Zach Miller switches agents

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Raiders Pro Bowl tight end Zach Miller becomes a free agent whenever the lockout ends.  And when that happens, he’ll have new representation.

Liz Mullen of SportsBusiness Journal reports, and we have confirmed, that Miller has switched from Athletes First to CAA.

The move gives CAA three high-profile Raiders free agents:  Miller, cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, and safety Michael Huff.

It remains to be seen whether the Raiders make a serious run at signing any of them.  It’s widely believed that the Raiders, who opted to void the final year of Asomugha’s contract, will offer a financial package comparable to what Asomugha is expected to draw on the open market.

Then again, the longer the lockout lasts, the less valuable Asomugha could be in 2011 to a new team.  Which possibly would reduce what a new team would pay.  Which possibly would give the Raiders an opening to keep him.

The same is true for most of the other free agents.  The longer this mess goes, the lower the high end of the market will go.

So far, none of the free agents have been complaining about this, even though their shot at significant pay days has been delayed by seven weeks and one day, and counting.

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  1. This year would have been so interesting. What with trades etc. But as they continue to do The Union screws up every business. What right do they have to a share in the profits??? They ought to be glad they have a job? Marxist Scum

  2. I do not buy into the comment that the longer the strike goes on, the lower the value of free agents. This article illustrates why. Denver is in desperate need of a good tight end (and about 18 other starting positions), but needs to use their draft picks mostly on defense. After the draft, they are screwed if they have no receiving tight end, but the only remaining options are free agents and securing Mr.Miller would be a remarkable coup. However, other teams could be in equally desperate situations. So what do you suppose happens to Mr. Miller’s value when desperate teams have to compete for his services? Me thinks the talented tight-end is in for a very nice contract regardless of the strike.

  3. didn’t nnamdi’s contract basically void itself? he didn’t meet performance clauses therefore it voided. the Raiders didn’t void it.
    be interesting to see if al wants and/or brings nnamdi back

  4. Kave Krew says: Apr 23, 2011 10:09 AM

    Good player…hard nosed….smart….stays out of trouble…wish my team had him….
    Very well said.

    Zach is pure class and a hell of a player.

  5. maybe they can get a three way deal done? Millers back for sure, Nnamdi wants to be back, and Huff, time will tell, but he has never lived up to a top ten pick

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