Aqib Talib described as “all but gone” from Tampa Bay

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers can’t release Aqib Talib until the lockout ends. But one report suggests that the lockout is the only thing keeping the team from cutting Talib, and he’s already played his last game for the Bucs.

The St. Petersburg Times reports that Talib is “all but gone,” and that only the lockout has kept the Bucs from cutting him already. Talib, in the view of the Bucs, has run out of chances.

Talib, Tampa Bay’s 2008 first-round draft pick, has been trouble from the beginning, starting with a fight at the rookie symposium and continuing with punching a teammate in practice and punching a cab driver in St. Petersburg. Now he’s facing charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Although there’s a school of thought that the Bucs should keep Talib and get him some help, it appears that the Bucs think Talib is beyond the point where they can help him, and Talib is on the way out.

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  1. C’mon Dan Rooney/mike Tomlin you can get the kid’s head out of his ass and solve a pretty big f**cking problem in our defense while you’re at it.

  2. Cue fans that think he will come to there team and magically be cured of his discipline issues. NE fans, I’m waiting…

  3. “Although there’s a school of thought that the Bucs should keep Talib and get him some help”,


    You cant help stupid

  4. If I had done those things at my job, Id have been fired long ago. The Bucs arent responsible for getting him help. Fire his dumb arse.

  5. I think they’ll suspend him 4 games on top of what Goodell gives him, but keep him at least a year and try to trade him after the season. It doesn’t make good business sense to keep him but makes even less business sense to just cut him for nothing and let another team benefit from our first round pick. Just like Pac Man Jones, some team WILL want him based on talent alone.

  6. The one big flaw with the report is that the person who wrote it is an idiot, he’s been proven to completely invent facts and had things “leaked” to him that weren’t true.

    This is the same place that reported Favre had been traded to the Bucs, not was going to be but had actually been traded.

    They mention that Talibs “adventures” have altered the Bucs draft plans but the quote they base that on makes no mention of any changes in pln being made, if anything it says the complete opposite.

    The Tampa area media is a useless source for Bucs info or rumour.

  7. it’s a shame to see. you could see this happening before he was even drafted though, he had top 10 talent but just so many red flags. some people just cant escape their past and their dysfunctional families and it’s really unfortunate. he’ll catch on somewhere, and hopefully he puts everything together.

  8. Aannnnnd cue the line of fans/teams who spent weeks ragging on the Bucs for having him on the roster yet whom are now ready, willing and able to give this guy a hummer if he comes to play for them.

  9. Aqib needs help managing his anger issues, hopefully his next team recognizes this and gets him the help he needs instead of just running him out on the field every Sunday.

  10. Stroud is a worthless hack.

    Though Talib clearly has issues, currently he’s our best defensive player and there is no way we part ways with him without a suitable replacement. Now if we put a full court press on Nnamdi, i’d cut Talib as soon as his sig is on the dotted line. Dominik is a smart guy….. he’ll way all options before taking action.

  11. Unfortunately, there will be another team dumb enough to sign this clown because he is a good player. It happens every time.

  12. Aqib and his mom can shoot the bf and big Ben can rape hem… seriously tho, I know athletes aren’t angels but if more teams stood up to the real trouble makers

  13. I can’t understand why more of these types of guys are still in the league. Do the GMs and front office guys not have wives and families? Why would they put up employing these pieces of trash for even one second? The kind of people you try to keep your family safe from just so happen to frequent their teams. Nice.

  14. What a shame to see this kind of talent slowly going to waste. Kid’s a beast on the field, he needs to go somewhere where the organization and locker room won’t put up with his nonsense.

  15. Bout time he’s gone. Shame someone with that talent wasted it but looks like we need a new cb this draft

  16. IF Talib does come to Pittsburgh, he gets ONE strike and he’s out.

    Talib could make the Steeler defense even scarier as he could fill a glaring need position. However, Woodley, Aaron, Hines, Timmons, Troy, Ben, Clark, Hampton, Kiesel, Ike, Silverback, LeBeau and Tomlin would have to keep him in line. That is some serious veteran leadership right there.

    And it’d have be a zero tolerance policy.

    From a potential standpoint – it’d would appear to be high reward upside, relatively low risk downside. If Talib blows his shot with all the leadership around him – cut him loose and move on.

    Oh, and when is Talib going to be eligible to play? Still lots of unresolved questions concerning his eligibility to suit up on Sundays.

  17. You can try to shine it up all you want but in the end it is still gonna be a TURD. T-roublemaker U-nder R-epeat D-iscipline

  18. I call BS on this report.

    This article by Stroud appears more of an opinion piece than anything else. He’s taking Mark Dominik’s quotes out of context and twisting them to fit his own agenda. There is nothing in what Dominik said that makes me think they’ve made a decision on Talib.

    The media has been trying to push him out the door for the longest time.

  19. “I can’t understand why more of these types of guys are still in the league. Do the GMs and front office guys not have wives and families? Why would they put up employing these pieces of trash for even one second? The kind of people you try to keep your family safe from just so happen to frequent their teams. Nice.”

    Good points. Here’s another. How do players like this ever get a scholarship to college? Here’s another point? How do “educators” around the country keep passing miscreants and reprobates like this guy through elementary school and high school?

    Most NFL players could not have achieved admission to a university or college without football; and I’m not addressing financial concerns. As an undergrad, I used to tutor for the athletic deprtment at a Pac 10 school to earn extra cash. I can think of very few of my “students” where the guy wasn’t a complete moron. These guys needed tutoring for the remedial education classes; meaning they couldn’t do high school work on their own. They don’t belong in college and they should have been thrown out of high school, if not earlier.

    And lastly, don’t think for a minute that these guys turned into reprobates, miscreants and criminals when they hit the NFL; they’ve been that way most of their lives.

    We should do away with mandatory attendance in public schools until the age of 16; it’s a waste of money, time, space and the educational needs of students who really want to be in school and learn something.

  20. Could be a moot point anyway. He’s charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and he has a criminal record and a history of prior violent acts. If convicted, he might not get the wrist slap many athletes and celebs get.

  21. Yeah, bring him to Philly. Just another reason to hate that team.

    Sorry, but I have NO respect for any team that would take on these turds that “just need to be understood”. At some point, these clowns (Talib, Vick, Henry, Pacman, etc…) need to see that they are held accountable for their actions. They all just realize that some team will be dumb enough and desperate enough to put up with their nonsense, so they will get a shot (no pun intended) somewhere.

  22. People can change and maybe Tampa Bay just isnt the best place to give him the help he needs. He goes to a strong minded coach and promise you’ll see a change. SF welcomes you brother ! 😉

  23. 292 is right. some folks just wont be helped. if one cant meet the academic standards then, or the employment standards now, flush. menial work, and now, likely jail.

    “a dweeb to leap”.

    frankly, so many players are replaceable it is uncanny. that is why the owners should start talking “replacement players”. make sure there is a season with or without the so-called current crop of players.

  24. The Bucs were more than patient giving the guy 4 strikes.

    Fortunately for Talib the Bengals use a “nine lives” approach and he’ll be scooped up the minute the Bucs are able to cut him loose.

  25. i think i have a good idea,it came to me when i was reading a story about a guy that went to prison awhile back he did his time got out and lived a clean life went to trade school and learned about hvac work and then he found out he could not obtain a license to do the work because he is a convicted felon so until he gets a pardon he cannont get a license i feel the same should be applied to ALL celebrites including pro athletes.i look at it like this if an everyday joe is not allowed to live clean and obtain work that pays a decent wage to support his family without jumping thru a bunch of hoops why should these idiots be allowed to? after all it is a proffession just like any other why don’t the same rules apply? to me they should,and that would also make a whole lot of these stars that feel a sense of entitlement think twice before they screw up.

  26. peanutbutter&jelly is the first poster I’ve read in a long time who actually proposes a solution to the problem of rich athletes run amuck. It may work, it may not – But I haven’t heard anyone else propose a solution.

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