Irvin thinks Cowboys should avoid any quarterback controversy

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Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin periodically provides us with some very strong words of wisdom regarding the game he played at a high level for so many years.

On the most recent Rich Eisen Podcast on, Irvin spoke about the dangers of having a quarterback controversy.

“I’m of the mind that you do not mess with the cranium of the quarterbacks because they have to make room in there to find out how to get me the ball,” Irvin said, via John Machota of the Dallas Morning News.  “You can’t mess with their head. . . .  They need to know that, ‘My coach is with me.’  I need to be able to take some chances out here to make this thing work without worrying about being yanked the first ball that hits the ground.  You got to have a free-mind quarterback.”

He’s right.  Quarterbacks who peer over their shoulder tend to grip the ball a little tighter and to hesitate a little bit longer before delivering passes.  They fear that they are only one mistake away from being benched, and in many cases that mindset becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

That doesn’t mean that quarterbacks who aren’t getting it done should face no challenges.  We don’t necessarily disagree with Cowboys tight end Martellus Bennett’s recent opinion that Tony Romo should be required to compete with Jon Kitna.  The key is that any competition must end before Week One, with the team picking a horse and riding it until the race ends — or until the horse breaks a leg or, in Romo’s case last year, a collarbone.

And if at the end of the year the decision is made that the quarterback simply isn’t getting it done, well then it’s time to stab him in the neck with a pair of scissors.

23 responses to “Irvin thinks Cowboys should avoid any quarterback controversy

  1. I know you can’t mess with the heads of kickers, but quarterbacks?

    Come on, any decent NFL quarterback’s head is immune to messing with.

  2. Thanks for the advice Michael! Now give players some good advice about staying out of trouble with the law..oh wait never mind

  3. Everyone needs to STFU about this quarterback controversy thing in Dallas. It’s a non-story. The moron tightend that spoke of this is about as credible as an intern at the National Inquirer and about as dumb as a box of rocks. Romo is and will be the QB in Dallas. Period. Now move on people. Sheesh.

  4. Dallas has enough areas of concern. They don’t need to have a pseudo issue at QB. If Romo is healthy he is the QB end of subject.

  5. The only place I’ve heard of a QB controversy in Dallas is here. Romo may not be in the elite class of QB’s, but no way in heck he’s in a battle to start with Jon Kitna. Marcellus needs to worry about the competition he will face to back up Witten. The Cowboys are tired of his stupid, moronic acts & statements. He is not productive enough for them to continue to put up with his immaturity. Keep moving….another non-story.

  6. The scissors comment was just plain classless.

    It wasnt even funny and you guys should really be ashamed. Did a 10 year old write that? What a classless joke this site has become

  7. I wouldn’t even be threatened if Jon Kitna wanted to compete with me at QB for a pickup game of flag football.

    Seriously? Is this actually an issue in Dallas?

  8. If you think, that Romo vs Kitna would be competition, IDK how credible you are to be the head of this website.

    Kitna didn’t come in and win games, bc he’s better than Tony, he came in and won, bc losing Tony woke everyone up. Coupled with Wade getting the boot, and the new Sheriff holding people accountable.

    Football is a team sport thru and thru, yet somehow the Boys losing playoff games is solely Romo’s fault? Romo has excellent #s for any QB, then factor in he’s a D3 find, and they are great. I hope he reads PFT, and lets it fuel him.

  9. it would be so satisfying to see the heart and soul of the modern day jerruh erruh lose his job to the heart and soul of the matt millen era

  10. duanethomas says:
    Apr 24, 2011 12:37 PM
    The only place I’ve heard of a QB controversy in Dallas is here. Romo may not be in the elite class of QB’s, but no way in heck he’s in a battle to start with Jon Kitna.

    Duan, go look at kitna’s numbers. He’s good for 3500-4k yards and 20Td’s when starts and healthy. How is Romo better than that? Especially for the money. If you were to play one of the other based on value per dollar paid it would be Kitna every time. Romo is the newer(more mobile) version of Gus Frerotte. He’s peaked. He was a good find, and not a bad QB, but he ain’t what Dallas makes him out to be. And I love every second of it as a ‘Skins fan. ‘Boys are going nowhere with him as QB.

  11. Kitna, Scott Mitchell, Jim Miller, Frank Reich, Charlie Batch, Steve Beurlein, Mike Tomczak … They all belong in the same category. Guys just good enough to fool you into believing they can play.

    Kitna v Romo is not a controversy. If you seriously think you have a “competition” on your hand with those two, you are in for a long season. Heck, any time you have a “competition” at QB you are usually in for a long season.

    But this isn’t even close. Romo is second tier but he is better than Kitna. Kitna has had his chance.

  12. Chadmurdigan, meet Tom Brady.

    Whenever the Jets pass rush actually wakes up and forces Brady out of the pocket, he runs scared. Don’t believe me? Week 2, 2009, Week 2, 2010, AFC Divisional, he’s terrified in each one of those games. Sports Illustrated has a great photo of him screaming for his life with Trevor Pryce around his leg and Calvin Pace hittin’ him up top. Great stuff.

  13. 1-Shouldn’t every “starter” have to earn it?
    2-If Kitna’s the competition, how can there possibly be any controversy?

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