DeAngelo Hall talks lockout, reflects on making $1M a game, calls Cutler a clown


Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall was in rare form in a recent interview with 106.7 The Fan, offering his assurance that there’s no chance of the lockout causing games to be canceled, talking about the huge sum of money he made in his brief tenure with the Raiders, and ripping the quarterback he intercepted four times in one game last year, Chicago’s Jay Cutler.

Asked how worried he is, on a scale of one to ten, that the NFL will cancel the start of the regular season, Hall said, “Zero, zero.”

Hall added that in his experience, deals always eventually get done in the NFL because there’s too much money at stake not to get a deal done.

“I don’t know if I’m being naive about it or what, but I just feel like it’s so much money out there,” Hall said, via “You know what I mean? To be honest, to be giving these fans, releasing the schedules on time and having the draft, and having all these things and all this buildup, you’re not going to build up, build up, build up and then pfffft, nothing. The deal — like any other deal — it always gets done the last minute, the last second. I remember when I came here, that half a year, and I was about to go to free agency, and I’m like ‘man, the Redskins haven’t called me and we’re trying to get this deal done’, and I literally had flights booked to other teams to start visiting because free agency hit at 12 o’clock, and finally at like 11:59 with seconds left we reached a deal. That’s how it happens.”

Hall was referring to the contract he signed with the Redskins in early 2009, after being released by the Raiders and signing with the Redskins midway through the 2008 season. Reflecting on his brief time with the Raiders, Hall sounded like he remains stunned that Al Davis paid him so much to play so little

“I played eight games, or nine games — we had a bye week somewhere in the there. So I played nine games and got a little over $9.5 million,” Hall said. “But I came to Washington and played nine games for $200,000. You know what I mean?”

For the record, Hall played eight games with the Raiders, and made a little over $1 million a game. I guess he must have saved his money wisely to get through that tough stretch with the Redskins when he only made $200,000.

Hall also commented on Cutler, agreeing with a question referring to Cutler as “a clown,” and saying that his four-interception game against the Bears was a career highlight.

“Jay is definitely a clown,” Hall said. “Man, I’ve never had more than two in a game, so to go out and get four in a half, I was like ‘Man, this is unreal!’ I’m on the sideline like ‘Wow, this is pretty amazing!’”

Almost as amazing as making $9.5 million to play eight games.

39 responses to “DeAngelo Hall talks lockout, reflects on making $1M a game, calls Cutler a clown

  1. So Jay Cutler is a clown because he threw 4 ints? And you seem extremely shocked that you were able to get for ints in one game. You think D.Revis or Deon Sanders would be shocked if they got 4 ints in one game? No, they would expect nothing less because they know they’re capable of that type of performance. If anything DeAngelo you look like a overrated clown.

  2. “D Hall” is calling Cutler a clown? Anyone that has ever met Hall in person can tell you…he’s the clown. He’s the most self centered egotistical person alive(well maybe). Why didn’t anyone ask him about allowing the second most yards last year of all DB’s? He’s the freaking clown. He just gets paid to much to realize it. Thanks Danny Boy.

  3. Typical MeAngelo stuff.

    Hey MeAngelo…… might want to think about the family man trying to take his wife and kids to a game for less than $500! Throw in $4-5 a gallon gas, and you may be playing to empty seats come September.

  4. Hey DeAnglo Hall – Everyone has a bad day, imagine how your baby daddy felt when he got your fat momma pregnant and your ugly face came popping out. You’re nothing more than a loud mouth future has-been, soon to be broker selling your Rolex at a pawn shop to pay for your gay lovers tongue piercing. De-ang-a-BLOW Hall. Were you named after your mom? Yo- that fat chick…she be blowing guys down de Hall.

  5. Further proof that Al Davis needs to go for ruining a once great francshise. He has now fostered an atmosphere of lazy players who just don’t care anymore. Every player knows he can go over the head coach to Al to gripe so the coaches have zero credibility with players. This is not a healthy atmosphere.

    Sorry, Al. You were great a loooooong time ago, and it’s time to turn the keys over to someone more lucid. You can’t see over the steering wheel anymore and are crashing that lumbering gas guzzler all over the road.

  6. Wasn’t Cutler the same clown that beat him repeatedly in Hall’s first game as a Raider? From what I remember, Droopy Dog and that undersized rookie Eddie Royal ate DeAngelo’s lunch. Loser.

  7. Well, Cutler is pretty Crusty. But Hall picked the wrong time to run his gums about making more than $1 million a game. Any faint traces of support for the CLOWNS WANTING TO RUN THE CIRCUS evaportes when functional defectives like Hall open up.

  8. Yo DeAngelo. Four of your six INTs came in one game. You got OWNED by every legit WR you played against….DeSean, Andre, Megatron, and even chumps like Mike Williams and Mark Clayton. Shut your trap and learn how to tackle. And that’s coming from a Skins fan.

  9. DeAngelo Hall is an embarrassment to the human race and it pains me that he will forever be linked to my favorite franchise as one of the all time worst contracts ever written and signed. *sigh*

  10. most overrated CB in the NFL. he hasnt been good in at least 4-5 years. also he didnt deserve to go to the pro bowl last year and definitely didnt deserve to win the pro bowl MVP.

    to think this guy used to get paid more than manning and brady on a per game basis boggles my mind.

  11. I like it how all these Bears fans come out under the rocks to defend their QB. Guess what Chicago GB just won another SB. Keep making excuses for the terrible organization your town calls an NFL team. Welcome to 4th place next season you jokers.

  12. bearsblow says: Apr 25, 2011 8:29 PM

    I like it how all these Bears fans come out under the rocks to defend their QB. Guess what Chicago GB just won another SB. Keep making excuses for the terrible organization your town calls an NFL team. Welcome to 4th place next season you jokers.

    From the same fan base that wets their bib overalls when anyone mentions Rodgers in anything less than Biblical praise.

    Good luck in the “Slow Dance With Your Sister Contest” Stosh.

  13. Remember 106.7 The Fan was talking to the biggest clown to ever play CB in the NFL. What a joke of a teammate Hall is. If he got cut tomorrow it would still be all about him.I loathe the fact that Hall plays for my favorite NFL team.”Look at me I intercepted the worst mid-level QB in the league 4 times in one half”. That just proves how bad of a QB Cutler is. Not only that, but who freakin drafted Cutler? Oh! It was Hall’s coach! No better person able to point out all the weaknesses of Cutler’s game. Even Shannahan is happy not to be stuck with Cutler anymore. And lets not forget what McDaniels tried to do as soon as he got to Denver.

  14. Can’t stand DeAngelo Hall, he is tremendously overrated and obviously overpaid. BUT Hes not wrong calling Jay Cutler a clown.

    Just listen to Cutler talk, he sounds like a stuck up snobby teenage girl. Like oh my god…

    On the field hes a riverboat gambler and a bad one at that.

    Plain and simple Jay Cutler is annoying, I feel sorry for all Bear fans having to pin there hopes on this guy to lead them for the forseeable future.

  15. All this talk about Jay Cutler’s game versus Washington…

    -Who let a CB cut him off on a slant route?
    -Who let a CB make a one-handed catch while in body contact with him in mid-air
    -Who ran an 6 yard out pattern on a 3rd and 8 play where the pass was thrown above his head.
    -Who was the target of 3 of Cutler’s 4 in the Washington game, and 12 of Cutler’s 16 interceptions throughout the entire 2010 season, plus god knows how many of Cutler’s 26 in 2009?

    His name is Johnny Knox, and Cutler made him a 960 yard receiver and 5th in the NFL with a 18.8 YPC this past year.

  16. I keep hearing everybody saying how over rated Deangelo Hall is….How can anybody be over rated on a 31st ranked Defense???…..If you want an over rated CB,Go to a town in Texas by the name of Dallas and look up a CB by the name of Terrence Newman,Highly over rated!!!!!

  17. Look, say what you want about Cutler… And this is coming from a Packers fan, but —

    Cutler = Led a rag-tag group of Bears to the NFC Championship game.

    DeAngelo Hall = Who is this guy?

  18. as a skins fan, i can say i love D hall, and the haters comments are hilarious. skins haters always make me laugh. Must be jealous of the 3 superbowls and having the most loyal fan base in the NFL. as for D Hall, hes a playmaker, and one of the better corners in the game.

    as physical as revis? no, not at all. but Hall is definitely a good option at CB.

    keep ripping him though, for you that know nothing about football 😉

  19. Yeah DeAngelo Hall made Cutler look like a fool! He picked off a clown that led his team to the NFC Championship! Hall was probably one of those guys jumping down Cutler’s neck when he hurt his knee also. Doing it from his couch, most likely! Hall was probably pissed because of his team’s early exit in the playoffs last season……whoops…..oh wait…..!

  20. radrntn says: Apr 25, 2011 10:04 PM

    having to play on the opposite side of Nnamdi, it really showed how weak he is.
    It sure did. That was the true test and he failed miserably.

    I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, a Raider CB 10-15 yards off the line, when he should have been ON the line in bump and run.

    I’ll give him this, he’s managed to finagle millions of dollars for himself.

  21. “Almost as amazing as making $9.5 million to play eight games.”

    Almost as amazing as getting the probowl nod over Tramon Williams

  22. Actually, Cutlet is a cry-baby (Brady-esque) and Hall should change his name to toast! He is like the proverbial ‘homerun hitter’… He is always ‘swinging for the fences’… If he doesnt hit a homerun, he strikes out… If Hall doesnt get an INT, he gets burnt!! I was at his last game as a Raider and I watched him the whole game because I ‘thought’ he was a great player and that something big would eventually happen… He played so far off his man and still couldnt turn and run with the receiver when they blew by him.. got smoked the whole game.. I though even I could cover better than that!! He is a joke, those 4 INTs vs. Cutler were passes that apparently ANYONE couldve picked off..

  23. Hall’s 4 INT’s got them to the NFC Championship game….Oh wait no it didn’t…They didn’t even make the playoffs./…

    Deangelo hall is a chump….. 9.5 Million for 8 games…….can u say OVER PAID and OVERRATED!!!!!!!

  24. Why does it matter to all of you how much money he makes? He is far from a great corner but could any of you even ride the bench for a NFL team?

    How many players have went to the Raiders, cashed a big check and played like crap? Most people with common sense at any job want the highest salary they can get. He didnt twist Al or Dan’s arm and make them offer so much money.

    What is really crazy is half of the people commenting on here knows nothing about football and would be first in line if you seen Hall out somewhere telling him what a “big fan” you are.

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