Of 25 rookies at the draft, only two will be quarterbacks


At a time when as many as six or seven quarterbacks could be among the first 32 players selected in the 2011 draft, only two of them will be among the 25 players who’ll make the trek to Radio City Music Hall.

The NFL has released the full list of players who have accepted invitations to the draft.  Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert will be there; Jake Locker, Andy Dalton, Colin Kaepernick, Christian Ponder, and Ryan Mallett won’t be.

Most of the latter five were invited.  It’s possible that each opted not to go due to the possibility of engaging in an unexpected Brady Quinn-style slide, going later than expected — and possibly going last of the seven big-name quarterback.

The other 23 players attending the draft are cornerback Prince Amukamara, defensive tackle Corey Liuget, linebacker Akeem Ayers, linebacker Von Miller, defensive end Adrian Clayborn, safety Rahim Moore, receiver Randall Cobb, defensive tackle Marcell Dareus, cornerback Patrick Peterson, defensive tackle Nick Fairley, center Mike Pouncey, defensive end Aldon Smith, receiver A.J. Green, tackle Tyron Smith, linebacker Mark Herzlich, defensive tackle Phil Taylor, running back Mark Ingram, guard Danny Watkins, defensive end Cameron Jordan, defensive end JJ Watt, receiver Julio Jones, running back Ryan Williams, and defensive end Ryan Kerrigan.

12 responses to “Of 25 rookies at the draft, only two will be quarterbacks

  1. Cann’t wait to see Cam’s pimp pop in the background with a cardboard sign…….John 3:16……

  2. if Dalton falls to the 2nd round, he will be one of the best value picks of the 2011 draft.

    not at all a TCU fan, but watching this kid with the piece he did with Gruden you realize that this kid gets it and is smart enough to learn the system.

  3. The draft can be very embarassing for a rookie candidate. If the 25 there aren’t drafted 1 thru 25, somebody will have egg on his face that will last as long as sports video has blooper videos.

  4. “It’s possible that each opted not to go due to the possibility of engaging in an unexpected Brady Quinn-style slide”

    Interesting that Gabbert decided to show up, because he could very easily slide down in the draft as well. All’s been quiet with the Gabbert hype machine for a while now, maybe the decision makers actually started watching a little bit of film, saw how skittish he is in the pocket.

  5. It looks as if there are a couple of very likely first round names not on that list. Castonzo? Bowers?

    In other years, there would be far less speculation about why those guys aren’t attending.

  6. Interesting list. I have not heard much (if any) 1st round buzz for some of these guys.
    I mostly read 2nd round for guys like Moore, Cobb and Williams and not even that for Herzlich.

  7. “Most of the latter five were invited. It’s possible that each opted not to go due to the possibility of engaging in an unexpected Brady Quinn-style slide……”


    What a shame. That particular train wreck was one of the more memorable moments in recent drafts. I enjoyed watching him squirm and sweat until Cleveland put him out of his misery (at least temporarily!) by taking him late in the first round.

    In fact, that 2007 draft is looking remarkably like the 2011 one is shaping up to be for QB’s.

    You have a number one pick who is projected to be a game changer OR an epic bust (Jamarcus Russell/Cam Newton) and w whole slew of QB’s with question marks (Kevin Kolb/Quinn/John Beck/Drew Stanton) just like this years group.

  8. Pity that for a draft so few people are interested in, there will be less drama for those that do watch. Having Mallett there in the green room would almost have to provide some unintentional humor if not a full-blown fall of shame through the first round.

  9. Says to me that someone has told Ingram he will not get by their pick in the 1st round – N.E.?, N.O.?

    Also says to me that if N.E. wants him they will not get him at #33.

  10. They’ll all be taken in the second round. No need to spend the night in the green room.

  11. Of those listed besides Mark Herzlich, Ryan Williams and Rahim Moore are the players I most often see mocked in the later 2nd or early 3rd round, so I can see why they would have been invited. But why Herzlich? And by that I mean no offense to him personally, it’s just that an almost every mock I have seen, he is at best a 4th rounder, with some having him in the 5th or 6th rounds. Maybe I am wrong and some team has him rated as a 2nd or 3rd rounder and he won’t still be sitting there on Saturday alone waiting to hear his name called.

    Are they possibly inviting him so that whenever his name is called, they can use his recovery from cancer in a way that enabled him to be drafted in to the NFL the following year as a televised feel-good story for the draft? If so, that seems wrong.

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