Mike Martz recently turned down contract extension


The Bears’ propensity for being stingy with their coach’s pay could wind up hurting them next year.

Mike Mulligan of the Chicago Sun-Times reports that offensive coordinator Mike Martz recently turned down a one-year contract extension from the team, just like special-teams coordinator Dave Toub did before him.

The extension didn’t include a raise, so Martz felt comfortable lacking “security” for 2012.  Both he and Toub could be coaching free agents next year.

Martz wasn’t exactly a hot coaching prospect before Lovie Smith brought him into the fold, but Martz will have superior leverage in Chicago and elsewhere with a successful 2011 season under his belt.

The Bears will want Jay Cutler to maintain as much continuity as possible, so it seems relatively likely Martz would just get his raise after next season.   Lovie Smith signed a two-year extension after the season.

10 responses to “Mike Martz recently turned down contract extension

  1. After that end-around play he called on 3rd down, I hope he stays with the Bears, LOL.

    Packers 21
    Bears 14

    Life rules.

  2. Smart move by Martz – which is opposite the move Tice made (who wants to be higher, but signed a multi-year contract as an assistant). Martz is free to look for other positions next year. Tice is locked in to a contract and if the Bears don’t allow him to interview for spots with other teams, he can look to Martz as to how to handle being an assistant coach.

  3. The Bears, Martz, and Cutler all overachieved last year.

    Everybody knows Cutler throws too many dangerous passes which is why more often than not he’s chasing the league for interceptions thrown.

    Combine that with an offensive coordinator who wasted some of the best years of Marshall Faulk and likes to throw on every down and you have a concoction for disastor.

    Last year was a lucky fluke, medtxpack said it best, Martz knows he’s not going very far with Cutler.

  4. Aren’t you supposed to over achieve…?? That is a good thing…. They will be fine next year…All you that THINK you know football picked the Bears LAST….. and they go to NFC Championship game…pick there again..Oh i see one guy did..Detroit 11-5????? not in my lifetime..Won’t happen……. Bears & Packers in Playoffs again..Viks and Lions keep tryin…..

    Who overachieved..DETROIT???? they won’t do that 2 years in a row….

  5. @chargerdillon

    Marshall Faulk’s first 3 years with Mike Martz as OC involved over 4000 yards and 37 rushing TDs at 5.4 YPC. That was in addition to the 2600 yards receiving he had in that same span.

    -That’s all in addition to the 8000 career yards he already had on his legs from 5 years in Indianapolis. He was 26 years old when he went to St Louis. His production started to fall in 2002, when he was 29 years old. However…

    -…Faulk didn’t have fewer than 1000 total yards until his last season as a pro in 2005

    -He turned in 11,000 total yards in 7 years with Mike Martz.

    He sure did waste some of Faulk’s best years, didn’t he?

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