Fans chant outside Radio City Music Hall, “We want football!”

We made the trek the New York today for the draft, and at roughly 9:15 p.m. ET, I strolled with Mrs. PFT and Florio Jr. past Radio City Music Hall, across the street from a throng of roughly 500 jersey-wearing fans who jeered every 10 seconds or so at someone who was being particularly demonstrative about the team whose colors said fan was wearing.

When not create noise that sounded like a roaring murmur, the assembled fans periodically broke into this chant:  “We want football! . . . We want football!”

We expect to hear that chant, and variations of it, tomorrow night inside Radio City Music Hall.

Of course, what many of them don’t realize is that they’re well on their way to getting football, at least for 2011.

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  1. Their is nothing on any paper that says their has to be games.
    the league can conduct buisness, cancell the season claiming safety concerns.

  2. I am torn because I want to boycott watching the nfls off-season cash cow that is the draft because the nfl brags about the awesome ratings for the draft and espn said they expect higher ratings…but then again watching verbal assaults launched at goodell is must see tv….. I am torn

  3. Geez, simpleminded children crying out for candy…..ahem…the 8th Circuit will shortly be reversing the BLUE STATE opinion….

    Let us be patient in order to save the League from disaster!

  4. Fans: “We want football.”

    Players: “We just want to play football.”

    Owners: “We will do everything we can to make sure there is no football.”

  5. Let us be patient in order to save the League from disaster!
    What is the disaster? Playing under the rules that have been used for decades since the Reggie White decision? Yeah, that’d be horrible – to actually have a season.

  6. The NFL fans in the Radio City Music Hall are certainly entitled to let their displeasure with the labor process be known—up to a point. Nobody attending this event should think they have the right to disrupt the business most of us will be tuning in to watch.

  7. Tomorrow night is going to be an embarrassment of epic proportions. Roger Goodell will finish his week of ineptitude being excoriated on national television by drunk Jets fans.

    The NFL sharted the bed beyond belief. Say what you want about De Smith, but he totally outclassed Goodell and all the owners.

    Drop the appeal, fire Goodell. Let’s play some football.

  8. Of course the Jets, Giants and Philly fans will make arses of themselves. The blowhards all wish for their millisecond of glory. A few Browns and Bears fans will chime in too. No different than any other year. Just another subject to yell about.

  9. If enough people yell loud enough, the players will demand higher salaries and the league will charge even more for tickets and advertising. Be careful what you ask for!

  10. i would rather NOT have football right now if it means compromising the future of the game. I would gladly give up the off season and all its free agency trading etc. in order to protect the integrity of the league and the game as we know it. It’s much better than what the NFLPA is after even if they spin it as “we just want to play football”. People seem to be so short sighted and obsessed with immediate gratification all the time.

  11. I do not expect to watch pro football this year. Not by choice, but by lack of a product to view.

    To be honest, I’m not sure I care anymore. I must to some degree, for I am posting here. It all seems so stupid.

    Learn to share revenues owners. Oh… too late. Now you will be 32 individual companies. Maybe you can start a new league… call it the Premier League. Getcha some futbol.

    This whole experience is lame.

  12. I was going to ask what are they doing out there so late but it’s NY on a lovely night…enjoy and go get some grub. You’re in the city the never sleeps.

  13. there must be a legitimate legal basis, such as misapplication of the law

    Thats the only reason a ruling can be overturned. therefore minnesota may be a blue state by the fact that she handed in a 86 page ruling doesnt look like she any mistakes. the owners say they will be harmed but put their money that they have up against what players make and tell me how they will be more harmed than players. So all u player haters ill say this judge nelson made no mistakes and dotted every i and crossed every t. therefore the decision will not be overturned i guarantee you that.

  14. ursushorribilis says: Apr 27, 2011 11:04 PM

    Geez, simpleminded children crying out for candy…..ahem…the 8th Circuit will shortly be reversing the BLUE STATE opinion….

    Let us be patient in order to save the League from disaster!
    Most of my friends are more conservative than I am, and I’m fine with that. This blind right-wing allegiance bit that keeps some people from recognizing facts when they’re right in front of their faces, however, is another story altogether. This is not a blue state/red state issue. This is a legal issue, plain and simple. The fact is, this chain of events was started when the conservative leaning Supreme Court gave its unanimous decision in the American Needle case. Once that happened, the league was left with only one argument to make in this case, and that is that the union has no right to decertify. That would be making new labor law through litigation (what conservatives would say only activist judges do). So, if the appeals court rules in favor of the owners in this case, they’re creating case law that will strengthen every other union in their jurisdiction. Would that make these conservative judges “blue state” judges then?

  15. companys create jobs not unions!!! unions are beggers and extorters of companys!!!now u know why u.s companys leave to go to china..and mexico

  16. I say the NFL should not only start the season, but start the season in accordance to what the union wants. No rules.
    That means no cap hit from releasing players. So tear up every single player contract (remember all contracts are filed with the league). Everyone. Then make offers to the players for 80% less of the worth of their previous contracts. Remember the union doesn’t want a salary cap which means no salary floor either. Union doesn’t want a draft, fine. Just don’t sign any rookies. All it take is one team to do all this on its own. Then the rest can follow without it being collusion (free enterprise, it can be a bitch).
    Or hell don’t even have a season. Doesnt a schedule mean collusion as well? Sure players can come and go into team facilities if they have contracts. But no games mean no game checks.

  17. “Players: “We just want to be paid for playing football, not to have limits on how much we are paid, and to be able to come and leave teams as we please.””

    Fixed it for ya.

  18. I hope fans know what this could lead to. I mean, it will be your salary that will have to pay for $200 nosebleed seats that will feed Sam Bradford’s new 6 year, $300 million contract.

    And I find it really ironic that the guys outside Radio City Music Hall are chanting this. I’d like to see them chant something outside next years draft. Oh wait, there won’t be a chant because there won’t be a draft.

  19. I was just thinking about this earlier. I hope those fans that go to the draft make it clear to EVERYONE that we’re all fed up with this. I really want to hear some loud angry chants from them.

    Still not sure if I’m going to watch though. Do us a favor just in case and make sure to report if they’re making a scene.

    I really hope they make this thing come off looking like a disaster drowning out the announcements and the TV crews. Make us proud.

  20. It’s time to go “Bad News Bears” at the Astrodome on this draft…….

    Let them play! Let them play! Let them play! Let them play! Let them play! Let them play! Let them play! Let them play! Let them play! Let them play! Let them play! Let them play!

  21. how could you be on the Owners side,after this ruking..I dont think these owners have told us fans the truth about what there trying to do…All ive heard them say an do,is try to get the fans beind the owners..Here’s the bottomline these 2 sides need each other to make the NFL suceed!!! Now if the players are trying to be able to jump from team to team,then this will close the NFL down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I love all of the childish fans here who just want football for the sake of wanting football. You are exactly the kind of people King Barry needs to ensure his re-election bid in 2012. You don’t understand that the United States is currently in a completely unsustainable economic hole that threatens all of the freedoms you have come to expect and take for granted (primarily because Barry has tripled Bush’s debt and allowed the systematic devaluing of the dollar), and the NFL is now in a similar situation, but you loud mouth goons can’t see it. You are willfully blind to harsh realities, but you will soon learn that by supporting the NFLPA and the players over the owners, you are guaranteeing that the league eventually finds itself in a completely unsustainable finacial position at some point in the near future. Just look at the Packers books since the last CBA in 2006. Economics 101 says the current model is bad business and will inevitably self-destruct this league.

    But what do the current players care? Just so long as they are able to retire filthy rich while the league they leave behind is placed in economic peril. And what do the foolishly impatient fans care? So long as they are immediately gratified like babies desiring candy, they are satisfied. You might want it, but it’s going to be bad for you! Be careful what you wish for you sad generation of greedy now-nows!

  23. If you are against the owners you are not a loyal fan of the NFL, but rather a fan of childish instant gratification and of players who care NOTHING for the future sustainability of the game and only want to get what they can on an increasing scale year after year until they retire richer than ever before. That’s it, you are loyal only to the current generation of players becoming rich at the expense of the league.

    I could care less for this group of turds who will be retired in the next 3-5-7 years anyway. I care about the NFL, and common sense should dictate that the owners are the only ones who will work to ensure the sustainability & viability of the NFL because their long-term financial investment depends HEAVILY upon a healthy NFL. The players don’t care, they just want to retire rich.

  24. What the hell are roughly 500 people lined up outside radio city music hall more than 24 hours before the event starts?…Chanting no less. Is Roger Godell a rock or rap star?….Oh wait, these are the same people who camp out at Best Buy on Thansgiving, to get a “acer” laptop for 199.00 bucks on black friday, and then complain is has the memory of a two month old puppy….The should have chanted….”We want a Life”…

  25. Anybody who watches or attends the Draft is the absolute lowest common denominator in American society. You are the lemmings, sheep, and brain-dead addicts the NFL banked on when planning this lockout. You have nobody to blame but yourselves for this lockout. You bankrolled it with your total and complete lack of will power in turning away. Just like those idiots and morons who slow down to stare at traffic accidents or stare at cops giving tickets on the side of the highway…..same exact thing.

    @ vomitingliberals: go back to watching Fox News or listening to Rush. Continue living your life in fantasy land believing corporations really care about you, your family, or about the health of this country. People like you are to blame for the state of affairs in this country.

  26. To reply to a few assumptions about the crowd out there.

    As someone who went last year the people in line last night weren’t waiting until the doors open today for the Draft.

    The night before you actually have to go there to get a wrist band. Then you can go home, sleep, and then come back to get in.

    The experience in line was fun with all the bantering between fans of different teams. But it kinda sucked that once you got in line you couldn’t leave or risk getting pushed very far back.

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