Zbikowski submits second drug test, NFL will review

Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski could end up in hot water over a failed drug test following his Saturday boxing match. But he’s hoping his appeal clears everything up.

Zbikowski’s attorney says the result was a false positive, and that he’s sending a negative result from “a more in-depth test” to the Chickasaw Nation Boxing Commission, his attorney told the Baltimore Sun.

Meanwhile, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said the league office will review the matter whenever players are back at work.

“We do not know the facts, but it will be reviewed when the teams return,” Aiello said.

A Ravens spokesman said, “At this time, unfortunately, we can’t reach out to Tom for his side of the story.”

Zbikowski’s victory on Saturday night improved his record to 4-0. He has said he plans to continue fighting until the season starts, but if he doesn’t win his appeal, his 45-day suspension could cause his next two scheduled fights to be scrapped.