Greg Cosell calls Andy Dalton a fourth-round talent

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Peter King of Sports Illustrated and Adam Schefter of ESPN have both publicly predicted that TCU quarterback Andy Dalton will be a first-round pick on Thursday.

That may be true, but avid game-tape watcher Greg Cosell of NFL Films doesn’t buy Dalton as more than a middle-round talent.

Specifically, Cosell sees Dalton as a fourth-rounder.

“He won’t go there. He’ll go higher,” conceded Cosell in an interview with the Sacramento Bee. “But he doesn’t throw it very well. He doesn’t spin it very well. He’s a guy you’ll have to camouflage. He needs a strong running game to be successful.”

NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora recently released a mock draft that sent Dalton to the Titans with the eighth overall pick. Among draftniks, other popular landing spots for the 50-game college starter include Jacksonville at No. 16 and Seattle at 25.

20 responses to “Greg Cosell calls Andy Dalton a fourth-round talent

  1. Cosell’s right. Now that the NFL is back in business, one of them should send us a first rounder for Kolb.

  2. Greg Cosell doesn’t know sheet about quarterbacks!! A few year ago he while praising Jay Cutler as the next coming of Manning he was also saying how Philip Rivers was not very good. “Wrong again Cosell” is a third rate evaluator of talent

  3. Cinci press has made noise about the Bengals taking him at 35 overall. If he’s not there, well, hello Kaepernick.

  4. I would hate to be a team in need of a Quarterback, because its not a deep class. Even the top two Newton & Gabbert I would be leery of drafting for them to be my franchise guy. When did Dalton, Ponder, and Kaepernick become first rounders? Based on workouts and interviews, but not game tapes? Outside of Newton, Gabbert & maybe Mallet, there are no first round qb’s. A team in need of a quarterback should trade a 2 & 3rd round pick to Philly and get Kolb.

  5. My buddy Murph thinks Dalton is a top 10 talent. Neither Cosell’s nor Murph’s opinion means squat.

  6. I seriously doubt Cosell evaluates players better than an NFL team. Just sayin. He cuts film for a reason.

  7. I’m inclined to agree with Cosell. Dalton’s got no hose. And Peter King is a dweeb. I love MMQB, but his love for U2 and the Boss say it all. I suspect he sees a bit of himself in the nerdy and physically outmatched Dalton. To quote King’s daughters – “Just saying”.

  8. For those who forgot, Greg Cosell is a producer NFL Matchup on ESPN.

    In 2009 Adam Schefter revealed to WEEI Radio in Boston that, behind the production of the show, Cosell was someone who felt that Randy Moss played his best game “without” the football against the Panthers’ when their players accused him of slouching.

    This was after Merril Hoge said the same thing during the show’s airing.

  9. Dalton does all of the fundamental things right and that’s why majority of his critics feel good about him.

    If Mike Mayock thinks he’s worth at least a 2nd round pick then he’s no 4th Rounder.

  10. And lots of people felt Tom Brady wasnt even a 6th rd talent and that Kurt Warner and Tony Romo werent ANY round talents. Not saying Dalton is or isnt, but theres lots of people, nfl scouts and front office included, that dont exactly know how to draft talent.

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