Jim Mandich dies after bout with cancer

Former NFL tight end Jim Mandich, a member of the undefeated 1972 Dolphins, has passed away at the age of 62, according to the Associated Press.

Mandich, who in recent years worked as color commentator for Dolphins games and as a radio host at WQAM in Miami, had been battled bile-duct cancer since 2010.

Mandich played college football at Michigan.  “I’ve played in a perfect season and in Super Bowls,” Mandich said several years ago.  “But I’m proudest of playing for the maize and blue.”

Last year, Mandich candidly criticized former V.P. of football operations Bill Parcells, who left the team during the 2010 season.  “He was a hired gun. He was a personality,” Mandich said.  “He came in; he leaves two years later.  I feel like taking Listerine and washing my mouth out, because it doesn’t feel good to me.”

We send our condolences to Mandich’s family, colleagues, teammates, and friends.

28 responses to “Jim Mandich dies after bout with cancer

  1. God bless the Mandich Family. This is a seriously sad day for all of radio and the fans that shared a moment of bliss with him whenever the Dolphins scored a TD. I will forever hear his voice yelling when I watch a game. He was the best of the best.

    RIP Jim.

    One last time: Alright Miami!

  2. My sympathies go out to the Mandich family.
    I read PFT every day and have never been inclined to sign up to comment, until now.

    This is a weak obit article…who cares about Bill Parcells at a time like this? It may have been a nice quip, though to dedicate the last paragraph to him and Mandich’s comments is hardly a tribute to the man.

    Prayers to those friends and family affected by Mr. Mandich’s passing

  3. I think one of only men to play for two different dynasties of the 1970’s, Jim also earned a SB ring with the Steelers. Preston Pearson earned one each with the Steelers and Cowboys.

  4. He’s knocking back Green Lizards up there, watching all the best Fins and Wolverine games on a stadium-size big screen.

    I’ll really miss him. He was the only radio personality I ever made time to listen to on a regular basis.

  5. The thing Jim was most proud of, other than his family, was that he was the last “Team Captain” of the Maize and Blue; after his tenure, there were seperate, offensive and defensive captains.
    Jimmy: May God Bless you and keep you in His care.

  6. You will be missed mr mad dog. your honesty was always appreciated – you told it like it was! your catch-phrases were epic – you mattered in MIA for very long time.

    thanks for the memories


  7. You’ll truly be missed Jim Mandich. Thank you for being the voice of the Miami Dolphins. Your passion for this team will never be forgotten. Truly a sad day for the Miami Dolphins and U of M.

  8. Even though he loved the Dolphins he was always honest about where they stood in the league and how they were playing.

    I’ll miss his candid opinions and his passion for the sport.

  9. I grew up watching him play and always loved listening to him call play-by-play. My prayers to his family, football family, and his friends.

    Miami Dolphins football won’t be the same without him.

    RIP “Mad Dog”

  10. “I feel like taking Listerine and washing my mouth out, because it doesn’t feel good to me.”

    Was he talking about Bill Parcells or Ray Finkel?

  11. i cant believe this man. dolphin fan from new jersey. didnt get to watch too many games up there. he brought the dolphins to me on many sundays.

    awwwwright miiiiiiiiiiami!

  12. Dolphin games just won’t be the same without him in the booth!! It is a sad day for Miami Dolphin fans everywhere……we lost one of the good guys!!!! One more time Jim…….AAAAALLLLLLRIIIGGGGHHHHTTTT MIAMI!!!!!!!!! R.I.P Jim you will truly be missed!!!!

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