Source: Marcus Cannon tests positive for lymphoma

TCU offensive lineman Marcus Cannon has tested positive for a treatable form of lymphoma after a battery of tests, a league source tells PFT.

The good news for Cannon is that this form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma is treatable.  The timing of the news is unfortunate of course just days before the draft.

A rumor was circulated last month that Cannon had testicular cancer, which isn’t true.  A biopsy was then performed to clear the matter up, with the results sent to all 32 teams.

Unfortunately, the results of the biopsy showed that Cannon has lymphoma.  Doctors had previously been aware of a benign mass that was present for years and is in his stomach/pelvic area.

Doctors are recommending that Cannon will have to undergo chemotherapy, which could be potentially finished in 12 weeks.  Even if Cannon has the most advanced stage of the disease, he could be finished with treatments in 24 weeks and the doctors have informed Cannon he could “hopefully” continue with his football career at that time.

We wish Cannon all the best at this difficult time as he readies to treat the disease.

18 responses to “Source: Marcus Cannon tests positive for lymphoma

  1. and then there are idiots like Justin Houston that get a positive test back as well but he will most definately get a chance at football, this poor kid might not.

  2. That’s awful, but that’s great news that it’s treatable.

    Anyone know what round he was being projected as?

  3. This is who i wanted my Eagles to pick up. I really hope they still snatch him up maybe even in a later round. When healthy he is a stud and will be a great guard for years in the NFL … Good luck and get well Mr. Cannon

  4. Best of luck to him hope he comes back as good as ever (hopefully to the black and gold next to pouncey but to any of the 32 teams)….kinda puts it in perspective with him and especially herzlich battling illness just to get a chance in the league in the game they love while everyone else scraps over getting even more money to play it. Good luck to both of ye truly hope ye have long careers in the league!

  5. God speed Marcus. I am currently finishing lymphoma chemo treatments (began in January). Although it’s no fun, it is survivable and long term remission rate is quite good. Puts things in perspective to be sure.

  6. Be careful of the proverbial “League Source” suddenly appearing and releasing damning information 48 hours before the start of the NFL Draft.

  7. The guy has the best name on the draft, Mr. Cannon!!! I hope he gets better & becomes a pro-bowler.

  8. Well, at least it’s treatable – that’s good news. And it’s not in the man region – that’s even better news. Good luck, kid.

  9. I had non-Hodgkin lymphoma when I was in 3rd grade. Prayers for you and your family my brother. God Bless on a speedy recovery.

  10. i had burketts lymphoma in 1979 and it it now 2011 and im as healthy as a horse. God is truly good stay strong my brother !!!

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