Tom Zbikowski tests positive for marijuana after boxing match

Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski improved his professional boxing record to 4-0 on Saturday night. But a report out today says Zbikowski has been suspended from boxing after failing a drug test.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that the Chickasaw Nation Boxing Commission tested the fighters participating in the boxing event, which took place at the WinStar Casino in Thackerville, Oklahoma, and that Zbikowski tested positive for THC, the main psychoactive substance in marijuana.

The Chickasaw Nation Boxing Commission has suspended Zbikowski 45 days. State and tribal boxing commissions generally honor each other’s suspensions, so the two boxing matches Zbikowski has scheduled for the next 45 days would likely need to be scrapped if he loses his appeal.

However, Zbikowski’s manager, Mike Joyce, told the Sun-Times that Zbikowski is scheduled to get a second test today, and that they expect to win an appeal of the first test’s findings.

“We’re appealing it,” Joyce told the Sun-Times. “After the fight, all the fighters tested were positive. They had you pee in a cup and put a strip of something in there. I’ve never seen results where you get them the day of the fight. It was like a home pregnancy test or something. . . . He’s taken all sorts of tests for the NFL and he’s never tested positive.”

It remains to be seen whether the NFL would view Zbikowski testing positive in a test administered for another sport, during the lockout, as a violation of the league’s substance-abuse policy.

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  1. Will this hurt his NFL standing with the drug policy?

    Or do players get some freebee’s here.

  2. Um, he was boxing in a casino in Oklahoma. Darth Vader could box in there with his filtration mask on and still fail a whizz quiz.

  3. Ha, ha, speaks volumes for the effectiveness of the NFL “drug testing” procedures.

    Tom was admonished by his manager afterwards, “C’mon, Z, this ain’t the friggin’ NFL we’re dealing with here, smarten up and be more careful next time!”.

  4. Interesting training regimen. 2 hours of cardio, 90 mins of heavy bag, 30 mins of sparring and then 6 bong hits.

  5. Zbikowksi was surprised that the fight only lasted 3 minutes. “Wow, it seemed like hours out there. I’m starved.”.

  6. All of the fighters tested were positive?! Right there should show something… either they all hot-boxed the warm-up room before the event, or there’s something wrong with the tests.

  7. Who the hell cares??? It’s friggin’ pot. This isn’t Leave it to Beaver and 1959. Give me a break.

  8. OK, sing it with me:

    (la da-da da da)

    My boxing was going well, and then I got high….
    (doo doo doo)

    Now I’m gonna be suspended by Goodell, because I got high

    because I got high

    because I got hiiiiiigh

  9. wow! haha, way to go Zibby! honestly i could care less that THC is in his system or ANY professional athlete for that matter, it doesn’t improve anybodys physical performance except maybe during dinner time lol, who cares if an athlete smokes pot? NOT ME, im sure i’ll get some flack but the only thing wrong with it is the “positive role model” side of the debate, but Marijuana is ALL over the news let alone the American culture itself and will most likely be legalized in some shape of form at some point in the near future, gradually im sure, but i will be the first to educate my children about the subject in a detailed manner (the problem lies with the parents that DO NOT talk to their kids about it)

    Still Love ya Zibby!

  10. So what!! Suspended for that bs! Like he gained any advantage. Smoking weed if anything would hurt him.

  11. Funny they are asking for a second test. I could pass a 2nd test as well. Just go to the pipe shop and get a drink that Ricky Williams used.

  12. Pregnancy test? Its the same test I took when I was at meps. If its good enough for them, its good enough for a football player.

  13. It’s REEFER!!! If they legalized it they could reduce the national debt by 50% in 12 months, let’s get with the program!

  14. You people are negating the statement that ALL fighters tested that day failed. Thats ridiculous to not think that its a bogus test if that is the case.

  15. Personal view on the use or legalization of marijuana are irrelevant.
    What is relevant is players know the organizations from whom they draw a paycheck have banned its use in their employees. Yet the player chooses to use the substance anyway.
    Knowing full well that using the substance may jeopardize their career, they still choose to use.
    It’s not a drug issue, it’s an ability to control ones self in order to comply with the employers polices.
    It’s weak character.

  16. “Some time, when the crew is up against it and the breaks are beating the boys, tell them to get out there and give it all they got and toke just one for the Zipper”.

  17. Typical Raven… Probation departments across the US use the same test kit, results are immediate.. they are accurate 60% of the time, every time..

    Sounds like a 4 game suspension on top of his 45 day suspension.. BUM

    He never tested positive in the NFL because their testing program is flawed, just ask the OCHO….

  18. Absolutely NO SUCH THING as a paper-strip pee test for THC. The Indians need a breathalyzer test.
    They all tested positive? Must’ve been the ceremonial sweat lodge where they use weed in the fire pit. You know the old, native tradition?
    God love those ignorant, drunken Indians!
    I have been to Thackerville, Oklahoma. Once.

  19. 5 guys tested positive on a card with about 12 fighters. The test will be overturned. There’s no legit Athletic Commission there and and they have only had a couple fights at that Casino on the Reservation. He’ll pass the 2nd test and they should throw out the first result.

  20. No wonder he wins his fights in the 1st round. He had a bad case of the “munchies’ and wants to get to the buffet table asap

  21. I have newfound respect for this guy… now lets hope that instead of “admitting his mistakes and apologizing” he does the right thing and becomes an advocate for marijuana! and I’m sure ill get a response from some hater but thats the beauty of it, I DONT CARE.

  22. More proof that the test for THC is too stringent… Smoke it once and it still shows up in your system 30days later? and you are still impaired at that point? Give me a break… Testing for THC is B.S.!

  23. I cannot believe that the incredibly racist post by:

    drgreenstreak says:
    Apr 26, 2011 3:11 PM

    got past the intern. Time to wake him up. Delete this post already, unless of course this website agrees with the statements.

  24. It would make sense or him to smoke it if he was depressed after taking hits to the head.

    Kyle Turley smokes pot to cope with concussion-related depression. He told this to ESPN & Dan LeBatard.

    But if the players are locked out, he shouldn’t be suspended!!! No NFL rules apply to this test!!!

  25. rgwhodey says: Apr 26, 2011 2:48 PM

    Typical Raven… Probation departments across the US use the same test kit, results are immediate.. they are accurate 60% of the time, every time..

    Sounds like a 4 game suspension on top of his 45 day suspension.. BUM

    He never tested positive in the NFL because their testing program is flawed, just ask the OCHO….


    What does Chad have to do with this? Unless you are implying that Chad is a pot head… and in that case, care to provide anything to indicate that Chad does that?

  26. @enders9
    No I don’t think chad is a pot head… he’s gotten called out a couple times about his tweets where he talks about being approached to take a drug test and then the NFL gets called out on their weak drug testing…

  27. So let me get this straight. Calling an entire race of people “drunken idiots” is okay to get posted. Calling MDS bush league is not. Gotcha.

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