Mayor, Chargers eye an “L.A. Live” for San Diego

Faced with the possibility that the Chargers will move to Los Angeles, into a stadium that would be built within the city’s “L.A. Live” sports and entertainment complex, San Diego mayor Jerry Sanders would like to build a similar complex in the town the Chargers’ currently call home.

According to Matthew T. Hall of the San Diego Union-Tribune, Sanders and Chargers special counsel Mark Fabiani are discussing the possibility.

Fabiani has raised on radio, with our friends Scott Kaplan and Billy Ray Smith of XX1090, the possibility of combining the convention center and a football stadium in San Diego.

“There’s more and more talk around town about a sports and entertainment district downtown, not just a stadium,” Fabiani said.

One potential problem?  The folks who run the convention center may not be interested.

As San Diego Convention Center spokesman Steve Johnson said on Twitter, “I would like Mark Fabiani to stop trying to tie the Chargers stadium to a convention center complex.  Not happening and doesn’t work.”

It’ll likely work in Los Angeles.  And that quite possibly could be where the Chargers end up playing.

23 responses to “Mayor, Chargers eye an “L.A. Live” for San Diego

  1. The topic of a football team in Los Angeles is getting older than George Burns!!!!!!!

    Talk about it once there’s a team or two there!!!!!!!!

  2. I don’t know if Sanders’ proposal would entail spending public (taxpayer) money on a stadium complex. But if so, in the current climate in California, it would meet stiff opposition.

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  4. Despite the convention centers obvious dismay towards the idea I don’t think they will have much of a choice as it is a. City building. However from someone who is in the area often where they gonna put it?

  5. There isnt a charger fan who wants to see them leave San Diego. But there isnt a single non-charger fan in San Diego that wants to put a football stadium on tax dollars.

    San Diego is full of transplants who were born somewhere else so naturally choose to root for their hometown team than the Chargers.

    I fully expect them to be in LA in a year or two. I’ve felt this to be the case for nearly the last 5 years just following the back and forth from the city to the chargers ownership, a move to LA is virtually inevitable. Sucks but thats what it is

  6. Sanders’ says that San Diego can’t afford to pay for fixing the crumbling streets and he wants to reduce retirement benefits for city employees. So how does he plan to explain giving away public funds to the billionare owner of the Chargers.

  7. Hahahaha. The same San Diego regime of city bean counters that close the johns in the parks to save a penny now want to build a new stadium here? That’s as laughable as their politics.

  8. How can a city in CA. build anything that cost money the state is broke it is a welfare state cutting back on everything no money for school parks the workforce but can build a stadium how will it get payed for I would like to know.

  9. San Diego’s home opener was blacked out last year. Granted, it was the Jaguars, but when a playoff team can’t sell out it’s home opener you have to think that’s not a football town.

  10. @msclemons67

    You already said it. They opened against the Jaguars!!!!!
    Jacksonville can’t even get 40,000 to their OWN, stadium. NOBODY wants to watch them. Home opener or not

  11. What’s that sucking sound down south (of LA)? I thought the new Stadium for the Raiders was in LA. And alternate home games with the Vikings ever other weekend.

  12. Stadium will be closed due to the Raiders returning to Los Angeles.

    Al owns the AFC rights to L.A.

    You think he is going to give it up to the Chargers?

  13. if my chargers are going to leave san diego, please pick a better city than LA

    a city that will put hair on their nuts and get em back to basics

    not a city that specializes in losing football franchises and hanging out with actors

    go to some crap city where all they have is your team’s home games….and somewhere cold……

  14. LA has already proved that they don’t want to support a football franchise. Granted, they’ll be able to sell a lot of hats and jerseys, but people won’t show up if the team isn’t playoff caliber. This experiment has been conducted before….don’t move any teams. It’s bad for the game.

  15. @ jpmelon:

    “This experiment has been conducted before….don’t move any teams.”

    Did you run out of Ritalin?

    Experiment? Let’s see…..Rams were here for 47 years and the Raiders were here for 12.

    Yeah that is an ‘experiment’.

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