Parcells’ board only has two first round quarterback values

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There’s one good way to spot a draftnik who is truly putting in the work watching tape and networking with his sources: His draft board doesn’t look like everyone else’s.

One frustrating part of the pre-draft process is that as media covering the draft, we often reach a safe consensus that lacks original thinking and doesn’t match up with how teams view players.  The reality is that teams disagree on prospect values far more than draft websites, which often only have minor differences.

This thought hit me while watching Bill Parcells’ excellent draft special on ESPN.  The Big Tuna has been preparing for this draft as if he’s in the league out of habit.   We got to look at his big board, and his player evaluations had a lot of rankings you wouldn’t see on many draft websites.

You would probably see them on some teams’ draft boards.   Here were the most interesting rankings we saw:

1. Quarterback: Cam Newton was ranked as a high first round pick, with Blaine Gabbert Parcells’ only other first-round value.  Parcells had Ryan Mallett, Christian Ponder, and Jake Locker having second round value, with Locker low in the round.

Andy Dalton was a third-round pick, with draftnik favorite (and PFT favorite) Colin Kaeprnick ranked as a late-third round value.

2. Wide receiver: Pittsburgh’s Jonathan Baldwin was ranked as a third round prospect, which was a surprise.

3. Running back: Mark Ingram got a first round grade from Parcells.  Ryan Williams led three running backs that got second round grades.

4. Tight end: Parcells believed Notre Dame’s Kyle Rudolph was worthy of a first round grade.

5. Tackle: Nate Solder from Colorado was Parcells’ top tackle, ranked high in the round. Tyron Smith and Anthony Costanzo were the only other first round grades.  Gabe Carimi was all the way down in the third round.

6. Defensive end: This was Parcells’ most surprising position.  He had Ohio State’s Cameron Heyward third at the deep position.  Iowa’s Adrian Clayborn remained a firs round pick. Pittsburgh’s Jabaal Sheard was a third-round pick, while Arizona’s Brooks Reed was all the way down in the fourth round.

That makes us wonder if Reed and Sheard will last longer than people expect on draft day.

7. Defensive tackle: This position was fairly predictable, with Corey Liuget a second round grade a bit of a surprise.

8. Linebacker: The most surprising grade on Parcells’ entire board was a first round grade for N.C. State’s Nate Irving.   ESPN’s Mel Kiper called him a mid-third day pick. (3rd-to-7th round.)

9. Cornerback: Parcells had Prince Amukamara ranked ahead of Patrick Peterson.

Parcells is only one opinion, but he shows how NFL evaluators truly do see players differently than the draft industrial complex consensus.

So don’t be surprised if some of Parcells’ favorites get drafted earlier than expected — especially by the Dolphins.

52 responses to “Parcells’ board only has two first round quarterback values

  1. I don’t believe Parcell’s board is what he would put up if he was part of a team. Knowing the entire country is watching do you honestly believe he would just spill the beans for everyone to see? I think not. I personally think he moved some players around so that it would not be his true draft board. It’s Parcells people! Take it with a grain of salt.

  2. Being that parcels taught bellichek Sean Payton n a slew of other guys by association I’m much more inclined to buy his draft board over any reporters. I don’t know of any other super bowl winning coaches who went on to successfully turn around three other failing franchises into contenders in either a coach or gm/president capacity who are publicly releasing draft boards. While I do note his board will vary from coaches not in his tree, since every parcels pick is labeled a parcels guy, or one who fits his mold as a player.

  3. I wondered if that was Parcell’s draft board or simply one put together by the staff there to resemble a draft board.

    So I went back and re-watched, and neither Tirico nor Parcells ever refer to the presented draft board as ‘Bill’s board’. Tirico simply refers to it as a draft board that they are going to refer to throughout the show.

  4. I’d be curious as to how much tape Parcells has actually watched on these guys, or if he just called around to a few people in order to do the show.

  5. I don’t think any of them are truely first round QBs, just the lack of overall talent at the position pushes them there.

  6. Yeah, because we should value the opinion of the guy who got paid to draft Chad Henne and Pat White.

  7. How much time do you think Parcells spent at college games and watching game film? Teams have staffs of scouts that watch thousands of hours of tape before the head coach or GM get’s near the players. To judge a guy, how many games’s worth of tape would you have to watch to even form an opinion? How many different times do you have to watch the same tape just to account for all the different factors you’re looking at? Footwork, hips, field vision, lateral speed, tackling skills, etc.

    Tuna leads the media around by the nose.

  8. The Tuna is far better qualified to give USDA grades than NFL Draft grades.

    Yes, he was a good coach, but he has a lousy personnel record. His only decent hit was a first overall left tackle — hardly a big accomplishment.

  9. Parcells isnt exactly swimming in information right now……this is an ESPN special..special.

    I love Parcells, and its an interesting piece.
    But Im not puttin much stock in his ratings.

    They probably even told him to make sure he has some ‘surprises’ in his rankings…… kicks the hornets nest.

  10. Parcells was a great coach- great enough to sometimes overcome being such a bad GM. He really made some crazy personnel calls when he was in New England.

  11. Heres a good one..i think the nflpa should draft all these players and pay them like they want…and by the way pay all the owners what they would like for their stadiums!!! that way these all these poooooor players can afford a new home and a nice little gas saving family car!!!! this is sick!!!!!!!everyone else is struggling and these idiots want raises …are u serious …..players =greedy bastards

  12. Considering the tannenbaum comment from a few days ago about the 3 options the jets had in the 6th, and how 2 were horrible so they went with the third, is it any surprise different people have different players rated differently?? What’s the bust rate for first rounders, 50%?? Very few people get the draft right.

  13. I doubt if parcells was still making the picks in miami his board would be similar to what you saw. He doesn’t interview players and I’m not sure what tapes he watched. But it was good TV and I’m sure he got paid a lot to do it

  14. exactly citizenstrange….
    Pat white?!?!?!?
    and Chad Henne!?!??!?!
    Gimme a freaking break!!!
    The game has passed the tuna by!!
    Go off and retire, PLEASE!~~~~~

  15. I’ve been telling my friends that i only think 2 QBs are worthy of a first round pick. finally somebody feels the same way.

    i feel vindicated lol

  16. bluvayner — I’d be curious too. But I’d also not assume he didn’t watch tape. You spend 30 or 40 years doing something and it gets to be a STRONG habit, such that even when nobody’s paying you to do it, you just feel like doing it anyway.

  17. Just let’s you know how many of the “analysts” don’t know what they’re talking about.

    I was pleased to see that somebody who’s put together some good rosters agrees with me on Prince Amukamara and patrick Peterson.

    I’ve never understood why Amukamara wasn’t seen as the better prospect when you consider the superior game tape.

    Peterson is a freakish athlete but Amukamara flat out played better in college, and while not as physically gifted as Peterson, it’s not that big of a gap to justify the discrepancy I’ve seen on most boards.

    Also, the fact that he grades out only 2 first round QBs sounds about right, and why the debate roars on over these guys in such a weak class has been beyond me from the start of this process.

  18. From the UFO conspiracy department:

    I know people on this site think owners are ecclesiastical saints for whom everyone on Earth should bow and kiss their pinky rings but let me pose this question:

    Any chance an owner paid Parcells to give these values to dissuade other teams from picking players that owner coveted?? Parcells never hid his fondness for the Maras and being a Jersey guy, perhaps Parcells (knowing that the Giants need OL) devalued someone like Carimi so other teams would stay away from him?

    Just a thought.

  19. Neither Cam Newton or Blaine Gabbert are locks and they both will have a steep learning curve coming into the draft. If I had the No 1 pick, I would go DT Marcellus Dareus. He’s been productive at the collegiate level and played for Nick Saban, who’s regarded as one of the better coaches in College Football.

    it wouldn’t cost me as much to sign a DT than it would be to sign a QB (look at what Bradford got last year) . Besides, next season there will be a rookie wage scale so the monetary risk will be less.

    the QB class next season is projected to be better anyways, with Luck expected to declare for the NFL. This is Rivera’s first stint as a HC so he probably feels he needs to make this pick, but I say, there is always next season.

  20. Agree on Kyle Rudolph, but although many people will disagree with this… my top three QB’s are Locker, Mallet and Kapernick… in that order.

  21. Look, he is right! Any General Manger or Coach that draft’s a QB in the first round is betting his job on being right. If you had to bet you job on one of these QB’s which ones would you pick? It would not be a weak armed Dalton, or an injury prone Ponder, or an apparently dumb and stoned Mallet. It certainly would not be Locker who only consistantly misses the BROAD SIDE OF A BARN.

  22. commoncents- Don’t listen to that story about the Jets not knowing what they were getting when they picked Matt Slauson in the 6th round. He played a couple years for Nebraska when Bill Callahan was the head coach, now Callahan is the Jets OL and asst HC. It’s not like they had no idea what kind of player they were drafting.

  23. and thats why parcells won his last super bowl in 1990. I wonder what pat white is doing now?

  24. From the guy who made Romo his QB and chose Bledsoe and Quincy Carter before that…..
    From the guy who drafted Pat White….
    From the guy who hasn’t actually accomplished anything in what? Over a decade or so?
    I lost alot of respect for Parcells with his roster choices when he ran the cowboys, and it didn’t get any better when the ran the Dolphins.

  25. If the QBs aren’t first round talents, lack of talent at that position should not push them into the first round. Don’t reach, even if everyone else is. If he’s not worth that high of a pick, take someone who is.

  26. Parcells is a Hall of Fame coach no doubt, but he’s never been a big time talent evaluator. Even if they called it “Parcells board” who cares.

  27. For all his strengths, and he definitely has some, Parcells has been a really iffy talent evaluator in the early parts of the draft. His rounds 1 and 2 are very hit and miss. From the third round on he’s a pretty good drafter though.

    The guys he moved way up from the third or later into the first are probably going to be busts at that value level. They’d likely be good value for the round they are otherwise projected in.

  28. If Parcells is taking Colin in the 3rd… then I’m taking him in the first round. Poo on you tuna! You passed on Flacco and Ryan.

  29. What I found interesting about the article was that all the so-called expert mock drafts look very similar with very little variation. Most don’t even do their own independent research of players and just take Mel Kiper’s board and give minor adjustments as their “own” draft.

    This is how a guy like Tyson Aluala can “shock” the media when he goes higher than what THEY projected and completely ignore team needs.

  30. Sorry fellas but I must be honest….. In the ‘Media’ – Parcells is a God but in my opinion he has been rather overrated for some time. He was successful w/ the Giants because he had Players brought in by George Young….. As far as selecting in own ‘groceries’ and ‘cooking’ the dinner – he didn’t have much success. Just my opinion.

  31. This years draft has no cool players.
    Like when u had Jmarcus, quinn and all those guys even know they turned to be bust they were all interesting.
    Theres no blockbuster or star players.
    this is goin to be the year when the 6th and 7th round picks end up being the only players to turn out good

  32. I don’t think it means a whole lot; teams (usually) draft for need, especially in the high rounds. So if a lot of teams need QBs a lot of QBs are gonna get picked higher than they might be rated purely in comparison to all other players

  33. Well, Parcells would be drafting for a team that would be using his system if Parcells was coach or GM. So, a player would might work well in his system, might not work well in another… even though he might be very talented, and indeed become a pro bowl player on another team’s system.

    Having said that, Gabe Carimi in the 3rd round? Really, Bill? Bears are dreaming & praying that he’ll drop to them.

  34. Regardless of whom provides his or her draft list for public consumption it must be remembered that that particular person has likes and dislikes and offensive and defensive systems for which he or she believes players specifically are suited. Therefore, there never is a “purist’s” analysis of the true abilities of these players. Does not matter if it is Gil Brandt, Bill Parcells, Al Davis, the late Bill Walsh or the late Sid Gillman – each of these coaches and administrators are biased about the likes and dislikes due to their own philosophies, upbringing and experiences. Therefore, remember that tenet before dinging any of these or other football people about whom they like or dislike. Remember, New England draft gurus did not even like Tom Brady enough to take him until the 6th round. Nobody, including hinmself, really liked Kurt Warner either because he was signed as a free agent by Green Bay, and he, himself, specifically requested that he not be placed in any 7 on 7 passing drills or team work because he deemed himself unworthy and illprepared. He went to work bagging groceries and then eventually experienced success in the Arena League and matured into a fine NFL QB..

  35. I love the Dolphin and Cowboy fans coming to rip Parcells because he didn’t win a Super Bowl in your city. No one said he’s a genius, but the guy’s built a few rosters over the years. From the defensive nucleus of that New England team that won Super Bowls, to setting the Jets up for a few years, to gems he found for the Cowboys like Tony Romo and Jason Ferguson, his track record is pretty good.

    He missed with taking Long over Matt Ryan (although Long is probably the best tackle in the game, not like he took another Robert Gallery over blue chip talent), but he even picked some pretty good players to set up the Dolphins, too.

    He just missed on the QB by taking Henne in the second round as a fall back to Ryan first overall, which he’s ackknowledged. So all of this overrated nonsense is just sour grapes from two fan bases who’ve had quite a few problems, like the Cowboys continuing their downward spiral since he left, and don’t even get started on the Dolphins who have had dumb, horrible owners in Huizenga and Ross, which is illustrated by other great coaches like Jimmy Johnson and Nick Saban not being able to get it done either. I mean, it’s a reason that Jim Harbaugh told Ross to kick rocks.

    At least he left you with a great defense, and you can skim that roster, most of those impact guys on that side of the ball were taken on his watch, which is more than could be said about that franchise for a long time being that you were as close to 0-16 as anyone came before the Lions actually did it.

  36. I’m not a big fan of Parcells, but when he was here in New England, he drafted Willie Mcginest, Ty Law, Teddy Bruschi, Drew Bledsoe, Lawyer Milloy, Curtis Martin, and Terry Glenn. Yhe defensive players were the cornerstones for the three Super Bowl Championships, not Tom Brady, as most people would think.

  37. See this is what happens when you let Parcells shop for the groceries…he eats the groceries.

  38. Two words : Pat White
    Your credibility is only as good as your results, Henne sucks, Pat White SUCKED, Brandon Marshall is a problem and Jared Odrick, last years #1 ( remember him ) suffered the same injury in the same leg as his senior year at Penn St. so I’m supposed to trust this Grimace looking fool.

  39. “to gems he found for the Cowboys like Tony Romo”

    Technically, Sean Payton found Romo when he was the OC. Romo went to the same school as Payton and thought he would be good to bring in as an UFA. If you’re going to carry the water for Parcells, at least give proper credit to those who really did his work for him. Those who give Parcells a hard time have seen him become a shell of his former self.

  40. In the past 3 years you’ve drafted one pro bowler why should anybody care what you have to say anymore tuna?

  41. db3300,

    I would hardly call myself a “water carrier” for Parcells when I’ve never had a biased interest in any team he’s coached. I’m the first to say that I thought his coaching style was out of step when he returned to Dallas a couple of years, players can’t take him too long, nor does he see a job to fruition, but to deny how quickly he’s made hopeless franchises competitive is absurd.

    Before REx Ryan got to the Jets, the only time the Jets were truly a contender since Namath was under him, do you remember the laughing stock that team was?

    He had that team a half away from the Super Bowlwith Vinny Testaverde at QB, and then they went on to compete with many of these same players (including Curtis Martin who he drafted in New England) for many years, not just being the punchline they’d been for over a decade prior to his arrival.

    When he took over the Patriots, that was the worst franchise in football, and it wasn’t even close.

    Bellichick is a better tactitian, but think about the players instrumental in winning those championships for them.

    As one poster stated earlier, it was parcells draft picks. Bellichick hasn’t won anything since those guys departed and he’s replaced them with his own guys.

    Suddenly, that defensive strength of the team that won them 3 Super Bowls has suddenly become the liability lately, strange how that happened isn’t it?

    Look at the Dolphins, he’s built a championship level defense in 2 off-seasons. Their defense is very, very good.

    To add perspective to the situation, what have the Dolphins done in 20 years during the tenures of every kind of regime saviour under the sun? He at least set them up to compete by building one side of the ball to a championship level.

    When he arrived in Dallas, they’d just went through 3 straight 5-11 seasons and might have beaten the Raiders to that string of futility had he not built that roster, that’s the facts.

    Also, trying to give the credit for Romo to Peyton is pretty silly since Jim Harbaugh had a pretty spot on evaluation of him to when he was with the Raiders.

    Ultimately, the guy calling the shots, Parcells in this case, is responsible for bringing players in while the same information was ignored in Oakland.

    Also, when Romo was drafted, Peyton was largely on his last chance in the league after Jim FAssel punked him, saved by parcells himself, so even if he did scout him correctly (which was his job as OC and QB coach), Parcells had enough forsight to not only bring him in, but not cut him, and groom the guy even after Peyton had left the organization.

    Even after Parcells had departed during their 13-3 season, every other word out of Romo’s mouth was how Parcells had prepared him to be a good player, not Sean Peyton.

    Just give the guy a little credit instead of trying to diminish him because your team didn’t get a Super Bowl from his influence.

    Bottom line is whether he left your franchise better off than when he came, and in every case, even the abbreviated job with the Dolphins, it’s a resounding “yes.”

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