Denver spreads the word they like Von Miller

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The pre-draft smokescreens are about to multiply.  And get more transparent.

NFL Network’s Kara Henderson reports from Denver that they are “hearing . . .  the room may be shifting” towards Texas A&M LB Von Miller, presumably away from Marcell Dareus.

Translation: If you want Miller, please trade up with us.  No one really knows what Denver is up to at No. 2 overall, although Dareus makes the most sense.

It also makes sense for Denver to create confusion and imply interest in Miller to inspire as many trade offers as possible.

31 responses to “Denver spreads the word they like Von Miller

  1. It would have been smarter for the Broncos to start this rumor a while ago. Some team would have panicked, but on the day before the first round? Too obvious.

  2. Denver is still devastated over Oakland taking McLain last year…they put all their hopes and dreams into getting McLain last year. I wonder if poor little Sproles knows what hit him in that Charger-Raider game last year,..has his head cleared yet? Poor little dude.

  3. At least the Von Miller smokescreen is halfway believable….unlike the “We need another QB” smokescreen. Smart play by Denver at this point in the poker match.

  4. backinbasement67, the Broncos did draft superman last year. You know the one who treated your defense like it was college and ran 40 yards up the gut for a TD?

  5. tommy – huh?

    a) Miller is a guy who can play most LB spots, but his best spot is viewed as a 3-4 rush backer.

    b) Denver doesn’t use a 3-4 anymore. John Fox and Dennis Allen switched over to a 4-3.

    c) In a 4-3, the possible thinking (I doubt Denver is serious about Miller) is that he could be a SAM backer that is a nickel rusher. Of course, the question is, is a 4-3 SAM backer/nickel rusher worth the 2nd overall.

    In the end, I do think they go with Dareus, as I just don’t see Arizona dealing up, and San Francisco would have to give up way too much to move up. I also don’t see Buffalo doing a 1 pick swap.

  6. @TOMMYF15 Miller would best BEST fit as an olb in a 3-4 which is why everyone is slating him to Buffalo. Isn’t Denver switching back to a 4-3 this year?

  7. additional gaurantee that Denver takes a mobile drop back/pocket passer quarterback. Heavens knows they deed one….lol…teblows fans, td’s please

  8. Yep, the guy you all said would be blacklisted and slip to Saturday.

    They’re all fighting over him.

    Talent wins. Always.

    Remember that next time you shoot your ham-n-egger mouths off about paying these talented individuals minimum wage.

    The owner’s don’t even agree with that.

  9. @flavordave

    Hahahahahahahaha. Maybe the best thing I have ever read on here. I too like boobies.

  10. And when superman ran for a 40 yard TD right up the middle where was Rolando McClain? No where to be found.

    I’m a broncos lifer an I hope they take Miller or Peterson. The draft is way too deep at d-line to take Dareus #2 and Miller could play all over the field in all schemes.

    Here’s the simple math: when your bottom 3 in sacks and bottom 3 in turnovers it doesn’t matter who’s stuffing the run.

  11. Denver fans are lucky Josh McDaniels is no longer the coach, he’d take a tight end here.

    As for Von Miller who doesn’t like this guy???

  12. Hank – am I wrong, it seems like the Broncos invest more high picks in LB’s than any other team I recall. How is it such a glaring need?

    Wow, it was nice to post a comment about actual football!

  13. If the Broncos take Von Miller, the Bills will happily snap up Dareus. If they take Dareus, the Bills happily snap up Von Miller. It’s a win-win. Unless they screw up and take Gabbert or Green, etc.

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