Cowboys haven’t drafted offensive line in first round in 22 years


The Dallas Cowboys haven’t used a first-round pick on an offensive lineman in the 22 years Jerry Jones has owned the franchise.

But Jones hinted Tuesday that he’s open to changing that trend.

“I don’t know if I have ever gone to bed worrying about protecting the passer with the left tackle. And that’s been quite a luxury,” said Jones. “Because if you look at [Mark] Tuinei, then you step on into what we had with Flozell [Adams], we had really signed Larry Allen to be our left tackle. We moved [Allen] out there for a year, he makes All Pro.

“[But] I’m not reluctant to invest a first-round pick … in an offensive lineman.”

Jon Machota of FOX Sports Southwest calls USC’s Tyron Smith and Boston College’s Anthony Castonzo “the leaders” to be Dallas’ pick at No. 9 overall.

It’s been previously reported that the Cowboys hope to trade down, possibly targeting Wisconsin defensive end J.J. Watt or California defensive end Cameron Jordan.

But if they stand pat, an offensive tackle is expected at the ninth pick.

Renowned Dallas Morning News draft prognosticator Rick Gosselin sent Smith to the Cowboys in his first mock draft.

15 responses to “Cowboys haven’t drafted offensive line in first round in 22 years

  1. “Renowned Dallas Morning News draft prognosticator Rick Gosselin sent Smith to the Cowboys in his first mock draft.”

    Wouldnt know since the DMN has gone the way of ESPN and now charges subscription fee for access to their site!!!

  2. It really doesn’t matter who the ‘Boys pick.

    The overrated team, led by it’s overrated QB, playing in their overfinanced stadium, in front of overfed fans, who overpaid for overpriced PSL seats, to the overextended owner, will overestimate the teams chance yet again.

    The ‘Boys ain’t gonna do nothing again this year. Cowboys fans have to be the biggest suckers.

  3. Why is it that you have to make it a ‘Jerry Jones’ thing?

    Dallas hasn’t drafted an O lineman in the first round since 1981, not 22 years, 30 years.

    Maybe he hasn’t, but they seem to have gotten some pretty good O linemen, Larry Allen, perhaps one of the best guards to ever play the game, 2nd rd, Flozell Adams, 2nd rd, Eric Williams, 3rd rd, Mark Tuniei, 7th rd.

  4. It’s shown.
    I could not for the life of me understand why Parcells even was refusing to address his terrible offensive line. I mean, I’m not even sure the guy used a second round pick on it.
    And then there was Pete Hunter. Jesus Christ. As much as I like Parcells, I lost so much respect for him when he stuck with Pete Hunter.

  5. I don’t see an oline guy who’s value is worth the 9th pick overall. Maybe trade down to get Tyron or Anthony C? Either way, I don’t see them picking an Oline 1st round much less 2nd round… That’s just JJ for ya.

  6. Always love the comments attached to any and all Dallas articles. Lack of knowledge, bitterness, jealousy. It’s what happens every time. Love the first comment from some Chargers fan knocking Dallas re:Super Bowl…. that’s outstanding coming from a dude rooting for San Diego in a city (L.A.) that doesn’t even have a franchise. Idiot.

  7. Well Evan had you actually watched Cowboys games this year you would realize that they don’t need a left tackle this year either. Maybe call Jerry out on his stupid comments about needed one. They need a G and a RT which they can get easily in the second round. I love how all of these football “experts” seem to think they know what a team needs. Face it, there is no way you sat there and watched every team’s every game and every play. Dallas needs DB’s more than they need anything right now. As a Dallas fan who watched every single down last year, I have a better understanding than a bunch of nerds who somehow got lucky enough to be considered experts who likely never played a down of football, or a minute of any organized sport in their lives.

  8. “The Dallas Cowboys haven’t used a first-round pick on an offensive lineman in the 22 years Jerry Jones has owned the franchise.”

    In other news,Generallissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

  9. It doesn’t really matter who Gosselin picks in his first mock draft. His third one is the good one.

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