Logan Mankins still holds out hope for free agency

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The Patriots applied the franchise tag to Logan Mankins before the work stoppage, but the Pro Bowl guard is still hoping that he’ll get a hail mary and somehow be free to choose his next team.

I’ve heard there’s this thing in football called free agency,” Mankins joked at Matt Light’s charity Lockout breakfast, via Mike Reiss of ESPNBoston.com.   “It’s been two years now [since my contract expired], and I haven’t seen it. Maybe one of these days I could actually experience that.”

There’s no reason to think it will be this year.  Whether the NFL reverts to 2010 rules or comes up with new rules for free agency, the league figures to maintain the franchise tag.  Mankins isn’t sure whether he would sign a long-term deal in New England, if he got the right offer.

“I’ve thought about that,” Mankins said.   “I don’t know. I’m not going to put any answers out there on that right now. I’ll wait until there is a season in progress before I decide.”

Despite all the drama, we suspect Mankins may be in New England for a long time.  And in the starting lineup.

“I don’t care who they draft. They could draft three guards, for all I care, they still have to beat me out,” Mankins said.

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  1. It would be awesome if he would get signed by the Steelers. If they could move up and get Mike Pouncey, their line would be set for a while. Wishful Thinking.

  2. Last year, the Patriots “supposedly” offered Mankins top 3 $$. This seems like a stupid pis—g match.

    I don’t think the franchise tag goes away and Mankins will be a Patriot this season and hopefully for several more.

    Looking forward to the draft tomorrow with all our picks.

  3. The League thinks it will retain the franchise tag. Once the stay is lifted, the NFL will only have players currently under contract. Claiming players they have no contract with is illegal under anti-trust law.

    This idea the NFL will play under 2010 rules is widespread but mistaken. That 2010 rules idea would have happened if the CBA expired but the union still existed and the idea is a holdover from speculation about that happening.

    If the union no longer exists there will not be restricted free agent or franchise tags. You wanting it to be different won’t change it.

  4. The Pats are very hard-headed when it comes to players and finances. They dump them without a second thought. And you can’t argue with success.

  5. If Mankins doesn’t get a contract offer from some team how strong would his collusion case be?

    I know the league hasn’t started the league year yet but there is a strong case to be made that they cannot have the draft without starting the league year.

    There is a very famous insurance company (who shall go unnamed by me) who has a policy of not approving claims if there is even a hint of a question about the situation and then going to court on the theory that eventually they will win or the people will give up (my wife used to represent them) … my point is that the NFL seems to have this same policy to business practices.

    “Don’t worry about rules it will be cheaper to go to court than to play fair.”

    Its a common business practice that is usually defended by calling lawsuits “frivolous” in a dismissive attitude. Not that we’ve ever seen a news program do that…

  6. Ampats,

    Why would Mankins accept top 3 when he has a very real chance of getting #1 guard money?

    The difference could be a couple of millions over the life of the contract… not chump change.

  7. I love Mankins game on the field, but I am tired of listening to him. If the lockout is lifted by draft time, there’s a good chance he turns into another first round pick for the Pats. There are other offensive linemen with attitudes in the draft.

  8. I hoped that owners would prevail but always thought that, absent an anti-trust exemption, the players would always “win” in court.

    I am very sad about it but I think this is the last draft we’ll see. I hope I am wrong.

    My only real hope for maintaining a competitive balance is that some sports in Europe have been able to include salary caps despite overwhelming legal support for total player freedom. So far these have been restricted to relatively poor sports but the NFL could well be able to impose competition rules that limit overall spending. I cannot see how they can keep any limitations on player movement without running into legal trouble but a salary cap might be enough to keep small market teams competitive.

  9. weneedlinemen said, ” despite overwhelming legal support for total player freedom.”

    Did you intend to imply that you support freedom of business but not freedom of individual? That is to say that businesses can do what they must to increase profits but that individual workers cannot.

    How do you square that?

  10. misleading end to the article:

    “Despite all the drama, we suspect Mankins may be in New England for a long time. And in the starting lineup.

    “I don’t care who they draft. They could draft three guards, for all I care, they still have to beat me out,” Mankins said.”

    carry the rest of the quiote where he says:

    “…Or if they release me, someone will pay me to play for them. I’m not worried about that.’’

  11. Whooped by Dawan Landry?….child, please.., I’ll bet the farm Mankins TKO’s him 10 seconds into round 1…
    have you ever seen a Lawan Dandry pretzel? It’s especially tasty in purple and black.

  12. I’m a HUGE Patriots fan but must admit I’m sick of listening to this blow hard….he was offered exceptional money & an oppertunity to play for one of the best coached/owned teams in the NFL that is a playoff contender year in & year out….shoot, they even gave him his 1st opertunity in the NFL….

    I hope the tag either goes away & Mankins does too or if the tag stays he signs it & is traded for a second rounder & is someone elses cry baby to deal with….he’s a prime example of why I hope the owners win…..

  13. Poor thing, just can’t live on his poor small salary. Too bad, go try to collect unemployment.

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