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As the NFL tries to figure out exactly what happens now after Monday’s legal setback, the league is telling its coaches not to go back to business as usual.

A league source tells PFT’s Mike Florio that teams are telling coaches not to talk to its players while the NFL is in labor purgatory.  That means if players are able to get in team facilities on Monday, like Steelers safety Ryan Clark and some others plan to, the coaches will have to avoid them.

Of course, it sounds like teams have no intention of allowing players into their buildings.  The league is essentially trying to press pause until they have had the opportunity to seek a stay and appeal of the lifting of the lockout.   And, oh, the draft starts in three days.

Just another strange night in this increasingly strange offseason.

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  1. This is the first time I won’t side with the owners. They lost and they need to abide by the judges ruling. If they win they’re appeal or get a stay then they can lock out the players again. A brief window of free agent movement and player trades at draft time is just what we fans want anyway. I’m fine with them restarting the lockout after player signings, trades and the draft.

  2. So teams are being told not to talk to their players? Fine. What about trading a player? Come on Eagles/Bengals, trade those qb’s for some picks in THIS YEAR’S DRAFT! Come on, there’s no lockout (At the moment) so it’s all good baby!

  3. Am I the only one who’s confused about some of these “fans” in here unhappy that the lock out is ending? The owners have already admitted that they are making a profit. How much only they know and is their secret. Why are actual “fans” unhappy that the lockout is ending?

  4. The owners won’t be happy until 2012-2013 gets canceled too.

    After all, they can just have the local municipality cover their loss as long as LA doesn’t have a team.

  5. LMAO I go weeks without seeing my boss. As if this is unusual. The draft is in three days. Think that management is not extremely occupied getting ready for that? Whoops, per the judges ruling, and the threat of the anti-trust suit, there can be no draft. Also, traditionally, what team activities are normally scheduled the week before the draft? Hmmmm, players are going to show up at work and demand to be paid when there is no scheduled activities for them to work at? Let me think, if I show up on a Sunday without being notified by my boss, do I get paid? I suppose only union guys (or members of the NFLPA*) have that in their work rules because the rest of us certainly do not, court rulings or not.

  6. It should be interesting to see how individual teams react because with the injunction in place, each of them will be held liable for their conduct as an independent business under antitrust laws, especially with respect to players already under contract. If I was an owner, I would go back to business as usual until a stay is granted, regardless of what Goodell says.

  7. It seems if the owners try to press pause by not allowing the players to use team facilities then they would be in violation of a court order regardless of their reason. This will definitely be interesting.

  8. What’s up with all this BS Maannnn!!! Play the Effin game and stop going back n fourth on this..

    It is the Law! It’s lifted, so go somewhere and get lifted and bite this lost.. U lost~ Ok NFL.. You Lost the players Won so let’s get ready 4 the draft…

    We have past and left free agency, so lets make it up to the fans and get this 2011 season going.

  9. You don’t think Agents and GM’s are going to burn some midnight oil hammering out potential deals?

    Don’t talk to players UNDER CONTRACT. Chat away for that QB we so desperately need.

    I certainly would be looking for every competitive edge there is. That’s life in the big leagues…

  10. Is it possible the owners could possibly look any stupider after ordering this. Since the ruling came down, its been one bad decision after another.

  11. The coaches were instructed to stick their fingers in their ears and yell, ” Nany Nany poo poo, I can’t hear you.” Until the players take their ball and go home.

  12. The more this plays out, the less I understand.
    The judge lifts the lockout and does not stay the decision. Yet the Owners are still not allowing the players in. Sounds to me like contempt. I also don’t understand how the players can collectively negotiate if they have stopped being a union.
    Everyone says this is a win for the fans. I don’t know, sounds like if the players get their way, they don’t want the draft and they want everyone to be a free agent. Pro Football would never be the same. Small markets would never be able to compete. Not saying the owners are right but I worry about the competitive balance after this is all said and done.

  13. Imagine how concerned all the potential draftees would be if they were all just run-of-the-mill employees about to be drafted into run-of-the-mill companies that operated with so much uncertainty and confusion.

  14. Deb has a good point. What are they going to do after they draft a player? They aren’t even talking to FAs so what will they do in interacting with picks? At what point in the off-season do they lump them with the rest? This has a potential to get very awkward very soon with lots of Grey area.

  15. I say the owners shouldn’t appeal and for the sake of the game, the fans, save the season. Somewhere at somepoint there needs to be 4 people in a room. The commish, and 2 reps 1 from each side. That way a deal can get done.The 4th being a judge of somekind. This has gone on for so long. Let the season, play out but in the meantime, those 4 people could be getting a deal done.

  16. This looks like contempt of court to me. Individual teams can order their staffs to avoid players but the league as whole can’t.

    What are the penalties for contempt of court in the case of a trade association? Does Goodell get tossed in jail or is it just slap-on-the-wrist type fines?

    If it’s just fines I’m worried that somehow, someway Harrison will be fined.

  17. joey49er says: Apr 25, 2011 10:31 PM

    The owners will get the last laugh!!! he who holds the money holds the key..sad to say but its the truth..
    Not today sir. The owners lost and they will lose the next appeal as well. They should just give in already because the owners are starting to look pretty dumb as are you and your blind support for some dusty ol’ farts.

  18. Coachs around the league have been faxed the ASL signals for “Go away, I can’t talk to you.”.

  19. This is going to get REALLY interesting if the NFL doesn’t get the stay it’s looking for.

    Free Agency will then begin either Weds. or Thurs. right before the draft…..Get your popcorn ready!!!

  20. Teams that want to win ON the field are going to have coaches talking to players.

  21. KIR:

    “Am I the only one who’s confused about some of these “fans” in here unhappy that the lock out is ending? The owners have already admitted that they are making a profit. How much only they know and is their secret. Why are actual “fans” unhappy that the lockout is ending?”

    The long-term health of the league depends on the owners “winning” the dispute. If the players win the lawsuits, there will be games this year, but the draft, salary caps, and salary floors all go away. Parity will disappear. And if your team hasn’t already built a shiny new stadium, don’t count on one anytime soon.

    If your goal is just to have games asap and you don’t care about the draft or the long-term prospects of the league, then support the NFLPA*. But if you’re like me and you want the game to continue unchanged for the long-term, then you really should support the owners…even if only reluctantly.

  22. Congratulations to the PLAYERS,get back to work,and to my fellow Football fans,lets get this season started!

  23. Yikes, it seems the mentally challenged are out tonight….

    The OWNERS, by definition, OWN the clubs.
    The OWNERS hired the coaches and players.
    The OWNERS pay the players.
    The OWNERS CUT the players and FIRE the coaches.

    Last time I checked, pissing-off the guy who PAYS you is not a good idea. Players who insulted and demeaned the owners may have won a battle but, will LOSE THE WAR!

    Owners should draft players to replace the A#holes that insulted them. Let them sell insurance or flip burgers!

  24. The thought of Andy Reid with his fingers stuck in his ears running away from DeSean Jackson amuses me to no end, I hope cameras are on hand

  25. The owners appear clueless in this. If this article is to be believed, the owners are scrambling to figure out what to do with the payers?
    Did they not take into account the judge would rule against them? I am truly surprised that the owners seem so ham handed

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