NFL Network hasn’t officially hired Mike Mayock for Thursday nights

Mike Mayock is expected to be promoted to the NFL Network’s lead analyst position for its Thursday Night Football games this season. But Mayock says that’s not a done deal yet.

Asked on the Dan Patrick Show whether he’ll be working Thursday nights on NFL Network this season, Mayock said, “Nothing’s official yet, so I guess we’re just going to have to wait and see.”

When Patrick followed up, Mayock insisted that he hasn’t been officially hired.

“I don’t know,” Mayock said. “Nothing’s official yet.”

Our guess is that the only thing keeping the Mayock hiring from becoming “official” is that the NFL is waiting for the right time to make the announcement. Mayock is NFL Network’s best analyst, and it would be dumb not to put him in the booth on Thursday nights.

12 responses to “NFL Network hasn’t officially hired Mike Mayock for Thursday nights

  1. Mayock actually is one of the reasons I watch NFLn. I lost more respect for espn after watching grudens qb academy. I would like to see that show matched by one with Mayock.

  2. I really hope they don’t ruin him by teaming him with Gus Johnson. Gus can’t let the game or his partner be bigger than himself.

  3. It’s a done deal. In the event of the continued lock out, the network needs to stagger non-strike news that may spark interest.

  4. Your arguement is that he will be in the booth because the NFL would be stupid NOT to put him in the booth? Why, because the NFL never does anything stupid?

  5. I get that you hate and have a vendettas against thiesman and millen but why the man crush on mayock?I would rather listen to dennis miller than this know it all. and because of the fact you can’t stand them I say bring back the espn crew of thiesman and company. what makes mayock such an expert anyway? I mean if he knows so much shouldn’t he be working for a team and not espn? or at least have his own website like another certain know it all who knows nothing does?

  6. Glen Beck would use his chalk board to show how the play went down, then he could get rush to talk about the black players, then at last no one would watch. Bill

  7. ‘Mayock is NFL Network’s best analyst,………..’

    That tells one all they need to know about the NFLN!!

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