On Patrick Peterson’s connection with the 49ers

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LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson was asked Wednesday if he got a “special vibe” from any team during the draft process by our friend Bob Glauber of Newsday.

Peterson didn’t hesitate: “The 49ers. The energy we had watching film was great.”

We’ve documented the connections between Peterson and the 49ers, but don’t believe he’ll wind up in San Francisco unless they trade up. NFL Network’s Mike Mayock said on PFT Live he saw four players above the rest in this draft: Peterson, Marcell Dareus, A.J. Green, and Von Miller.

We suspect a lot of teams have those four players that high, which is why it seems unlikely Peterson falls to the No. 7.  We think it’s a lot more likely that Blaine Gabbert is available to the 49ers, and Jim Harbaugh passes on him as well before the Titans or Redskins end a minor “fall” for Gabbert.

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  1. He won’t get past the Bengals at pick 4, unless S.F. trades up and gives the Bengals their 7th pick and their 2nd rounder.

  2. Gabbert is Alex Smith 2.0 so let us hope that Harbaugh does do the right thing and passes on him. That being said, Harbaugh knows a hell of a lot more about QB’s than I do so I will support anybody he takes at that position.

  3. Peterson still seems like a good shot for the first pick. He’ll give Carolina a few top-ten highlights right off the bat as a return man, and he could become the elite cornerback every defense covets sooner rather than later. Not to mention, a slotted rookie contract would probably be cheap relative to the market for talented cornerbacks.

    Cam Newton must’ve blown the doors off the place when he visited the Panthers if they’re gonna take him, because Peterson is a sure thing and an elite talent at a difficult position to fill.

  4. only team in the top 3 i see taking Peterson is Carolina. I hope they dont because niner nation needs him to slip down to the 7th spot. 😉

  5. captainwisdom8888 says: Apr 27, 2011 5:57 PM

    Cincy won’t be touching Peterson in this draft, they are set at that position. The Bengals will be torn between Blaine Gabbert and AJ Green with their pick.

    I disagree.

    Not necessarily set at cb. Jonathan Joseph is a free agent. Leon Hall only has one year left. Bengals will need a step in right away cornerback. Peterson would fill that role very well.

    I see them taking him or using him as bait to S.F for trading their pick and gaining another second rounder. Bengals can get Gabbert or Julio Jones at #7 if that’s what they want.

  6. Cincy definitely will take Green if he’s there but someone else might take Peterson before the Niners pick. 😦

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