911 call in Brandon Marshall case revealed, reveals little


A 911 call made by a woman in Brandon Marshall’s house — presumably his wife — does not offer a lot of new information in the case which left Marshall allegedly stabbed and his wife arrested.

Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald was the first to hear the recording and describes it like so:

Dispatcher: “What’s your emergency?”

Female caller: “Please come. It’s an emergency.”

Dispatcher: “Come where? Hello?”

Caller: “Please come. It’s an emergency.”

Dispatcher: “Come to where?”

At that point, the caller hangs up.   Michi Nogami-Marshall has been charged with a second-degree felony after allegedly stabbing Marshall on Friday afternoon.  The call was made at 4:41 p.m. ET Friday, less than an hour before Marshall’s last Twitter post.

She told police she was acting in self defense and the police continue to investigate the matter.

UPDATE: Here’s the audio.

18 responses to “911 call in Brandon Marshall case revealed, reveals little

  1. In a related story, the 911 call to talk Marty Hurney down off the cliff because he now fully realizes his entire career is going to be measured but how a very iffy #1 pick Cam Newton performs, reveals a lot.

  2. She does not sound concerned. Then again, maybe it is a little hard to detect tenor due to the effect that giant schnoz likely has on the sound of her voice.

  3. He beat her. Battered Wife Syndrome. Unless you are a Scientologist, then it was her Theton levels going crazy.

  4. His last tweet: “Hair cut time.”

    She is accused of stabbing him in the stomach.

    I’ve seen enough Law & Order* promos in my day to make sense of this one:

    She was giving him a horrible haircut, slipped and fell into his stomach. He tried to help her up, but in doing so, grabbed the knife and sliced his hands up.

    Then, he slipped on a bag of McDonald’s.

    Case closed.

    * – BUM-BUM!

  5. So she calls for an ambulance and he goes to the hospital in a private car. I’d be interested in what time she placed the call and what time he left the house… sounds like he got the hell out of there on his own and she may have called after the fact.

  6. In other words, we have no information but we’ll post another story because seriously, nothings going on right now…

  7. “Please come, it’s an emergency”

    “Come to WHERE?”


    Yeah, sounds like she tried her hardest, right?

    A “click” is as good as screaming “OH MY GOD, I STABBED MY HUSBAND!!!! HURRY, HE’S AT (insert correct address here) AND HE’S DYING!!!!!”, isn’t it?

    I half expected to hear “Please come, it’s an emergency, my husband slipped on a vase and he’s bleeding to death!”

  8. as a Miami fan…

    whats the big deal?? – she just didnt like his hair cut !!!!

    oh boy… good luck in case he gets banned for the whole year!!!!

  9. She called 911 after stabbing him? A little more info is needed that “come quick, it’s an emergency.”. I guess if she is dumb enough to stab someone, you can’t expect much more from her. Doesn’t look too good for Brandon.

  10. So, is “hair cut” now slang for getting some “strange” and is that why she stabbed him?

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