Zbikowski moves his boxing record to 4-0

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Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski, who unlike Pats receiver Wes Welker isn’t happily sitting on his ass during the lockout, spent Saturday night putting a boxer named Blake Warner on his ass in a one-round TKO, according to Jamison Hensley of the Baltimore Sun.

The referee stopped the fight held in the pugilistic mecca of Thackerville, Oklahoma at 2:20 of the opening three-minute interlude, after Zbikowski sent Warner to the moon with a right uppercut.

Zbikowski’s win moved his record to 4-0.  He has won three of those fights since the 2010 football season ended.

The former Notre Dame standout is scheduled to fight on May 21 in Cabazon, California.  He’ll then enter the ring again on June 4 at Staples Center.

26 responses to “Zbikowski moves his boxing record to 4-0

  1. There is just something interesting about this guy and his boxing career…..not that he’s going to be a champ, but he just has a certain something – what is it called , chutphah or something……

  2. 4 fights in 4 months is too much. He needs to slow down before he loses something he’ll need in the future, say his mathmatical skills.

  3. I heard Ochocinco wants to fight this kid. PLEASE put this fight together. I’d love to see 85 flat on his back out cold.

    Btw Wes Welker is training harder than most and if you morons believe differently, his plan worked.

  4. Cool… He really missed hitting someone, so he took up the only other sport besides football where hitting someone is an integral part of the action.

  5. The way its going for Wes Welker, he might be spending time on his ass when the season starts too!

  6. Club fighters. Tomatoe Cans. Bum of the Month. This back up safety would last one round with a Top 50 caliber fighter. Also I don’t want to hear how he’s the best back-up safety in the NFL from Notre Dame or Ravens people. This is a non-story, he’s not even getting respect from his teammates when most have said they would whup him. Pro-player….thumbs down.

  7. Ok, I guess I’ll have to be the one to claim the king’s new clothes are fake. Who has Zibby fought? Seriously, his four fights have come against guys who were pretty much marshmallows and not nearly as chiseled or as quick as he is

    The guy he fought last night was slower than a turtle. No disrespect to Zibby and the hard work he’s been doing, but his competition has been so bad that it’s made him look good.

    Seriosuly, talk to me when he goes against someone who has a little more experience and is in better condition.

  8. All you people saying this story shouldn’t be posted because he hasn’t fought any decent boxers: what else is there to write about?

    End the lockout!

  9. I live in ATL and they had him on a local sports talk radio show and he said he only wants to do short fights against guys who are not that good, because the pounding he would take in a full 12 round fight against a legit contrender would mess up his football career and he does not want to do that right now.

    It sounds like boxing is something he enjoys, but he knows what butters his bread and does not want to mess that up. More power to him and I hope he has fun.

  10. Everyone making comments about tomato cans and bums and “he hasn’t fought anybody yet” are idiots who know jack about boxing. This is how all boxers work their way up. He’s starting small, fighting often, and working on the small aspects of his game. If anybody thought he would or should get in the ring with a contender right away, they are an ignorant mook. If Zibby talked about getting in the ring with anybody good right away, he’d be the mook. He’s doing it the right way, starting at the bottom…he just gets pub because he’s a football player in a lockout and PFT has nothing better to report on right now. If he were to keep doing this for another year or so then maybe he’d be fihting decent guys, winning or getting his ass handed to him. But good on him for doing it the right way, not trying out for a professional team right away like some people who’s name is their numbers did.

  11. oldbyrd says:
    Apr 24, 2011 7:59 AM
    how long before he fights someone????


    It would be 2 to 3 years even if he was fighting full time. In boxing you need t develop your fighter

  12. Yeah, wait until he fights a boxer that boxing fans know, and then we will see what happens. Its not going to easy like these fights have been.

  13. I’d love for Aqib Talib sign with the same team as Zbikowski. Then Talib wouldn’t be so quick to fight his teammates.

  14. Duanethomas = lame idiot hater with head up @ss

    Many of his teammates attend the fights including Ed Reed

  15. Let’s address something fairly for once instead of nailing Tom Zbikowski, he’s fighting the same people anybody else coming up in the ranks would fight, so can the “marshmallow” crap.

    My friend’s grandfather was Michael Grant’s first trainer and I had the privilege as a child of getting to go to a lot of his fights, even when he fought Lennox Lewis for the Heavyweight Championship. Some of those guys looked like they were picked up off the street.

    The point is, Michael was purely a professional boxer. Zbikowski isn’t purely a professional boxer. He’s just doing something he’s passionate about and he doesn’t have the time to train for fighters that the people on here dogging him want him to fight.

    What do you want him to do, challenge Guillermo Jones to a fight? Should he jump in the ring with Steve Cunningham?

    That’s like sending a high school All-American in to play MLB for the Ravens.

    Either enjoy the headlines or go away.

    Jesus Christ.

  16. @duanethomas

    Mabye you should try your best to see if you can book a fight with him. The way you run your mouth on here all the time im sure your a tough guy. The guy is a football player in the NFL and looks to be doing something he loves and keeps him in shape.

    Mabye you want him to be like the other players that have been in the news lately for getting arrested, stabbed, not paying bills. Would that make you happy?

  17. I wouldn’t get too mad at this duanethomas character. It sounds like his sole boxing experience is the movie Rocky where a “tomato can, bum” flies from “club fighting” and wins a World Championship.

    He obviously doesn’t understand the dynamics of boxing, barnstorming to build a name and your reflexes which Zbikowski is doing or, well … anything else.

    Frankly, Zbikowski should be the “bum” to the people he’s fighting. They’ve got years of experience and he’s a kid who hasn’t even professionally trained since he fought Golden Gloves 8 years ago.

    As for guys like Ray Lewis saying they’d knock him out, love to see it. Ray would be on the canvas in 90 seconds.

    I watched a Bantamweight with a 3-2 career record knock out a 245-pound linebacker from Miami in under 20 seconds in full pads at Grant’s gym in ’98. That’s a 127-pound difference.

  18. People who are giving this guy crap don’t know anything about boxing. You don’t just step in the ring and fight a contender. If a contender beat him, they would get no credit b/c they fought a nobody. Boxing takes more time than football; you have to keep fighting lesser boxers in undercards before you even get a shot at even a mediocre boxer.

    Go Zbikowski! Goodluck in the future, and you will be in better shape than any other player after the lockout.

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