Janoris Jenkins could be the first to directly attack the draft

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With cornerback Janoris Jenkins, widely regarded as possessing talent that would get him drafted in the first round, booted from Florida too late to join the 2011 draft, Jenkins will be a hot commodity in the 2011 supplemental draft.

If, that is, there even is a supplemental draft.

Unless the lockout has ended, there likely won’t be a supplemental draft.  If Judge Nelson’s decision to lift the lockout survives appeal, the NFL will be required to implement rules moving forward.  If (when) the NFL decides to continue the draft, a supplemental draft possibly will be scheduled for 2011.

And Jenkins, who’ll likely be the hottest name in the supplemental draft, could decide that he doesn’t want to be told where he’s going to play (especially if he hires Brian Ayrault to be his agent), and that Jenkins doesn’t want his contract determined by any type of scale or slotting process based on when he’s selected.  So he could sue the league for violating the antitrust laws, and without a Collective Bargaining Agreement in place to insulate the NFL from antitrust challenges, Jenkins’ case would turn on whether the courts eventually decide that a draft constitutes a reasonable restraint on competition.

To attack the supplemental draft, Jenkins could file suit on his own, or he could join the existing Tom Brady antitrust lawsuit.  You know, the one that generally claims that all rules imposed by the NFL absent a CBA violate the antitrust laws but that does not yet directly target the draft because the expired CBA stated unequivocally that the draft would occur in 2011.

Though it will be a long time before we know whether any assault on the draft succeeds, we could know by July whether the players claim that a draft conducted in a non-union environment violates antitrust laws.

36 responses to “Janoris Jenkins could be the first to directly attack the draft

  1. I hope he hits the supplemental draft and goes undrafted. I know my team won’t be interested in his character issues.

  2. This is some of the most bias propaganda I have ever read. Way to throw theories out there so you can fill PFT planet up with crap.

  3. He should go for it. I would love to see the draft abolished and true free agency; everyone on one year contracts with only true performance bonuses as well.
    The players should be careful how far the rabbit hole they go with this.

  4. You cheerleaders for the players have no idea what you are rooting for. If the players get what they want and they cant be told what team to play for and they do away with the salary cap, football will never be the same.

    And for those of you that say they aren’t really going to go through with that. How do you know that? Do you really think they care about the future of the game? They want to get rich, just like a lot of people would. I cant really blame them, but I am not gonna be a cheerleader for them.

  5. When a player opts out of his contract, its ok, but the league opts out and they are evil? They didn’t just back out, they opted out. There was an opt out clause in there for a reason. Darrell Revis decided not to go to camp this year, he was just backing out, there was no opt out in his contract. The players do stuff like that all the time. Just like the dude from sandiegio did it this year.

    Nnamdi Asomugha opted out of his contract this year, does everyone think he is a villain?

  6. So let me get this right. He gets kicked off of his team for breaking the law. Then he will turn around and in normal people terms “apply for a job” in the NFL and if everyone isn’t giving him a salary he thinks suits him or even offer him a job, he can sue? How is that even right?

  7. Better yet, maybe the NFL can bring in these guys as examples of Jeffery Kessler’s NFL, no draft, let them sign as UDFA’s….. FOR MINIMUM WAGE in whatever state they sign. That makes the absolute most sense to me.

    On the flip side, I would like to see the owners man up, go to the players, & resign the previous CBA. Nobody was losing money in the scenario.

  8. i love football and have done so all of my 40 yrs but im truly sick of hearing about this dam lockout.

  9. @footballfanatic3431
    Me too. But why should anyone attack the draft? Just opt out of it and put yourself up as a free agent at the end of the draft; that way you could choose your team and sign for whatever money you can get. I think some people just like headlines and the ability to muddy the water…makes them feel “entitled” and worth so much more money and so very, very important.

  10. I can’t blame the players for doing everything in their power to protect their position. It was the owners that are demanding more money. It is the owners that are opting out of a deal they approved 30-2.

    You can be pro-business all you like. But this nation still has laws that EVERY BUSINESS needs to obey. We have anti-trust laws. We have labor laws. Many have been on the books for over 100 years. It’s not a liberal vs. conservative thing. The laws exist because businesses many years ago put together monopolies that hurt workers as well as consumers. Those laws are there for a reason.

    If the owners dont want to play fair and dont want to follow the law, the courts will take down their business. And Goodell can go whine all he wants in the WSJ but it won’t change anything. BOTH sides need to get back to the table, get serious, or the league will be finished. It’s that simple.

  11. someone clear something up for me I don’t quite understand. how does a team sign a walk on like the eagles did with duece Stanley back in the day? I mean say a player doesn’t want to go number 1 overall to a crappy team such as the panthers. what prevents him from just saying i dont want to play football so don’t include me in the draft and then him waiting til training camp to just walk on and say u know What I changed my mind or something of that nature? do they have to wait a whole year to do that or what?

  12. I think Jenkins may have a small point im on the owners side that you don’t want things to get out of control. But I think any kid thats not drafted in the draft should become an undrafted free agent that way teams decide wat they are paid having a supplemental draft isn’t whats needed.

  13. Drug addicted loser who gets booted from a full ride scholarship. Perfect representative for the players in their cause.

  14. So now we get to have ((College)) guys attack the NFL..

    Here is the thing College guys… Dont bite the hand that hasnt even fed you yet.. Its not going to get you any more money if any.

    This whole thing is going to get out of hand.. Fans are starting to get pissy.. And what really has torn all this down??? Lawyers! Since the players Union is filled with a pack of uneducated PLAYERS
    and cant think for them selves …


  15. These players are so dumb… they just keep blindly listening to the lawyers who are getting paid millions to sink the players, owners, and the NFL to new lows which will destroy the league.

    90% of them don’t know what they want! They complain about how violent the league is and how they want player safety.

    What do you want Godell to do?!?! You want the comish to not do anything about the illegal hits? Then the players complain that he’s not doing anything to protect the safety of the players.

    You want him to start placing hefty fines on illegal hits and now possible suspensions? Well then the players complain that he’s just out there tryin to take their money!

    It’s a no-win scenario with these players. They don’t even know what they’re talking about… They just listen to each other complain about crap like fines and HGH testing and have no real theories on how to resolve the issues. Then just throw stones at the commish when he’s trying to solve them.

  16. Can the owners make up any rules they want if they are forced to start the season? Why not use this as an oppertunity to bring player salaries back where they should be?
    I get guys under contract, you have to honor that contract, but free agents? I wouldn’t offer any free agent more than 100k a year, take it or leave it.
    The players coming out of collage don’t like the draft and the slotted pay? Fine, go play for your favorite team for $25,000 a year.

  17. There is nothing worse then to have a gift only to be blackballed by the only people able to pay you for that talent.

    What was that O Lineman name again?, I know he was not blackballed as he claimed he was just getting to old lol.

  18. Suing the league is probably not the best way to get a job in the league. I’d say that his best avenue would be to see where he gets drafted in the supplemental draft, stay clean off the field and be humble.

  19. This chump is more likely to will end up like Maurice Clarett and than anyone!

  20. The players better be careful what they push for. No union, no draft, no free agency restrictions will sound good, but not when the owners are keeping most of that 9 billion dollar gross income for themselves.

    I wonder if there are any owners (Wilson and Brown?) contemplating letting the players have it “their way,” because that would result in a majority of them crawling back begging in a few years to revert to the old way of doing things.

    And, if the players truly get their way I hope the NFL invests not 1 cent into player safety or player safety research. No pension plans, no free medical or post career assistance, no fines for dirty and cheap hits, and no steroid or drug testing. You tear your ACL during the season it’s up to you to replace it. Broke after 3 years? Tough. Testicles fall off at 35, your fault.

    You can bet every dollar you have that the owners will go out of their way to treat the players like absolute dogs should the NFLPA* destroy the system.

  21. nfl25 says:
    Apr 27, 2011 4:44 PM
    When a player opts out of his contract, its ok, but the league opts out and they are evil? They didn’t just back out, they opted out. There was an opt out clause in there for a reason. Darrell Revis decided not to go to camp this year, he was just backing out, there was no opt out in his contract. The players do stuff like that all the time. Just like the dude from sandiegio did it this year.

    Nnamdi Asomugha opted out of his contract this year, does everyone think he is a villain?


    I’ll accept your Revis argument once the NFL doesn’t cut players still under contract.
    I think Nnamdi’s reputation is okay since he didn’t lockout the rest of the league.
    Nice try.

  22. What about the five suspended Ohio State guys? They’re not going to actually set out half their senior season. They’ll be in line for the supplemental draft as soon as Tressel is fired.

  23. It seems the “Players Association” has begun to destroy the foundation that the league has stood on. Things are getting so deep that getting out of this mess will be impossible.

  24. The NFLPA* and their “leadership” have begun the process of systematically destroying the NFL. At the rate they are going there will be no league in 5 years because the owners will just shut it all down to get away from the incessant lawsuits. You can’t operate in an environment where everytime you make a rule or decision it generates a lawsuit. Some guy is going to get penalized for a personal foul and sue the league for defamation of character. The Golden Age of the NFL is over. And the owners and players have no one to blame for it but themselves. The sin of Greed has finally caught up with the NFL and it’s going to kill the league.

  25. This guy was too stupid to follow simple team and university rules and laws, gets himself kicked off the team. Now you’re telling us he’s suddenly smart enough to know how to file a lawsuit and understands antitrust laws? He’s no Myrone Rolle and is being used by some lawyer/agent looking to make a name for himself at the expense of a kid’s (albeit a very stupid one) future.

  26. “could decide that he doesn’t want to be told where he’s going to play”

    Beggars, who have a long history of doing something that will probably get them a very long-term suspension, can’t really be choosers – especially when any team is going to require them to work for league minimum with a lot of incentives. Any team that signs him to a lot of guaranteed money deserves what they get when he goes off the reservation.

    I saw some guys in here yesterday saying he would go for a 2nd round pick in the supp draft. I wouldn’t bank on that. Anyone who can’t be bothered to not partake for the sake of a 1st round contract isn’t going to be bothered by not honoring that contract.

    I’m on the same side that says “legalize it” but I know an idiot when I see one.

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