Marshall refused ambulance on Friday evening


The Broward County Sherriff’s Office and the Miami Dolphins will continue their investigations this week into the domestic incident that allegedly resulted in wide receiver Brandon Marshall being stabbed in the stomach.

Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald writes that the police are likely to release 911 calls soon, which should give the Dolphins more information into what happened on Friday evening.   Darlington also reports via sources that Marshall refused an ambulance ride on Friday, instead choosing to take a private car to the hospital.  He was released Saturday afternoon.

Michi Nogami-Marshall is out on bond after being accused of stabbing her husband.

24 responses to “Marshall refused ambulance on Friday evening

  1. Whatever with this foolery… Post about Chico Hernadez charity work or when can we expect Judge Nelson to rule today.

  2. With all the money and status these players obtain you would think they could find more respectable women than these hood rats. I mean who stabs someone during a fight? Unless of course it is found that he was assaulting her then the story changes drastically.

  3. With a lock out and no health insurance I can see his point. However I hear it’s a pain to get blood stains out of the carpet of a Ferrari so maybe he didn’t think it all the way thru?

  4. In all fairness to the young lady, I would like to see the rest of her before I pass judgement on her assests.

  5. Obviously, this woman has been crying, or was the most recent opponent of that guy on the Ravens who boxes…..

  6. The stupidity and ignorance on display here never ceases to amaze me. Lots of comments from people who are not aware of Brandon Marshall’s history of domestic violence towards women. Ever heard of the Battered Wife Syndrome? And why do you think that Brandon is trying to dismiss this as a non-event? The whole situation reeks of his guilt.

  7. @goawayeverybody
    Yeah, OK, … ignorance and stupidity on display is in her mug shot……None of us here, married him with his history of violence, it wasn’t a secret…she did for the money…She knew damn well what she was getting into….

  8. The problem here is obvious. This chick is ugly. he got with her before he had money. He is a normal looking dude with good build and a whole bunch of cash living in South Beach. Of course she is going to have confidence issue and freak out on him when much hotter chicks are throwing themselves at him regularly. He seems pretty immature so I am sure he eats it up and occassionally they have a blow up over it. The scary thing is the incidents seems to be getting more and more violent. Just man up and dump the chick and move on before something terrible happenes. Everyone makes mistakes, especially dumb football players.

  9. chapnastier says: Apr 25, 2011 8:49 AM

    With all the money and status these players obtain you would think they could find more respectable women than these hood rats.


    Many of the players are hood rats themselves, so what do you expect? Money doesn’t buy taste.

  10. She has that “I just tried to stab my husband to death but he didn’t die” look on her face. And her nose looks like a potato.

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