver can get away with everything!!!

    I also love how he can get ranked with the elites that can actually line up outside and go deep when he’s in the interior getting dinks and dunks while no one is in his face at the line of scrimmage!!!

  6. The Wes Welkers of the world don’t need mini-camps, ‘mandatory’ workouts, etc…..

    On the other hand – no pun intended – the Brandon Marshall’s of the NFL need these things…

  7. I had lunch this afternoon with a retired player, someone fairly well known in the 80’s. He said he missed two training camps, both as a holdout, and both times had great seasons because he wasn’t worn out at the end of the year.


  9. I love watching Welker play, but as a pats fan his comments piss me off.

    He gets paid millions to play a game and his heart is not in it to be in camp, practice, and running drills.

    These players are ridiculous!

  10. joey49er says:
    Apr 23, 2011 5:17 PM
    as i keep saying the players can care less about the fans!!!!!!! what a clown,,,dont sound like he needs money

    I notice most of the pro-owner anti-player people on here are fans of losing teams. They are most frustrated with the players and blame them for their teams lack of success. Despite their orgnization changing players out but the management/owners stay’s the same. I would be mad also if I was a 49er fan, when was the last time they were relevant?

  11. I say make the owners pay each fan of their team 1000 bucks a day until the lockout is over.

    I bet the lockout would end tomorrow if they had to do that and we could get back to the free agency and make the draft spicier

  12. Why do they have the off season camps anyway. Training camp is good to figure out the roster, but from many accounts it really just wears guys out right before the season starts.

    Maybe this lock out will expose how over board coaches go in trying to win. The Packers didn’t win the Super Bowl because they beat the heck out of themselves the most in July/August.

  13. Once he eats all his beanie-wienies and hes bored with watching netflix he will start tweeting how greedy the owners are and make some retarted statement about how “the fans are on the players side”

  14. Is Welker even thinking of all the people that have lost their NFL jobs & took paycuts because of this madness ??

    “Let’s have a lockout every year”, hahaha. Very funny man, to the kids of the unemployed parents that have no more income during a depression. Next he’ll want more floods in Japan so his used car can be worth more in trade at the stealership.

  15. Completely agree with joey49er. The players seem to think the fans are on their side…screw that, the players are just as much to blame as the owners and the upper tier players on the pay scale are really not helping the image of the NFLPA by making these ridiculous comments. I as a fan just want football including the free agent signing period that we are already missing along with player trades during the draft. Both sides need to shut their mouths, kick the lawyers out of the room, and not stop until an agreement is reached. Roger Goodell should be fired like any other CEO that does not perform the tasks that he was hired to perform.

  16. wes welker is obviously not one of the many idiots who has already spent all their money. i don’t blame him, i would imagine off season activities are pretty pointless for him at this point and i am sure he works out plenty hard himself.

  17. hey joey 49er, is that a suprise to you that a player would care about you?
    would u care about a guy who watched u on tv?
    I sure wouldnt.
    They dont care if u live or die. They only care about their paychecks, Most of them dont even care if they win or lose. They only care about the money.
    The owners and fans care if they win but the plaYers.. I would say 80% of them could care less either way

  18. You enjoy the lockout as a player if:

    a) Your checking account has 7 figures in it
    b) You’ve locked a starting position as soon as the season starts

    You want a deal to come soon if:

    a) You’ve spend your fortune on cars and jewelry, and have child support payments due soon
    b) You’re a perpetual 2nd/3rd stringer or you’re a borderline roster player and could use the time to impress the coaches.

  19. If a black guy said what Welker said he would be torched, be called a “slacker” by white ESPN personalities like Mark Schlereth, Skip Bayless, and Colin Cowherd, and have his “work ethic” and “dedication to the game” questioned!!!

    I love how the white slot receiver can get away with everything!!!

    I also love how he can get ranked with the elites that can actually line up outside and go deep when he’s in the interior getting dinks and dunks while no one is in his face at the line of scrimmage!!!


    Anybody else tired of the race card? Please don’t be “THAT GUY”! The only reason we are talking about Welker is because he decided to say something! Other than that I could care less about race. We are talking about sports and if you played any in school or otherwise you would know that by today’s standards race RARELY plays a part!

  20. I am so sick of the race card. If you are white, you cannot make a comment or feel one way or the other without being labeled a racist. It is ridiculous! There was a time when that was necessary, but not anymore. If you don’t have a compelling argument other than race, please don’t say anything!

  21. since everyone is commenting on joey49er I’ll say he sounds like a moron. I don’t feel bad for NFL employees or their kids either. They and the owners make their money off of the players sweat. They had better give the players what they want if they want paychecks. And Welker is awesome. I knew I liked him when he did the foot press conference.

  22. By the way, I was only directing my comments to rajbais says:! Normally there is great discussion here without speaking about race. GROW UP!

  23. For christmas i wish just one concussion or otherwise bone-crushing shot from ed reed delivered to @thevikes85, or maybe just one bill bellichick two-a-day. then you might think differently about how ‘light’ their work schedule is.

  24. Im just saying ive watched football every year.and the draft both days..last year i went to 1 game with my kids.tickets alone was 525.00 for 3.. but the players do have what most americans dont!!! a job that pays great!!!!!just imagine u went to college and got a job instantly with a sighning bonous,paid medical, retirement,and all the endorsements u can earn… man that sounds like a dream!!! it is a dream!!!
    unless ur an athlete… do i feel sorry for the players??u cant be serious!! when ur team is the biggest loser all year do they lower our prices for tickets nooooooo… if this was a player they would just quit watching!!!no ive followed my team every year game after game we lose!! but i keep my hope ! now heres the players chance to show me how much they love the game!!

  25. Looks like the PFT communities ability to appreciate irony/sarcasm has gone the same way as Brandon Marshall’s ability to marry a female who doesn’t want to stick a knife in him.

  26. @ Kave Krew
    Just yesterday, when the story was posted here about Jerod Mayo and the plan for informal workouts was reported……you posted, …and i quote..”.The Patriot way……Gotta love it”….but today, the Wes Welkers of the world don’t need minicamps, workouts etc……Can we all assume by you’re overt homerism, he won’t be there?

  27. The way the pats youngsters played this past year and given the number of draft picks the pats have, welker could have his wish and be locked out permanently in the not too distant future.

  28. y’know, there was a time when I didn’t care for Welker at all, now i think he’s HILARIOUS!

  29. dividing pay over 52 weeks as suggested above and in other places:

    Could mean cutting a guy at the start of a season might only save a team 30% where it would now save everything except 1/{games} of non-guaranteed paycheck

    30% { approx. 16/(52-16) where 16 may mean 18 soon }

    The league year might be structured to the other extreme as well where a player has only received (games played+bye)/52 in pay after a full years beating

    It’s pay for play with game checks

    Hard to figure any other way as long as there is substantial non-guaranteed amounts involved.

  30. For someone who’s career path indicates that he has a true love for the game, these comments are extremely surprising and disappointing. I’m almost certain we’re going to see a “the media took it out of context” press release in a day or two.

  31. rajbais: he hit the nail on the head about evreything he said! you ppl just don get it!! go back and ck your comments about evrey black football player and you will see 90% of the comments r nasty and hate fueled. case in point? cam newton,u all say he will fail cuz he wkd out of the spread. news flash,so did gabbert and sam bradford. u wana kill newton 4 sayn he wants 2 be a icon yet say nuthin bout gabbert sayn he is the best qb in the draft. not sure if u ppl r just lil kids or racist or republicans but i imagine a lil bit of all. this site used 2 be so fun 2 read until the republicans invaded it last year and even said sumthn bout obama. LMAO!! oh and by the way,im white and a democrat and live down south and eat grits

  32. I’ve always liked Welker, but that was an insensitive comment. I generally side with the players on the issues, but wish both sides were feeling more squeezed than they are.

    Welker wouldn’t be so content if he were a free agent and didn’t know where he’d be playing next season and needed to relocate and get his kids registered in a new school. How about if he were one of those team employees taking an across-the-board paycut? Or a player on the cusp who needed the trainer support to help avoid being cut? Or a fan working insane hours to pay the bills who’s afraid there’s not going to be a season to ease the stress this year?

    Yep, both the highest-paid players and the owners need to start feeling some of the inconvenience they’ve already caused everyone else.

  33. If this was ocho cinco, ESPN would have called him “lazy” “don’t love the game” and talk about his decline in numbers. Wes Welker gets a pass, I wonder why. It isn’t called playing the “race card” it is called “reality”.

  34. rajbais says:
    Apr 23, 2011 5:28 PM
    If a black guy said what Welker said he would be torched, be called a “slacker” by white ESPN personalities like Mark Schlereth, Skip Bayless, and Colin Cowherd, and have his “work ethic” and “dedication to the game” questioned!!!

    I love how the white slot receiver can get away with everything!!!

    I also love how he can get ranked with the elites that can actually line up outside and go deep when he’s in the interior getting dinks and dunks while no one is in his face at the line of scrimmage!!!

    Typical narrow minded person trying to make everything about Race! Dude get a clue!

  35. He can always go back to TT in Lubbock and either never be heard from again or get off your butt and get your fellow “players” to accept the owners best offer over a month ago and GET back to work. I didn’t realize that ALL the players were idiots but I was wrong (again).

  36. Most of you do not know Wes Welker very well. He is an extremely intense, hard working player, but on a personal level, he is a joker, enjoying humor in many things. That does not often come out in public, but it did a few times last season, and one of his comments was not appreciated by the coach – the one making puns alluding to feet – which were taken offensively by the Jets, and that certainly fired up the Jets even more, as if that rivalry needed any fuel at all.

    Wes Welker has always been an excellent athlete and an extreme competitor, but he has neither the size nor the speed of many of his peers, so he has always had to work extra hard to accomplish things. For Wes, that is just what he does. I fully expect that he is working out virtually every day and that when the time comes to play football, he will be among the many who are ready to go.

  37. Hey jw731

    Thanks for reading and noticing…….unsure of your counterpoint though…….

    But, guilty as charged – a Patriot fan…but homerism, not 100% homer. I have a saying – It’s ok to drink the kool-aid, but you got to listen to the little man your head once in a while……

    But, i am enjoying the ride becuz it sucked pre- Parcells and it will probably suck again in 5 years.

    Homer? I think Brady has gotten soft….i think Brady flinched against the Jets and will flinch against them as long as Rex is the coach……i am disappointed in Spygate…….i think BB is so-so in the draft – great at trading the damn picks, but iffy with the picks…..

    But to what may be your point, unless you’re agenda is something disguised…….I think i said the same thing, but in different words…..Mayo isn’t in mini-camp nor an in house workout program….neither is Welker…..both are taking the responsibility to work out and improve as a football player thru workouts and/film. that’s the Patriot way – just shut up and do your job no matter what the obstacle…..

  38. Welker is a knuckle head and does not take into account the sensitivity of the fans…

    This is not a time for joking…. and if he really means it then thats even worse……..

    How the heck do they adjourn for another month at this point……

    These negotiations should be around the clock until resolved……….

  39. hobartbaker says:
    Apr 23, 2011 5:09 PM
    Wes just having a nice easy jog around the neighborhood when he was run over by Tebow.


    HB you really should lay off of the hallucinogenic drugs…

  40. Ha ha haaa, oh that wacky Wes.

    Yeah, let’s crap all over the fans and integrity of the Sport every offseason. What could possibly go wrong with that?

    You hear that sound? That’s the canyon-esque chasm between the common fan and the multi-millionaire players growing wider and wider and wider and wider everyday.

  41. Yea. All the Free Agents that would be with their new teams and would have cashed in on their resume must be lovin’ the extra time to sit and wait.

    Instead of us fans chatting about how our teams did in free agency and how it will impact next season and the draft, we are twisting in the wind rehashing CBA crap.

    Boycott all NFL merchandise this year. Watch the games. Root for your teams. But don’t spend a dollar on NFL merchandise.

    All they care about is their bottom line. If we don’t hit them where it hurt, they will do this every time the CBA expires.

    Follow NFL Merchandise Boycott on Facebook and Twitter.

  42. Wes Welker should learn to keep his cake-hole shut. He’s nowhere near as clever as he thinks he is.

  43. I love WW to death. He’s one of my favorite players, but he’s one of those guys with 0 filter between his mouth and his brain. IIRC when he first got to NE he got verbally b*tchslapped by BB for some comment he made about how good another WR on the Pats was or something like that. He had a hard time not commenting when he first played against his old team and I could just hear BB’s voice speaking while WW was moving his lips. He had and I think at times still has a tough time not saying exactly what’s on his mind. Usually it’s great and I love that about him because he’s poking fun at his teammates and stuff like that and it’s harmless. I do believe he was using dry humor here but after he got benched vs. the NYJ, I am surprised he wouldn’t mind his Ps and Qs a bit better on the timeliness and appropriateness of his comments in a situation like this.

  44. Wes, I hear 7/11 convience stores are hiring. Rocket sciectist like you doesent need the mean old NFL owners. Show these mean old owners you dont need their minum wage pay. I hear 7/11 pay starts out at $12.00 hour. I think that would be a pay raise for you

  45. I guarantee while everyone is freaking out over this, Wes is working harder than ANYONE in the league right now. Remember, he’s intelligent, has had overwhelming success at every level, is a student of Belichick and Brady. He’s played for and against them. This kid is stupid like a fox. He’s not the fastest, can’t jump the highest but hat futhamucka is in sync with #12 and is up top in receptions and always finds the extra yard. Take time off Wes! Go fart around kid! See ya in September on time as usual.

    If anyone can tell me how the lockout has impacted any of our lives, I’d appreciate it. Seriously, so we missed free agency. The draft is THAT much more Exciting! We have no idea what’s gonna happen since the free agency moves arent taking place. Memmmmmmmmp!

  46. What a stupid thing to say..

    I bet the Jets player who had to move in with his parents again to save money would love a lockout every year..

  47. It wasn’t too smart of Wes Welker to say it, but it’s probably the most honest comment yet by a player about the lockout. I have no doubt that most of the players are thoroughly enjoying the time off. And wouldn’t we be the same? If we were “locked out” of our jobs tomorrow, knowing full well that our jobs would be there when it was over – and we were still being paid – we’d all be secretly enoying it too. Who wouldn’t? That’s why I believe the lockout will go to the last minute if it’s up to the players.

  48. @patpatriotagain.You wish harm on me because i complained about these whiny millionaires complaining about having to train in the off season.Wow if you are over the age of 13,you seriously need to mature,if you are that age shouldn’t you be on a ‘different’ kind of website,of ya go little fella thats a good boy.

  49. In an odd way, maybe Welker is on to something. Why is it in the NFL coaches and players spend such an inordinate amount of time game planning, practicing, ‘involuntary’ practices, mini-camps, mini-mini-camps, mini-maxi-camps, and on and on? The phrase paralysis by analysis was made for the NFL. Perhaps if coaches and players had a bit more down time, they wouldn’t be so beat up mentally and physically as the season goes on.

  50. Jesus, you people are oblivious. I think Wes’ comments were said (at least partially) tongue-in-cheek. Welker is known for being a joker anyway. Why so serious, everyone?

  51. Sorry guys but I agree with Welker, my entire basement is full of NFL stuff, but I’m enjoying this lockout. These guys provide such humor it’s awesome, during the season I can’t wait for Sunday’s, but now I look forward to seeing what these clowns do everyday. Keep up the good work, you guys are way more entertaining to listen to than watch.

  52. @henryjones20

    You the man!!!!!

    It seems like all the post writers hating on me are in denial … mainly because they have something in common with Wes.

    If @jdbaker1860 thinks I’m a tampon … he’s a waste of sperm!!!

  53. @fanoredsox Dude man … I got love for Wes.
    And I got respect for you too.

    I just like emulating Charles Barkley because he says what’s on his mind and has fun with it.

    That’s all I was doing, but if I pissed you off my apologies.

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