Raiders to play at the Coliseum

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While the place is aging quickly, we always liked the name of the Raiders home stadium.   That’s all over now.

The Oakland Tribune reports the Raiders and Oakland A’s will soon play in the “ Coliseum.”   Ugh.

The online retailer didn’t have to pay much for the naming rights either.  They only owe $1.2 million a season to the team for the rights and apparently they will be changing their own name soon.

Yes, is apparently re-naming itself

We suspect a lot of folks that inhabit the Black Hole just said “O, Co-rap.”

45 responses to “Raiders to play at the Coliseum

  1. “Ugh” is right. Although, we don’t call it “New Meadowlands Stadium”… it’ll always be Giants Stadium. Didn’t they give Soldier Field some terrible prefix, too…?

  2. This could not be more fitting for the Raiders. is full of product nobody wants, and the raiders are full of players nobody wants.

  3. I keep wishing would buy the naming rights for the venue of a Lingerie Football League team.

  4. I can hardly wait until some team has to play in the Tampax Dome or Depends Stadium.

  5. Based on the folks that attend the Raider games it would seem a more appropriate sponsor of the stadium would be Art’s Bail Bonds or Freddie’s Body Art and Tattoo Emporium.

  6. Well they won’t ever have to worry about the Coliseum being “overstocked” with fans.

  7. Besides the few hundred fans, I don’t think anyone really cares about this name change. They were a joke before the name change and they are still a joke after the name change. It’s ok though, the racistskins are still leading the league in the biggest joke category.

  8. Jemarcus Russell showed up because he thought they named it “Overstuffed” stadium and he thought that was an invitation that Oakland wanted him back by naming the stadium after him.

  9. I still call it the Oakland Coliseum, I never liked the damned use of company names for stadiums! As long as I go to the Oakland Coliseum and Arena I will call it by it’s proper name, not some corporate logo garbage.

  10. dkeyser says:
    Apr 27, 2011 9:50 AM
    Still waiting for Summers Eve Stadium…
    It’s in the final planing stages in LA….for the Chargers

  11. Amazing the corporate America wasn’t told that the game was “destroyed”.

    It’s almost as if they think it is still a wildly popular, profitable venture!

    Maybe Al can unload his team on Overstock outright, since all the NFL owners are losing so much money!

    Show of hands, who made $1.2M today. Anyone?

    Well, Al Did!

    Because the NFL is a license to print money!

  12. Awww that’s nothing…the amphitheatre in Tampa was renamed the “1-800 ASK-GARY” Amphitheatre. We win for ugly naming rights.

  13. Get it straight, Al woke up today and said: ” I want to make an additional $1.2M a year…so let’s look through the offers and make it happen.”

    And it’s done in a few hours.

    Name me another league that can do that.

    Oh, but the owners are a week away from food stamps you say…

  14. Bah, league has been selling out for years, I remember the argument over paul brown stadium naming rights, that was a much better story. If the league really cared about having a ‘cool’ name they wouldn’t sell the rights.

  15. “While the place is aging quickly, we always liked the name of the Raiders home stadium. ”

    Network Associates Coliseum… McAfee Coliseum… Coliseum… will always be the Oakland Coliseum to the locals.

  16. It will always be Candlestick (or “The Stick”) in S.F. and it will always be the Coliseum in Oakland.

    Do you think just because you call an elephant a duck, it makes it one?

    Can you hear your buddies say: “Yeah, I’ll meet you at the field on Sunday”. Ain’t gonna happen.

  17. The city of Oakland and the county of Alameda get whatever money comes from naming rights, the teams, A`s and Raiders dont get a cent,….I always laugh at those who try and make fun of the Raiders, their fans…the Raiders have 3 Lombardi trophies and a passionate fanbase,…the people that are the loudest at trying to make fun of the Raiders are always the ones who are the most jealous, they wish they could be Raider fans but dont have what it takes,…you cant be a gutless person and be a Raider fan, cant be a crybaby, you cant be weak,…for those people usually are Charger fans, and are insanely jealous they theyve never won a thing after all these years.

  18. They can tape whatever name they want onto it. It will always be The Oakland Alameda County Coliseum to me.

    Has a ring to it. Actually, like 6 rings between the Raiders and the A’s.

  19. Which name did you always like??? Network Associates Coliseum? McAfee Coliseum? Oakland-Alameda Coliseum????

    it’s had so many names it’s ridiculous… so i have no idea what you are talking about when you say that you have always liked the name of the stadium! or have you only known what the name of it was for the past 2 years?

  20. It doesn’t matter! We all know that the Raiders will be moving back to Los Angeles next year. The Rose Bowl is being upgraded as we speak as a temporary stadium while Industry prepares to break ground.
    Go Raiders!!!!

  21. “Officers responded to a call where a man later identified as Batie was found standing in the dirt next to the cemetery with a flashlight, yelling in the dark. Police said that Batie was wearing an Oakland Raiders jacket, a g-string and a hair scrunchie around his genitals. He was also wearing socks.”

    This is the typical Raiders fan. Pretty sure they don’t care what the stadium is called.

  22. the .co websites are rediculous. As if .org and .net weren’t annoying enough…now they are going to make their web address look like a typo.

    Stay classy California. I’ll bet Raiders fans can’t wait til they have to call their stadium the “ Coliseum”….possibly “ coliseum; an Holdings Company Stadium”


  23. A bunch of rough and tough football players will play on their home turf that’s basically named after a chick’s online retailer. Really? What, the Lifetime Channel came up short of cash?

    You heard it here first: It’s not the “Black Hole”. It’s now the “Black”.

  24. Wow look at the number of comments this Raider Article is drawing. I always get a good laugh at all the fakes out there, you know the type as most are left handed johnnies, pullers.

    You know the type, when the bomb blond walks in the room all the homely looking chicks start the dance. Deep down when they get home they look in the mirror crying why they are so boring and have little if no life.

    If all you other Fans worried as much about your garbage Teams with your Bluebird and Mouse Mascots lol, you would be much better off.

  25. Terrible name for a stadium that has a proud history of championships (ok some recent lean years too). It’s too bad the present owners of the A’s and Raiders have ruined once proud franchises and a certain football owner ruined the beautiful views of the sprawling Oakland hills.

  26. First they get rid of the name Oakland Senors, and now they get rid of the name of the stadium.

    What next? They gonna change the color of their mascara?

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