Texans want to trade up for Von Miller or Patrick Peterson

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John McClain of the Houston Chronicle conducted a live chat with fans Monday, and at multiple points in the Q&A insisted that the Texans want to trade up in the draft.

Per McClain, their targets are Texas A&M linebacker Von Miller and LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson.

“The Texans could offer their 1, 3, 4, and (Amobi) Okoye,” suggests McClain regarding a potential trade up with the Broncos. Denver holds the No. 2 overall pick, which is where the Texans would almost certainly have to get to draft Miller.

According to McClain, a trade up for Peterson is more likely:

“If they trade up to get Peterson, they might not have to offer so much if he drops to Arizona at 5 or San Francisco at 7. … They want Miller first, and if they can’t trade up to get him, they’ll try to trade to get Peterson if he falls.”

Throughout the chat, McClain makes other statements such as “They will try to move up to get those players,” “They’ll try,” and “I know they will try (to trade up).”

Unfortunately, a trade up to No. 2 isn’t realistic for the Texans. Per the NFL trade value chart, they’d have to give up their entire 2011 draft plus Okoye — when trading veteran players may not even be allowed — to execute a deal with Denver.

In the end, McClain gives the Texans just a 20 percent chance of moving up for Miller or Peterson.

McClain predicts that Missouri defensive end Aldon Smith will end up in Houston.

23 responses to “Texans want to trade up for Von Miller or Patrick Peterson

  1. I live in Houston, and the last person I’d believe about anything football related is John Mcclain. If this were 15 years ago, that’s a different story, but he’s oblivious these days.

  2. Oh, you mean the guy all the owners were certainly going to blacklist?

    Instead they’re trying to outmaneuver one another to pay him millions based on what he did in college?

    Yeah, we need to save these guys from themselves. I can only imagine that they have a gun to their heads. Because they’re broke and all, right?


  3. McClain’s smoking the bad stuff again if he thinks that package could get them anywhere near number two overall. Amobi Okoye? Come on, man. Any package that doesn’t include next year’s first round pick would get laughed at. This isn’t Madden– you can’t just throw together a bunch of lower picks and a mediocre-at-best veteran and move to the top of the draft. Get real, dude.

  4. Can we stop paying attention to all these ridiculous rumors? Didn’t PFT say not to pay attention to the draft smoke screens a couple weeks ago?

  5. How the hell is a 1,3,4 and a bust in Okoye supposed to get you up to #2? In the end, the Texans will do the conservative thing and the fans will be let down as usual. Here’s hoping Aldon Smith is a beast…

  6. That trade value chart means absolutely nothing to anyone except journalists who like to bring it up.

    “everything is worth whatever the purchase is willing to pay for it” – adam smith

    the trade is just as feasible as any other draft day rumor that PFT told us not to pay attention to

  7. Ring ring ring ring

    “Hello? Carolina Panthers Headquarters. This is Marty Hurney.”

    “Marty! This is Houston Texans, we’re about to add 5 years to your career.”

  8. Shoot if the Texans did that, the Packers could give up 1,2,3,4,5, and take peterson..and alot of other teams could as well. Those teams however are not stupid as the Texans would be if they did that!!!

  9. As enticing as it sounds to trade up and get a LB on their team that wasnt juiced up due to fear of a “tumor” the Texans should stand pat

  10. I dont see the Texans trading up for Miller or Peterson. McClain is an idiot and I have never seen his speculations pan out. I think the Texans need a solid DE and try to get a top notch corner in FA.

  11. I would love for houston to trade down a few spots and nab kerrigan. he has “texan” written all over him

    – Pass rusher
    – Great Character Guy
    – Productive college career
    – Versatile

  12. Please Mike, stop using the draft value chart for an example when writing an article. Ever since the Browns traded the 5th pick to the Jets (M. Sanchez) it has been shown that the chart is overvalued. Especially in the first round. I do think as you get lower in the draft that it does become more reliable. However until there is a ceiling on what you pay your draft picks the chart is worthless. If I took the time I’m sure I could find other examples however like you, I am too lazy to take the time to find two sources to confirm what I am writing.

  13. As a browns fan I would take that trade because I would be able to still pick Julio and get an extra body while we figure out the personnel

  14. There is no way they can move up to #2 with that offer, they would be lucky if that was enough to get them up to #6. To move up 11 spots to #2, it would take AT LEAST their 2nd round pick this year AND next year’s 1st. There is no way the Broncos are going to give up the highest pick they have ever had for an underacheiving DT, a mid first, a 3rd and a 4th it is just not going to happen.

    There are also rumors out there that the Redskins might be trying to get up to #2 for Gabbert. If that is the case we might see things really heat up trade wise at the top of the draft. The teams picking 3-9 might start thinking about moving up if they think they are going to get leapfrogged by teams behing them for the guy they want.

  15. Texas should give Cincy their 11th and 44th picks
    For Cincy’s 4th. One of the two, Miller or Petterson will likely be there.

  16. If the Texans had a second round pick that would make it much more worthwhile, but I would still listen if a team wanted to offer me three picks for one.

    Personally I think if the Bills aren’t planning to take a QB at #3 and those two players are still on the board the Bills should investigate that trade. I wouldn’t make it for specifically the compensation listed above but maybe replace the 4th and Okoye with next year’s 2nd or something along those lines.

    The only real reason I think this would be worth it is if the Bills aren’t taking a QB at #3, there’s a good chance they’ll have to trade into the back of the first round to get their QB then, so the more ammo they have for that trade the better. There are enough positions that the Bills need help at that there will still be someone valuable to them at #11.

  17. The Texans do have a second. I thought the reason it wasn’t mentioned as a possibility is they didn’t have that pick available. I really think if the team is that desperate for one of those two players, a package including their first two picks plus some other form of compensation would be worth it to some team, whether the Bills or otherwise.

  18. That seems like an awful lot to give up draft-wise just to move up a few spots. I’m not buying it.

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