Report: Steelers want to trade up, pair Mike with Maurkice


Citing a league source, Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports that the Steelers are willing to “exhaust all realistic possible scenarios” in which they could trade up to draft Florida guard/center Mike Pouncey.

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin has reportedly given his personnel department an “edict” to move up for Maurkice’s brother in the event Mike “starts to slip” in the draft.

According to La Canfora, Tomlin is “enthralled” with the idea of pairing Mike with Maurkice on the interior of his offensive line. The latter Pouncey twin plays center, and the former would likely move into the starting lineup at right guard.

The Miami Dolphins are believed to be interested in Mike Pouncey at No. 15 overall. If the Fins pass, La Canfora says “the scenario could unfold for the Steelers to move up.”

Say Miami does pass on Pouncey. He could conceivably land with the Jaguars at 16, Patriots at 17, or Giants at 19. All of those teams could use interior offensive line help.

The Steelers currently hold the No. 31 overall pick. Per the NFL Trade Value Chart, Pittsburgh’s first-rounder is worth 600 points. Jacksonville’s is worth 1,000.

La Canfora suggests Pittsburgh might wait for Pouncey to slip to 20, where the Bucs’ first-rounder is worth 850 points. Tomlin has a relationship with Tampa coach Raheem Morris.

44 responses to “Report: Steelers want to trade up, pair Mike with Maurkice

  1. We’re brothers. We’re singing and we’re dancing and we’re colored. Do de do do. Give me a high five!

  2. Not saying this isn’t true, but Tomlin doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy who gets “enthralled” with anyone. And I wouldn’t bet on Tomlin issuing orders to Colbert about moving up in the draft. If the Steelers make such a move, it will be because everyone–Tomlin, Colbert, and Rooney–thinks it’s the right move.

    Like most Steelers fans, I’d be thrilled to get an o-lineman in the first round who could be even 75 percent as successful for us as Maurkice has been. Can’t help believing a twin could fit that bill. Don’t think Mike will match his brother’s NFL success–but I do believe he’ll try and may come close 🙂

    BTW, how old is that photo? 😀

  3. Ehhhhhh…

    I don’t know about this. Maurkice was an all-pro as a rookie; there is almost no way his bro is better than he is. And if we traded up to 16 to get him, we’d be taking Mike two slots higher than Maurkice. Not to mention we’d be giving up a 2nd or 3rd rounder that could be used to draft a CB that doesn’t blow…

  4. How Nice! Now where is the real News???? No juicy gossip on Mike Vick condemning violent video games articles tonight? Sometimes I wish he had put the writers on this site out their misery instead of the dogs.

  5. From the same guy who brought us:

    Roethlisberger to the Raiders….
    Dick Lebeau to Arizona…
    Dick Lebeau to retire…
    Keith Butler to Arizona…
    Casey Hampton to be cut….

    Is now bringing us this trash. Ed Bouchette has already refuted the report and stated that Tomlin does not give edicts to the personnel department.

  6. That is a horrible picture of Mike Pouncey. He looks like one of those orphans that I’d donate $25 a month and he’d send me letters thanking me for saving his village.

  7. Why not just trade with Miami?

    Switch spots in the 1st rd along with 2nd rd pick and maybe something else.

    If Pitt wants him, thats what the deal will look like.

  8. Why would they wait if Miami might take him (and there is a strong possibility they might – he’s one of three favored palyers for them to take: Ingram and Mallett being the other two)?

    If they truly want him that badly (and this is probably all smoke) just do the trade with Miami instead of taking the chance – they have made it well known they want to move down to recoup the second they sent to Denver for Marshall.

    Pitt’s 1st & 2nd for Miami’s 1st and one of their 7th rounders.

  9. Jason La Canfora is the to to man for all team trade up information tonight. He stated a little ealier that the RedSkins badly wanted to trade up real badly to the number 2 spot to get Blaine..

    So in La Canfora’s world all the teams are now trading up for who they supposedly want.

  10. Mike Greenberg was misnamed. How perfect would that show be as Mike and Maurkice in the Morning?

  11. If this story came out about the Bills or the Seahawks or some other terribly run organization, I would believe it. However, Pittsburgh is too smart to tip their hand like this. I’d be willing to be this is a smokescreen to make teams believe that is who they are targeting with a move up so they can get who they actually want.

    Pretty smart way to convince a team that may be targeting the same guy you are to move back in a trade just to lose the guy they really wanted.

  12. I don’t know who this ‘league source’ is , but I doubt Tomlin is giving edicts to Kevin Colbert.

  13. Awesome!

    Now Tomlin needs to exhaust all possibilities to get the 20-30 women Big Jen raped on board as game day cheerleaders!

  14. If the Black-n-Gold can snag up Nnamdi from Oakland to sure up the corner position, I would be all for this. If not, they have to go Corner with their 1st rounder. They need to resign Ike and get another cover corner on the opposite side first and foremost.

  15. Whats with this points rating of draft pics? Do you have to take the value, or supply the value of the pick? If I have the number 1 overall, and I want a player who will drop to say, 32, I can’t just swap 1’s? The other team would have to supply me with the value of the pick?

    Or say a team offers me a first and third for it and I decide its a good deal…would the league stop me from making it unless they offered me more?

  16. I think this is a favor to Pouncy to get his brother drafted a bit higher. I think they know he will not be there at 31, and if he is they will only take him if he is in fact the top guy available. By leaking this they get more teams thinking of taking him because of the hype, letting other players slip to them.

  17. He’d have a pretty good mentor/someone to ride his ass to produce. And having the middle of your O-line set for a decade is a good thing.

  18. The Patriots seem to prefer Caucasian guys on the OLine, so I highly doubt they would take him.

    Additionally, sounds like a smokescreen from the Steelers. Who drafts guards in the first round (yeah, Logan Mankins was pick #32)? I know how important the OLine is … but guards?

  19. The Giants would trade out of the 19th spot with the Steelers. Jerry Reese only drafts WRs DEs and DBs with his first pick.

    That is why the Giants’ lines on both sides of the ball are so dang soft.

  20. If they do end up making a deal to move up to try and get Pouncey , they better hope hes versatile enough to play corner back as well . Pouncey is a good player but they need a corner much worse .

  21. Right… the Vikes will trade the 12th pick (1200 value points) to the Steelers for their 31st pick (600 VPs) and their 3rd (120) VPs.

    I have a better idea. The Vikes just get the 3rd. That way the Steelers get 2 1st round picks. Wow !!! Ahhhh… sweet fanboy dreams.

  22. I would rather that the Bucs kept Pouncey at #20, rather than trading the pick. We need a DE desperately, but our OL was in shambles near the end of last year as well.

  23. That would be really cool to see two brothers playing side by side in the pros. It’s cool enough that they both are pros, which is pretty uncommon, but the chance for them to be on the same team just doesn’t happen much.

    But I wonder how much they are willing to pay to move up, because he won’t last long.

    Check out my current breakdown of the 1st round, and even win a FREE NFL Team T-shirt

    Enjoy the day PFT

  24. I would love to see my Steelers get Mike Pouncey. I believe a solid offensive line is the most important unit in football. I don’t think, however, that they will trade away any of their later picks to move up, since they only have seven total. Also they need all of those picks because they have needs in the secondary and on the defensive line. I also hope they can find a running back in the later rounds.

  25. It would be great if they traded Maurkice to the Dolphins and used the 15th pick to draft Mike.

  26. All this tells me is that the Steelers have ZERO interest in Pouncey, and they are hoping a team will fall for it and draft him in the first round (so that they dont have to). Then they dont have to tell their Pouncey that they didnt want his brother…

    What would really be funny is if the Steelers dont make any trade, and Pouncey is on the board when they are on the clock, LMFAO, then they have to pick him, since they are so in love with him. Then the 2 Pounceys can full mouth to mouth man kiss again

  27. I wish people would stop commenting about something they know nothing about. Trade back 19 spots and pick up one extra pick? Idiot… Draft picks have a “points” value, to form a possible trade, you would have to offer something that has a higher points total than what your looking for. Now these are imaginary points so dont go google-ing it, and they flucuate year to year based on draft classes. If the Steelers were to trade up 19 spots in the first round they would need to atleast include their 1st, 2nd, and possibly 3rd round pick (if no player trades are permissable) then hope that the picks they offer line up with the team they are trading too’s draft board. That’s a kings ransom for an aging team.

  28. While trying to decide who is the bigger moron here between borisbulldog, semperfi24, or pervyharvin, let me make this point:

    Mike Pouncey has more value to the Steelers than for any other team.

    The reason is because he and Maurkice are twins.

    Most twins have a special connection and these 2 obviously do. They practically share a brain and would move lock-in-step to the Pro Bowl every year.

    It will be expensive to trade-up to #15, (#31 and #63), but given the wash-out rate of 1st rounders, the move-up will be well worth it, IMO.

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