Bill Parcells: Gossiping scouts are a good source of draft information

Go to any business convention and you’ll hear people gossiping about their companies, their colleagues and their bosses. Bill Parcells says the NFL Scouting Combine and Pro Day workouts are no different.

In an interview this morning on ESPN Radio, Parcells said that when he was running draft rooms, he always relied on gossip among scouts to help him get a sense of which players would already be gone and which players would be available when his teams were drafting.

“I think you have an idea, generally, what players may be available to you, based on your work and your research and, actually, your conversations with people,” Parcells said. “People can’t help but talk a little bit. You kind of have an idea what may transpire.”

Asked who he was referring to when he said “people can’t help but talk,” Parcells said he’d hear things from employees he knew on other teams, and from his own employees who had friends on other teams.

“People within the clubs, people within the scouting systems, they converse with one another and all of a sudden information is transmitted from one place to another,” Parcells said. “Scouts are just normal like anyone else — they’re out and there’s 50 or 60 of them standing around watching guys work, they can’t help but sometimes share opinions.”

Parcells makes an interesting point: The guys who work in NFL front offices are regular people, and it’s normal for regular people to dish about what’s going on at the office. Even though we’re sure Parcells wouldn’t have taken kindly to his own employees spilling the beans about his teams’ draft boards.

19 responses to “Bill Parcells: Gossiping scouts are a good source of draft information

  1. And yet he still drafted Pat White? And Jake Long over Matt Ryan?

    Looks to me that folks were not “gossiping” to Parcells but were instead setting him up.

  2. Do you think Bellichick likes to share his opinions with other s for validation or to make conversation or because he can’t help it?

    Sounds like just another flaw when it comes to trying to build a succesful team.

  3. What has Parcells every done that is above mediocre from a personnel perspective?

    He left the Patriots over Terry Glenn being drafted, but still kept Glenn with him on the Cowboys way past her prime. With Miami, he had the first overall pick and went the safest route possible with an offensive lineman. He drafted Chad Henne, a pretty disappointing quarterback of the future. Then, he took Pat White in the second round the next year.

    Not to mention the huge payout he gave to Jake Grove for a single season. After being cut, he didn’t sign on anywhere else.

  4. Of course he would not want his employees to be talking, same with the other teams, they all hope some one will be talking from the other teams, other then being negative what is your point? Bill

  5. As a Bengals fan, I think we have an advantage here. We just have to make sure our one scout doesn’t talk…

  6. benh999 says:

    What has Parcells every done that is above mediocre from a personnel perspective?

    riverhorsey says:

    Well let me guess, he won two Super Bowls with a mediocre QB and a back up QB ??

    I’d say that is something above average he’s done.

    What about you Ben, you ever do anything besides bitch on a web forum?

  7. Enough with this espn CREATED BLOWHARD…..all he is doing is what he did to the Cowboys and the Dolphins….cashing in…he been irrelavant for way too long…..

  8. Belichick traded back twice last year and still got the guy he wanted – McCourty. How do you think he knew McCourty would be there? His guys keep quiet, your guys talk. And the sports weasels wonder why Belichick won’t chit-chat with them.

  9. Furthermore How would 1 team be able the differentiate between what is “gossip” and what is just blatant false rumor.

  10. He rode LT and the players selected by George Young to two Superbowls. And he’s been cashing in ever since. His drafts have been mediocre. Maybe he should spend less time listening at keyholes.

  11. Just a shout out to the notoriously tight lipped Ted Thompson. I’m sure that if anyone knew that he was going to trade up to get CMII someone would have grabbed him first. TT is the one to get comments about the draft from, not a washed up Tuna. Of course he won’t tell you anything.

  12. riverhorsey,
    I’ll go out on a limb and respond, “better on my verbal SATs than you.” Evidently reading comprehension is not your strong suit. I never said he was a bad coach. I said he was a mediocre with personnel decisions.

    In case you are still having trouble keeping up, I wil try to be a bit more verbose. This means I am speaking to his abilities when it comes to identifying and acquiring good talent. It does not mean he did not do a good job coaching and winning with average to below average QB “personnel”.

  13. I often wonder looking back when Atlanta wanted Parcells as GM would we have had Matt Ryan? Bill Parcells would have opt’d to get Jake Long and would we have drafted Matt Ryan or even Flacco? Its sad we missed the boat on both of them. I just hope we can get a franchise QB behind Long sooner than later… or that pick would have been a huge waste (not waste that he sucks-but a waste of a talented OL like Long).

    Jake you still ROCK! But…

  14. Well said, benh999. I love it when some posters cannot argue the point or have reading comprension, as you pointed out, and resort to making personal attacks to your personal accomplishments.

    For all his success in NY, he’s been very mediocre and overrated elsewhere.

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