Browns fan withdraws lockout lawsuit

Getty Images

During a bad week in court for the NFL, there’s a sliver of good news.

Cleveland businessman Ken Lanci, who filed a lawsuit aimed at blocking the lockout as a violation of his Personal Seat License, has withdrawn the suit, according to Pat Galbincea of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

“We’ve decided to wait and see how the court rules on the appeal filed by the owners,” Lanci said.  “If and when the judge rules in favor of the owners, we will refile our case.”

We’ve got a feeling that Lanci won’t.  Instead, we’ve got a feeling that this was a convenient way to save face in the wake of filing a lawsuit that, in our assessment bordered on frivolous.

There’s no reason to withdraw the case pending appeal.  If the league loses the appeal, then the lawsuit could have been withdrawn.

Thus, this is likely the last we’ll hear from Mr. Lanci.