Saints admit their biggest need is in the front seven


When doing the Saints’ team needs earlier this month, we put defensive end as their biggest trouble spot, with linebacker right behind it.

G.M. Mickey Loomis seems to have the same general idea.   Asked on SIRIUS NFL Radio Tuesday where the Saints need help, Loomis didn’t mince words.

“I think for us, we would point to the defensive side of the ball and the front seven,” Loomis said.   “We would like to add some players to that group.”

We don’t think this is a pre-draft smokescreen.  The Saints have to add a lot of players to that group.  That’s why we just can’t believe they would look at running back Mark Ingram in the first round. They already have Pierre Thomas and Chris Ivory under contract, with Reggie Bush likely to return to the squad.

The Saints have done a great job drafting and developing their secondary over the last few years.  It’s past time to address the defensive front seven.

8 responses to “Saints admit their biggest need is in the front seven

  1. I don’t care what anyone says, our biggest need is in the middle three.

    Alex Brown and Will Smith are fine for now (as are Ellis and Ayodele, etc…). Depth and development is needed, but a rookie starter at OLB would be huge.

  2. Saying what you need in the draft is not “admitting.” Were they keeping this a top secret or something?

  3. Offer a trade to the Cardinals.

    The 5th pick in the draft for the Saints 1st, 2nd, 3rd round pick.

    Picking a player in that spot will only improve their defense unless they pick an offensive player.

    possible players available could be: V. Miller, P. Peterson, D. Bowers, M. Dareus, and R. Quinn….just to name a few.
    giving up 3 players in the draft for almost a sure improvement to your defense… be the judge!

  4. I want Cam Heyward, but would also like Adrian Clayborn, or Justin Houstin, or Marvin Austin, or Muhammad Wilkerson. Ryan Kerrigan would be awesome, but he’ll be gone before the Saints can draft him. Same with JJ Watt and Corey Liuget.

  5. If Rodgers plays like he is capable of playing it will be HUGE for big Sed. Ellis led the team in sacks last year and with another DT demanding double teams, he can be even more of a force.
    Smith is solid but he needs a better player on the other side. Brown is okay, but he is a better run stuffer than he is going after the QB.
    Also OLB is a huge need. Castillas will be a stud but he was hurt last year. Shanle needs to either be a back up or be allowed to leave.
    I hope they trade down from 24 and grab a few extra picks. They only have 5 picks and they have an assload of FA’s. Now more than half of them were guys signed due to injuries last year, but still, more picks would be helpful

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