2011 mock draft, take five


1. Panthers: Cam Newton, quarterback, Auburn.

Marty Hurney will swing for the fences at No. 1 overall.

2. Broncos: Marcell Dareus, defensive tackle, Alabama.

Denver adds an elite defensive tackle for the new 4-3.

3. Bills: Von Miller, linebacker, Texas A&M.

Miller fixes Buffalo’s disastrous 2009 whiff on Aaron Maybin.

4. Bengals: Blaine Gabbert, quarterback, Missouri.

Cincinnati can now trade Carson Palmer to the Seahawks after the draft.

5. Cardinals: Robert Quinn, linebacker, North Carolina.

Quinn will replace Joey Porter, a surefire post-draft salary casualty.

6. Browns: A.J. Green, wide receiver, Georgia.

Colt McCoy has no chance to succeed with his current supporting cast.

7. 49ers: Patrick Peterson, cornerback/safety, LSU.

Picks five and seven are interchangeable; the Niners would take either.

8. Titans: Nick Fairley, defensive tackle, Auburn.

The offensive staff wants a QB, but Fairley will be higher on their board.

9. Cowboys: Tyron Smith, tackle, USC.

Left tackle Doug Free is a free agent, making Smith a no-brainer pick.

10. Redskins: Jake Locker, quarterback, Washington.

The Shanahans are intent on finding a franchise quarterback this year.

11. Texans: Aldon Smith, linebacker, Missouri.

With Miller and Quinn gone, Houston takes the best pass rusher left.

12. Vikings: Julio Jones, wide receiver, Alabama.

The Vikes want Locker, but settle on a weapon for a free agent QB.

13. Lions: Anthony Castonzo, tackle, Boston College.

Detroit’s top draft priority must be to keep Matthew Stafford upright.

14. Rams: Prince Amukamara, cornerback, Nebraska.

St. Louis can’t pass on a falling Amukamara; he’ll be atop their board.

15. Dolphins: Mike Pouncey, guard/center, Florida.

The Fins covet a guard who can both pull and play with in-line power.

16. Jaguars: Christian Ponder, quarterback, Florida State.

David Garrard has held Jacksonville’s offense hostage long enough.

17. Patriots: Cameron Jordan, defensive end, Cal.

Jordan draws some comparisons to Richard Seymour as a 3-4 end.

18. Chargers: J.J. Watt, defensive end, Wisconsin.

The Bolts want more pass rush at their right defensive end position.

19. Giants: Corey Liuget, defensive tackle, Illinois.

Liuget could form a dangerous duo with Chris Canty on the inside.

20. Bucs: Da’Quan Bowers, defensive end, Clemson.

A risky pick, but the Bucs try to hit a homerun at a major sore spot.

21. Chiefs: Gabe Carimi, tackle, Wisconsin.

The ideal bookend right tackle to play across from Branden Albert.

22. Colts: Derek Sherrod, tackle, Mississippi State.

Indianapolis upgrades Peyton Manning’s blind side with a safe pick.

23. Eagles: Jimmy Smith, cornerback, Colorado.

Smith may be the missing piece Philly needs for a Super Bowl berth.

24. Saints: Jabaal Sheard, defensive end, Pittsburgh.

Big East Defensive Player of the Year can spark the Saints’ front seven.

25. Seahawks: Andy Dalton, quarterback, TCU.

A reach, but it may not necessarily be the Seahawks making this pick.

26. Ravens: Ryan Kerrigan, defensive end, Purdue.

Kerrigan is everything Paul Kruger was supposed to be two years ago.

27. Falcons: Danny Watkins, guard, Baylor.

Watkins is pro-ready, and Atlanta risks losing three of its starting five.

28. Patriots: Brooks Reed, linebacker, Arizona.

Reed’s best projection is 3-4 outside ‘backer, a weak position in Foxboro.

29. Bears: Marvin Austin, defensive tackle, North Carolina.

It’s no secret that Chicago is high on Austin to replace Tommie Harris.

30. Jets: Muhammad Wilkerson, defensive end, Temple.

Wilkerson can collapse the pocket at New York’s biggest area of need.

31. Steelers: Phil Taylor, defensive tackle, Baylor.

Pittsburgh solidifies its aging front line with a run-stuffing behemoth.

32. Packers: James Carpenter, tackle/guard, Alabama.

Carpenter starts at guard in year one, and can eventually kick to tackle.

63 responses to “2011 mock draft, take five

  1. As an Eagles fan, I’m still gripping hope that we will be able to trade Kolb come 8pm tomorrow. If the Bengals or Cardinals bite on a trade proposal, theres a chance we could scoop up the coveted Patrick Peterson early and snag a big OT with our later 1st rounder to ensure vicktory.

  2. And this leaves Ingram to the Pats at the top of the second round, wow. I feel sorry for the rest of the NFL, could they be better than their 18 AND 1 season?

  3. The more mock draft I look at, the more clear it becomes that people see the Eagles as the new Bengals. Bringiing in anyone regardless of character…and I can’t argue against that.

  4. Phil Taylor would be a future starter, and the Steelers normally fill future positions later in the draft. I love his prospect, but their tendency is to draft a player that can play immediately with their first round pick. I think they will most likely trade down into the high-second round and still get Aaron Williams, CB, Texas.

  5. You guys are simply out of your minds if you think the Lions will waste a first round pick on a OT that isn’t even good enough to win the starting job. The only position on the Detroit O-line that needs to be addressed is center.

    Also, you all must be delusional to think that the Lions would take an OT when there is Prince Amukamara and Bowers still on the board. LOL…. I will guarantee the Lions go either defense on their first pick or they trade down. Only other option, as much as some might laugh, might be Julio Jones if something ever happened he dropped that far as well.

    Anyways, do more research. The Lions O-line was not a weakness last year.

  6. Wow, Phil Taylor to the Steelers. I beg to differ. They will not draft a DT in the first round. Hampton has at least 2 good years left in him and a 3-4 DT can be had in later rounds. They need someone to take Chris Hoke’s spot behind Hampton, but that can come in Rd. 2. They need CB or OL help too badly this year to draft a DT in Rd. 1, especially one with severe character issues.

  7. Yeah, Jimmy Smith is the missing piece to a SB. That is the first and last time that sentence will ever be written.

  8. The Giants drafted DT Linval Joseph in the 2nd round last year… I don’t see us taking another DT, unless we were losing Cofield. I think D-line is the least of our worries. I see your angle, but eh… not happening.

    We’re looking at either OL, Ingram or trading down.

  9. The cowboys are going to re-sign free, he had the highest tender on him when the season ended. If we get smith he’ll be staying at right tackle to get rid of columbo.

  10. First!

    I would be shocked and disappointed if the Vikings took a WR in the first round. I’m no GM, but am pulling for a OL/DL/QB.

    Is anyone surprised that Mallett isn’t projected to go in the first round?

  11. Pretty sure the ‘Phins won’t take Pouncey at 15. They will try everything to trade out of the spot and get an extra second or third. If stuck at 15, I think we draft a pass rusher like Aldon Smith or one of the other OLBers. Upgrading the pass rush is still a priority.

  12. To piggyback on a previous comment of mine, if you think Jerry Jones isn’t going to sign Doug Free then you are out of your mind. Hand in your credentials and get a new job.

  13. How about a 2 round mock draft? I would love to see where you guys slot some of the projected first round talent that slid into the second round.

  14. I’m not big on Blaine Gabbert (though he does remind me of Jeff Garcia in ways), but I have no faith in Cam Newton whatsoever. Cam Newton will not get the best out of the team around him and by all means he should fall in this draft. Gabbert is not the best player in this draft by a longshot but if Carolina absolutely needs a QB with the #1 pick I think they would be better off taking Gabbert. CAM IS NOT THE GUY

  15. Evan Silva, you have lost your mind if you think the lions will pass on Prince Amukamara at 13 if he is available.

    Restore the Roar.

  16. I thought their need for a rb, qb and wr were glaring until you remind me of the need for a center. Another fun year for me. WTF

  17. Still sticking with the “Detroit has to protect Matt Stafford” line eh?

    That’s ok, just don’t expect any fans to take you seriously until you start doing some research on what it is you’re paid to write.

    Castonzo to the Lions would be a great pick, but our o-line was one of the very best in pass blocking last year; our QBs simply didn’t get hit that much, so you’re logic just doesn’t hold water.

    A left tackle to sit and learn for a year behind Backus before becoming the starter next year would be a smart pick, no doubt about it. But if you think a rookie tackle will come in and displace either Backus or Cherilus you’re dreaming. Both guys graded out highly last season- a rookie player simply will not be better than they are, at least not right out of the box.

    I know it’s probably a lot to ask for you to do in-depth research on each team, but then again that is sort of your job. You’re considered to be an “expert” on this stuff, so you should try to know at least as much as any of us reading these articles do, right?

    And yet you still get paid to do something that many PFT followers could do much better…

  18. Love to see a mock complete with likely trades. Patriots are going to trade down. Dolphins are certainly going to try to trade down. Anyone buying this business about Denver trading down to Washington or Houston?

  19. I agree with the vike fans. The’re not going wr, which would make a very interesting pick for the jags at 16 with Jones. We are not not not going qb. The safe bet is DE, but if Gene says Jones has the goods, it would be a nice infusion of offense weaponry.

  20. @simplesimon-

    I agree that Prince Amukamara will be the no-brainer pick if he is still on the board, but I think a LT, either Tyron Smith or Anthony Castonozo, would be the next best choice at #13.

    While Silva’s reasoning sucks (as I chided him for above), he’s still got a good pick for us. Backus played really well for us last season, no doubt, but he’ll be 34 at this time next year and he’s only got one year left on his contract. Getting a guy like Castonzo (or Smith) and letting him sit for a year before assuming the starting role would be a great (and smart) move, IMO.

    I also agree that some of the DEs will be in play, but we’re so stacked at that position that whatever DE we took would have to be an absolute star in a few seasons just to warrant that pick. Lawrence Jackson was a beast in limited reps last season, and Turk McBride is a solid rotational DE- both are only 26 years old as well.

    Also, also- I’d be happy if Julio Jones was the pick. He and CJ on the outside with Burleson in the slot, Pettigrew on the line and Best in the backfield would put an aweful lot of pressure on the opposing defense’s back seven…

  21. I can’t believe I’m agreeing with a guy who posts as “chubbybeerswiller”…but the Steelers SHOULD trade #31 for a #34-45 pick, get an extra 3rd or 4th Rounder, and still draft CB Brandon Harris or CB Aaron Williams.

    Steelers need to improve their DB play this year to have a shot at another SB. They need 2 DB’s early.

  22. // the eagles need at least 4 more pieces to be a real contender in their own division let alone super bowl. ( CB, LB, RG, RT)

    but whats so bad about Jimmy smith as far as character.? getting buster for underage drinkin in college?? get real , you guys musta went to county college i guess…

    that being said, I’d draft Jimmy Smith,, trade for Hainesworth,, sign up Lawrence Taylor and bail out Jolly for a SB ring..

  23. You gotta wonder if this author was writing just for responses or if he’s really that clueless. How could anyone have Reed and Sheard in the first round and not have Ayers or Houston selected?

  24. I like Green to the Browns, just not if Peterson is still on the board. If Heckert stays true to his strategy, I imagine they get Peterson.

    Personally, I don’t think Peterson is there at 6.

  25. The reason why Jimmy Smith keeps getting linked to the Eagles and Raiders (besides need) is that playoff teams can more afford to take a ‘risk’ than the teams picking at the top of the draft. That being said, I think his early college mistakes are being overblown during this phenomenon known as the pre-draft process. I think he will end up going earlier than #23 and it could possibly be a team like the Eagles or Ravens trading up to ensure they get him (because the remaining corners are nothing special)

  26. “Restore the Roar.”…..

    Is this implying that there was EVER a roar to begin with in Detroit……?

    I know..I know..I know Lion fans…you guys were the best 6-10 team ever..in history………congrats on being the fastest fat kid at heavyweights camp.

    Now to the mock draft…There is no way this many QB’s go in the first….no way…and sCam Newton is about to pull off the biggest fraud-job since Enron…..I was watching some replays of the combine and couldnt help yelling out loud “this guy will be no. 1!?!?!?” The Panthers must be desperate to follow in the footsteps of Al Davis and sink your ship with JaMarcus/Leaf/VY 2.0. Crazy.

  27. No way the Vikings take a WR (Jones) in the first round. Last time I checked they still have Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin. I understand that both of them are injury prone but that team has way bigger holes to fill than WR. I also disagree with your comments on the Bucs needing a “home run hitter” on offense. You have them drafting a WR in the second round? They drafted Benn in the 2nd round last year and got a steal with another WR in the 4th round with Mike Williams so I’m not sure what your reasoning is on this selection. With Aquib Talib basically gone I’d say a DB is much more likely for the bucs in round 2

  28. imo, this is a dream top-5 scenario for my brownies. the nightmare scenario is both green and peterson being gone by the time we’re on the clock. for the record, if green is gone and peterson remains but we pass on him for quinn or jones, i will lose my mind. but if both are there, i do think that green is the play.

  29. As a Browns fan, im looking for Peterson here all day. Sure we will have used back to back 1st rounders on DB’s. But who cares, not too often you get 2 top tier DB’s who can lock down both sides of the field. Defense always wins championships and dont worry with a healthy Montario Hardesty and Peyton Hillis we are sure to put up some points this year. Massaquoi, Robiskie and Carlton Mitchell who will explode this year. Lookin like a solid year for the Brownies WHEN we have a season.

  30. I don’t care about the rest of the league. The Pats need a pass rusher, and linebacking help wouldn’t hurt either. They don’t really need a running back, Green-Ellis and Woodhead are good enough to do the job. The NFL is all about the pass, and defending the pass. The Pats should use this draft to load up on defense. The offense is just fine.

  31. I just don’t see how you have Dalton and Locker in the first but not Mallett… all these people are saying he has “character issues” but they aren’t even forming their own opinions… they are just saying what they heard from other people.

  32. Correct on 6 and 10. Colt has to have a go to receiver to succeed. The skins however still won’t get a franchise QB with Locker, but they’ll take him anyway.

    Wrong on 25. Carroll won’t take a QB from lowly little TCU. He might trade up for Locker (bad decision).

  33. I have to agree with purplereign28, no way the Vikes pass up The Prince and take Jones. They’ve got to try and slow down the Packers, Bears & Lions offenses.

  34. PFT, get real, I have more of a chance of being drafted 15th by the Dolphins then does Pouncey. The Dolphins will never draft a Guard/Center #1. Fact is Pouncey is not nearly as good as his brother. 15 is way to high a grade for a Guard.

  35. I can’t believe the narrow-mindedness of “some” of the Lion’s fans. (Not all). Yes, Prince would be the choice over an Offensive Tackle. However, an Offensive Tackle would be the next best choice. Yes, the Lions statistically were better in protection. But that clearly wasn’t because the QB’s had all day to throw the ball. The lower number of sacks allowed is directly related to the play of the Tight Ends getting open and the QB’s getting the ball to them quicker. You don’t get your starter and back up qb’s banged up with an outstanding offensive line. Not to metion the assumption that Castonzo would ride the bench. If he played well in camp, he would start and either Gosder or Backus would move inside to solidify the guard position, and ultimately the entire offensive line.

  36. Evan Silva:

    The Packers could get Carpenter at #64, yet they waste their 1st rounder on him?

    I don’t follow.

  37. ftball53,

    Do they even still play NFL football in New England??? I mean, haven’t they lost to a “wildcard” team in the playoffs now 3 years in a row, 2 at home, and 1 on a neutral field??? I think I saw that somewhere.

  38. There’s no way Ted reaches for Jason Carpenter if Akeem Ayers is still on the board. You put him on the other side of CM3 and their opponent’s QB concussion rate will go through the roof.

  39. I can’t imagine this draft being fun to watch.
    No player trade’s and with no free agency in the mix.
    It’s almost like a kill buzz……….teams are going to pick a guy and move on to the next round and try to recover in free agency(whenever that is) on what they didn’t fill in the draft.

  40. Kolb is worth a 3rd round pick anyone who thinks he is worth more than that must be an eagles fan!

    Kolb didn’t prove nothing last season and couldn’t beat out Vick after he had the job and lost it to him.

  41. I don’t know who the “narrow-mindedness” thing is directed at, but the fact is that our o-line performed well above average in pass-blacking last season (terrible in run blocking). Here’s a link to some numbers to back that up:


    Obviously our QBs got injured because they got hit, but every QB in the league gets hit. Our QBs got hit last year a lot less than most.

    Stafford’s injury happened because the guy has no clue how to get tackled. You can’t tuck the ball and fall on your throwing shoulder with a 280 lb man on your back and not expect something bad to happen. One of the coaches needs to spend some time teaching Staff the “two hand tuck” so that when he falls it spreads the impact over his entire upper body.

    Hill’s injury came via an illegal hit below the knees. That’s why those hits are illegal- because they cause injuries. If said hit was on Brady or Manning it would have resulted in a penalty and fine, but when it’s against a crappy team and their back-up QB the league could care less.

    Stanton takes a lot of hits because of his playing style, so injuries are to be expected, although his wasn’t too serious.

    It’s easy to blame the line for these injuries, but dig deeper and the numbers show that the o-line isn’t necessarily to blame.

    And enough with the Backus or Cherilus to guard stuff- it’s not going to happen. We’ve been hearing both for years, but the fact is that they are both tackles. They like Cherilus at RT, he’s got the size they covet and was playing very well last year- they won’t want to break that up. As for Backus moving inside- no way. He’s good enough at left tackle that if Castonzo beat him out for the LT spot we’d trade him to a contending team that is weak at tackle (Cowboys perhaps?) for a 4th or 5th round pick all day long. Even at his age he still has some value for a team looking to make a play-off run…

    I’m not saying that our o-line is great (or even good yet), and I’d be all for drafting Castonzo or Smith, but it’s the “The Lions need to make keeping Stafford healthy priority 1” logic that I can’t stand. From a numbers stand-point there’s really not much more we can do… we simply didn’t give up that many hits on the QB last year.

  42. whoknowsnothing says:
    Apr 27, 2011 1:50 PM
    Kolb is worth a 3rd round pick anyone who thinks he is worth more than that must be an eagles fan!

    Kolb didn’t prove nothing last season and couldn’t beat out Vick after he had the job and lost it to him.


    I believe Clay Matthews had something to do with that.

  43. canadianvikingfaniii says:
    Apr 27, 2011 12:27 PM
    Finally a Mock Draft that doesn’t have the Vikings taking Bowers..

    I wish I could like this comment more than once.

  44. The Eagles will probably try to trade down to acquire every pick in the fifth round. As usual.

  45. ftball53 says: Apr 27, 2011 11:01 AM

    And this leaves Ingram to the Pats at the top of the second round, wow. I feel sorry for the rest of the NFL, could they be better than their 18 AND 1 season?


    What could be better than winning everything except the Super Bowl?


  46. I’m done with these mocks. Why would we want bowers????? Do they not learn from last year. I like kipers and mcshays. Very diff from this they got the broncos grabbing miller and buffalo darreuis, plus they have Tampa grabbing Prince, way better pick than bowers

  47. bucssballer, are you high? Bowers led the nation w/15.5 sacks last year. He’d be a top 3 pick if it weren’t for rumors about his knee(Pats have cleared him medically).

    ftball53, Pats haven’t won it all in a while, but there are about 27 teams that would love to have their record over the last 5 yrs. Including yours, I’ll bet. Can’t win it every yr.

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